Man Leaves Albany Pride, Shows Up Later at Emergency Room with Bruises and a Bleeding Brain


It's not clear what horrific act happened in between, according to the Times-Union:

"The man, Louis Stelling, 30, of Albany, suffered bleeding on the brain and bruising across his body, said Detective James Miller, an Albany police spokesman.
He said Stelling, now in stable condition, initially sustained injuries that were considered life-threatening.

The cause of the injuries was not immediately known, Miller said.

He said Stelling called his brother around 9 p.m. Sunday and said he was headed home. Stelling had been at the Capital Pride 2010 Parade and Festival, which is held in the park by the Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Council to conclude Gay Pride Week.

When Stelling did not show up, the brother reported him missing, Miller said.

Stelling later arrived at the emergency room of the hospital."

Police are looking into it. More as it develops…


  1. Bill says

    How much you want to bet a group of heterosexual males beat him up as he was walking home alone because he’s gay?

  2. vatm says

    How much you want to bet the group of “heterosexual” males will only be charge with misdemeanor assault

  3. gayalltheway says

    The question is who took him to the emergency room? That person(s) probably know(s) more about the incident.

  4. Emily says

    Louis is my brother.
    He was beaten because he was gay, and then they attempted to get his bank pin number from our brother, but our brother told him he’d come to get him.
    Louis somehow reached the Albany Hospital, we’re not really sure how, and passed out by the bike rack and was found by the security guards.
    The men who tried to get our brother to give “Louis” the number met up with our brother, three men. It’s believed the men who did this to him still have the phone.