Nancy Pelosi: No ENDA Vote Until After ‘DADT’ is Repealed

A vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will not take place until after legislative action on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal is complete, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi  The Washington Blade reports:

During her weekly press conference, Pelosi said in response to a Blade inquiry on ENDA’s prospects that lawmakers “still have to finish ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’”

Referencing the successful House vote May 27 to attach repeal to Defense Department budget legislation, she said, “And now, of course, we’ll go — after the bill passes in the Senate — we’ll go to conference. But our work is not finished in that regard, so one thing at a time.”

A Democratic leadership aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, later affirmed that ENDA would not see a vote until work on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is complete.

“It’s very important that we finish ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ before we move on to ENDA,” the source said. “We must ensure the community remains focused on getting ['Don't Ask, Don't Tell'] done and maintaining strong pressure to get the Defense bill done in light of filibuster threats in the Senate. Then we can move on to continuing to assess the votes on ENDA.”

Read the full exchange with Pelosi at the Blade

Looks like we won't see any action on ENDA until 2011 at the earliest. Until then, continue to hope that you won't be fired from your jobs because you're gay.


  1. james says

    I’m usually the first to cry ‘wait means never,’ but i think this is reasonable. What isn’t unreasonable is why it’s taking so long to repeal DADT. I think it is worth investing energy in one issue at a time.

  2. Dairyqueen says

    Well it’s going to be an interesting Nov 4th. These fuckers have thrown us under the bus again for their gain in the primaries. I am so over this back-burner bullshit.

  3. missanthrope says

    This isn’t a surprise, ENDA watchers have seen committee hearings, votes etc. pushed further back and back all of this spring. This only confirms that we won’t have ENDA until at least the 2012 elections (if 2010 goes bad for the democrats).

    In truth it’ll probably for years if the Democrats push forward on DADT. It’s been clear that the Democratic leadership feel that DADT is all that they owe to LGBT people and that we should been thankful for even that. Never trust a politician.

  4. InExile says

    More excuses from Nancy Pelosi! I will remember this on election day, don’t count on me to go to the polls and help Democrats that do not help me this year.

    Congress has been next monthing us on ENDA for the last year and a half. ENDA will help more people that DADT and should have been and should be the priority.

  5. Gridlock says

    Nevermind that the “study” we’re all waiting for on DADT is fucking rigged to high hell.

    DADT is not going to happen. All Mullens, Gates, and whomever else have to say is “my rigged study indicated unit cohesion will suffer” and then toss in some letters from soldiers families (why the fuck were they ever consulted anyway) stating that they don’t want to be near fags and that’ll be it.

    The Pentagon has FINAL CONTROL over whether DADT happens or not, even if the law is changed by congress. You can thank Obama and Pelosi for that one.

    DADT is not happening, and therefore ENDA is not happening. Nobody even TALKS about DOMA anymore.

    Face it: You’re 3/4 of a person. You will not be equal. Move somewhere you will be. Fuck America.

  6. says

    I guess our elected officials, who btw, I thought had to have some modicum of intelligence, can’t chew gum and walk at the same time.

    I just wonder how many other suppressed groups would wait as long as the LBGT community has [decades now?] for ‘their’ civil rights?

  7. rduke says

    I’m so finished with the Democrats. They have received the last vote and the last dime they will ever get from me.

    I will vote third party or not at all.

  8. adamblast says

    >>Face it: You’re 3/4 of a person. You will not be equal. Move somewhere you will be. Fuck America.<<

    I wish I thought you were wrong. Sadly, I’m stuck where I am. But at age 51, I’m starting to honestly believe that it’s too late for my generation to ever be treated with respect, dignity or equality.

  9. Brian says

    “Face it: You’re 3/4 of a person. You will not be equal. Move somewhere you will be. Fuck America.”

    Your rant would be more convincing if you had properly referenced slaves counting as 3/5 of a person for census purposes, not 3/4. However, you might be familiar with census regulations regarding the enumeration of LGBT people of which I am unaware.

  10. Maildude39 says

    I am tired of being told to be patient and wait to have the same rights as other Americans.
    Congress can only do “one thing at a time” for us?? We don’t even know if or when DADT will be repealed. This could drag on indefinitely.
    Usually our politicians are a lot smoother when trying to push us out of thier way. This time Nancy Pelosi has spoken loud and clear. Now is the time WE speak loud and clear as well!

  11. Ken says

    If ENDA doesn’t happen in 2010 it won’t happen for a long time, after the elections the Republicans will have enough votes to block it. So it appears, after 2 years, Obama will be 0 for 3 on his major promises to the gay community. Repeal DOMA (no one even talks about this anymore). Pass ENDA (they now say wait till 2011, which means it won’t happen till around 2021). End DADT (we wait to see the results of a “study” done by people who don’t want to see the policy changed, wonder how that will turn out?). I’m done with the lying Democrats!

  12. DH says

    How the hell did DADT take precedence over ENDA? ENDA effects everybody! Only a certain percentage of us are enlisted.

    I support the DADT repeal, of course, but once again we really have our priorities backward, putting the cart before the horse. ARRRGH!!!!!

  13. says

    All these promises, every election year, then the same promises the next election year. Something always happens to defer gay rights to the next election. Every election they support us and once elected, they back pedal. Politicians rely on one thing, and one thing only…constituents short term memory. If gays ever get united, there will be hell to pay.

  14. john D says


    There was a recent high-level call for repeal of DOMA. You might want to check Obama’s Pride Month proclamation. ( I am not saying that the Administration has been any sort of “fierce advocate.” They’re guilty of some serious foot dragging. However, it’s not completely off the menu.


    DADT repeal got ahead of ENDA and repeal of DOMA because it’s the easiest one. We keep seeing how more than 70% think DADT is unfair. We don’t have those numbers with ENDA, and certainly not DOMA.

    Now will the administration get with the program already? I just got one of these fake “express your opinion” DNC fundraising letters. You want my opinion? The Democrats should be ashamed of their footdragging.

  15. ravewulf says

    Hmmm. Not exactly a “good news”-day for gay rights progress is it?

    We just have to keep pushing until we get to full equality, no matter how many delays or how long it ends up taking.

  16. says

    “ENDA watchers have seen committee hearings, votes etc. pushed further back and back all of this spring.”

    Actually, they’ve been stringing us along with this carrot since the Dems took congress in 2006. So called community leaders were telling us in 2007 that ENDA was on the verge of passing. That was 3 YEARS AGO. It’s not going to happen people, and they never had any intention of making it so. time to wake up.

  17. John says


    With regards to Prop. 8, Schwarzenegger was the fool running around saying it would “never happen.”

    But Pelosi knew better.

    She kept her mouth shut and prayed it would go away. That wasn’t a terribly heroic move on her part. However, it was certainly an astute observation from a cynical politician who knows the voters all too well.

  18. Randy says

    Pelosi needs to be fired. Even if she’s re-elected, you can fire her as Speaker by sending her a Republican Congress in November.

    If Democrats refuse to champion your human rights, DON’T vote for them. Vote for an independent, or 3rd-party, or even a liberal Republican (rare, but not extinct).

    This piece-by-piece crap has got to end. Where is the omnibus civil rights bill?

  19. David says

    I wonder if woman had to hear, “Now isn’t the time.”, or if slaves had to hear, “Just wait, your time will come.”, or if the old white men had to hear….oh wait, that’s right, the old white men are the same ones that kept the woman from voting, and that slavery was ok.

    I never understood this one at a time, we can’t multi task attitude, but I guess it is ok when you have more rights in this country then those scary gays.

    Oh yah, F the HRC!

  20. galore says

    Hm – how can you have ENDA before DADT?! I think Pelosi is right. It would be quite awkward if there was a law forbidding employment discrimination and then still fire gays under DADT…….

  21. Patric says

    Randy, just who are all those liberal Republicans being nominated by their party for Congress?

    Ros-Ilehten of Florida? OK, she’s fine.

    I’ll wait for you to identify the others.

  22. bobbyjoe says

    “Hmmm. Not exactly a “good news”-day for gay rights progress is it?”

    In other words, a typical Friday under the Obama administration.

  23. sam says

    It really is BIZARRE that when the Democrats had a 60% majority in the Senate and a large majority in the house and a Democratic president, they couldn’t pass ENDA.

    Nancy is from San Francisco, isn’t she!!!

    What the heck?

    What do we have to do to get a scrap from Massa’s table, Nancy?

    If it were a Republican Cause, they wouldn’t have hesitated to pass ENDA.

    It’s really bizarre. Democrats are so weak.

    (Barny Frank says it’s an issue of what to do with transsexuals in the situation where clothes are removed and in bathrooms.)

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