1. GregV says

    Do any Towleroaders speak Chichewa? That was a pretty lengthy interview and I’m curious what they said. Though a TV interview would only be seen by the elite few who have a TV, someone needs to start getting the word out that the 19th century British colonists were wrong in the ideas they forced upon Malawians about homosexuality.

  2. Paul R says

    Actually TVs are becoming widespread even in remote villages around the world. Granted, they’re often shared by the entire village, but they’re still fairly common.

  3. patrick says

    sorry. it has been a while since i spoke chichewa, but:
    he first asks him if he is happy, to which he responds yes, very happy. and then they talk about EDZi (AIDS) in Malawi and the fact that many men and women have it, especially the men.
    the other guy comes in and says that they prayed a lot. the interviewer asks who they prayed to-and he answers to their family and other people to help them.
    the guy then says that he has been with a woman-(in fact i think he was married, but it is hard to hear him). the interviewer asks about being with a woman than a man. the guy says that many people would answer differently about men and women. then he says that the woman has forgiven him for being with a man.
    then the interviewer asks about creating a family with a woman vs. with a man. but im not sure what he said. they then discuss culture of malawi and i think that they guy says things need to change today.
    the interviewer asks the other guy if he has ever been with a woman, and he responds he has only been with men. and states that he was born that way. i think the interviewer comments that he can’t have a baby cause he is a man, to which he agrees.
    that’s about all i got. sorry.

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