Matt Gutman: Break-out News Hottie of the Oil Spill?


On a bit of a lighter note, regarding the Deepwater Horizon disaster (I say a bit, because when you see the following reporter on oil-soaked birds you'll be brought right back to the bleakness and horror of it all)...

ABC News' Matt Gutman is being talked about as the Anderson Cooper of the oil spill, not only for his on-the-scene reporting ("He's very much in the mold of the reporter who is a true digital journalist - someone who can shoot and produce and edit"), but for his propensity to wear tight-fitting polos.


Gushes blogger Antoine Reid:

"Where the heck did ABC recruit this guy from? Seriously, he looks like he was ripped from the cover of Men’s Health or Muscle & Fitness. It’s like Christmas when this guy comes on to report about something – he has that stereotypical immaculate dark news anchor hair, a nice build to him, wears the tightest shirts he can find. Wooh, heat wave! I feel like Blanche from The Golden Girls whenever ABC drags him out of hiding."

Watch Gutman's report on oil-soaked birds, AFTER THE JUMP...