1. UnemployedModel says

    Can’t imagine why a Jesus-shaped lightning rod covered in fiberglass, styrofoam and wood sitting in a lake could possibly burn to the ground. I’m glad no one’s hurt and this eyesore is no longer on the drive home to my parents’ house.

  2. Peter says

    Call me a bitter, jaded queen, but, the comment about the “expensive” audio equipment in the “amputheatre” (or however he mispronounces amphitheater) makes me wonder if someone torched the statue for insurance money.

  3. says

    I like how these storm chasers are dumb founded that nature could do something like this! … And yet they chase storms for a living? So when they watch twisters rip up homes they must be “believers” and know God did that to them for some reason. Interesting. What school taught them that?

  4. Rad says

    “Give me a sign that our faith is right and just, any sign… [CRACK!!! KA-POW!!!] Any sign, Dear Lord! Honest, we’re waiting!”

  5. Disgusted American says

    these crazeee christains will probably now have some kind of picnic to “raise money” to have another one built….ahhh dear, the imaginary god wrks in mysterious ways.

  6. Andrew K says

    Every time some church in a war zone isn’t hit, or a statue of Mary somehow makes it through some natural disaster event, people say God spared the religious article. I always just shake my head at the silliness. Going to save this article to send out the next time physics just does its thing.

  7. Dave says

    If there is a God he should be mighty pissed. We have the brains to figure out that the oil we burn to run our society is destroying the earth’s ability to sustain life as we have it on this planet. We get warnings in the form of more violent and frequent storms with greater precipitation measurements each year, floods where before there were no floods. Each year is hotter than the last. The ice caps are fast becoming a memory. Ironically, the biggest believers in God ignore any of these “signs” and deny that it is even happening… Now we have a Exxon Valdez every other day… If there is a God he is just clearing his throat. I’m sure going to miss oxygen.

  8. Skooter McGoo says

    Insurance policy to follow, bet they will not consider it an act of God or else they don’t get the $$$.

  9. galore says

    I call shenanigans!

    This statue is not that tall and there are extremely well electrically grounded high power line towers next to it.

    It’s a very insurance payout friendly lightning strike where the discharge happens on the face of Jesus.

  10. arch says

    I suspect that the local fire brigade will be investigating this one very closely…

  11. Michael Cummings says

    Well, the Bible DOES say a little something about making graven images, doesn’t it?

  12. stephen says

    oh, puleeeeeze…

    The only way it could have been better would be if it fell face-first into the water.

  13. Bad Humor Boy says

    And the Lord their God made it perfectly clear: “Set no graven image before me!” It’s not enough that these people try to carve the “Word” into stone, this group went the whole nine yeads. And who did they mock? The clouds opened up and delivered a “teaching moment.” They’d better quit while they’re ahead.

  14. Ben says

    I live down the interstate in Cincinnati. We are having a good laugh at it at work today. The stated measurements are a little exaggerated, but it was massive. And massively ostentatious. Local reports indicate it cost $250000, so you know it was insured. The preachers’ son is in prison for trafficking drugs. The building to the right of the statue…is a home for unwed mothers. Many are the rumors that the church conducts private adoptions.

  15. CW says

    I had to drive by this going to and from college so many times, and it was a bit of a joke between my family members how ridiculous it was. Weird (but good) to see it go.

  16. says

    Well, this is a clear violation of “The Law” many “Christians” like to quote so often to denigrate our people. As a Christian, I’d like to defer to this:
    Deuteronomy 5:8
    8 You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

  17. says

    “the giant Hustler Hollywood sign for the adult store across the street was untouched.”

    There IS a God! And He loves porn too!

    So the next time I go to my friendly neighborhood adult bookstore and someone asks me where I’m going I’ll just say: “I’m going to meet Jesus!” Little will they know I’m actually going to meet a Latino guy named Jesus behind the dumpster at the Hustler Hollywood sign! I’m gonna get down on my knees and PRAY TO JESUS!

  18. jakeinlove says

    Jesus statues burning in Ohio. Flash floods in Oklahoma. Arent’t these God’s country territory? Why haven’t we heard from Pat Robinson?

  19. Dom says

    “Sounds like somebody up there isn’t so happy about how the Ohio Christians are behaving.”

    No, it actually means Nothing. See, that is what the crazy christians would say. Rational people shouldn’t encourage this ridiculous “natural disasters mean god thinks this or that” trend. Earthquake in Haiti: Not a message from god. Oilspill: NOT a message from god. Statue of Jesus struck down? Still not a message.

  20. sal says

    well ya’ll i talked to god and girlfriend said they made some white dude statue and decided to call it by her name,gurl waz pissed

  21. ChrisM says

    I’m thinking maybe this was some kind of a sign – like worshiping false idols – they might want to take the hint. If God is willing to destroy Jesus imagine what He might have in store for the rest of the flock?

  22. says

    If this was erected with “drug money” as so many people around here think that it was, no wonder it came down. However, I hope it touched some people’s lives while it was up and made them think twice about their life in the next world. I don’t just think it exists, I KNOW that it does. Not everyone is suppose to believe. Not everyone was chosen from the start, but given a free will so they could turn that around. Nonbelievers seem to fear God’s teachings and rightly so. They should fear it. After my experiences, if I did not believe, I would be trembling in my shoes, as I was once. Now, I believe :-)

  23. Phil says

    Perhaps this might be a clue that shit just happens and there isn’t a fairy godfather up in the sky controlling everything. But it would require some emotional maturity to accept that, so it probably won’t happen in this place.