1. nic says

    thank you, andy!!!!!!! he is one handsome, hot mofo. it is good to see something beautiful in this fiasco. but, wait! gutman? jewish? no foreskin? i guess one can’t have everything. teehee.

  2. Piper says

    “My number is……” well……wishful thinking. Trust me, living here we could use some distraction from the endless barrage of images of oiled birds and wildlife. Thanks Andy….and ahhhhh..Matt

  3. Shane says

    Seriously? With this horrible environmental disaster you shallow, insipid bitches are actually talking about how cute the guy is who reports on it? Wow.

  4. jamal49 says

    If it weren’t for the oil-soaked pelican in the picture–which is sad, depressing, tragic and heart-rending–it might be fun to wax euphoric over the newsman. Yeah, butthole (no names please), life does go on missy, unless you are any one of the thousands of creatures who are dead or are dying because of this disaster or one of 11 men killed on the oil rig or the tens of thousands of people whose livelihood is gone forever. Sure, debby, go ahead, drop another downer, hit the clubs and dance your tired ass off. Problems? What problems? Disaster? What disaster? A tacky queen is a tacky queen, MISSY.

  5. gayalltheway says

    Notice the band on his finger. Guess he’s taken. *sigh of disappointment*

    (Totally ignoring those condescending drama queens Chapeau, Beargrin and Shane)

  6. Kyle says

    He could still fuck around. A ring doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a major turn-on (for some). Makes us want to try harder, LOL.

    As for the disaster? There will always be queens who want to party in the face of a disaster, get over it. And if you think THIS is bad, just wait for what’s next as far as disasters go. 2012 will wipe us out.

  7. obmitar says

    I agree with comments about Mr. Gutman’s cuteness and I have enjoyed his reporting of such an unenjoyable situation in the gulf. Nevertheless, I’d still rather meet David Muir in my “dinner with an ABC News reporter” dream.

  8. says

    Watching him right now, actually. First saw him last week watching tube with sis, sis turns to me and says, “Check out the package on this guy!”

    He should wear light colored khakis all the time.

  9. Danny says

    @ Beargrin: Aw get over yourself. What’s wrong with people having a little fun?

    Something tells me fun isn’t something you get a lot of. Well–park the shitty attitude and maybe that will change.

  10. Lance says

    I just saw this beautiful man on tonight’s ABC Nightly News. He did a report from Alvin the sub. Apparently it’s tradition to get a ice bath (Think Superbowl and Gatorade)…that is one fit cat!!! Nice biceps! Anderson-who?

  11. says

    Hmmmmm…. and you think Anderson Cooper is drying up with Matt taking over???? I doubt it… they run neck’n-neck I’d say… But even with a ring on one of them fingers… I can only wonder what he uses it for? Go West young man, GO WEST! There’s more out there than meets the sore eyes… Both are hot, handsome and very talented… very talented, I said… very! Don’t ask how I know… but… keep breathing…

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