Photo: Dead 25-Foot Humpback Whale Washes Up on Jones Beach


A 25-foot dead whale, believed to be a humpback, has washed up at Jones Beach, approximately 35 miles from New York City, Long Island Press reports:

"The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation, a nonprofit marine life rescue organization, will make the determination of what to do with the whale’s remains, according to George Gorman, spokesman for the Long Island region of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Recreation.
The whale was discovered by parks staff east of field 6 at Jones Beach and west of Tobay Beach near a strip of beach known as High Hill.
The Riverhead Foundation will decide if they want to conduct a necropsy to determine the mammal’s cause of death. Parks staff found no apparent signs of injury.
Once a necropsy is complete, parks staffers will be responsible for burying the whale in the sand."


  1. Yummy foods says

    Since it’s already dead, the marine PC-cops would have no problem if we ate it, right?

  2. Mike says

    Whales decompose rapidly. By the time the necropsy was complete it would be useless.

    But if you wanna eat it to make your point, have at it. I wouldn’t mind.

  3. badiing says

    Well, east of field 6 is right smack into the gay clothing-optional section so might the whale been of our ilk?

  4. Brian C says

    The whale, after a quick necropsy to determine cause of death, should be returned to the ocean to decompose on the sea floor. A single dead whale can nourish a specialized ecosystem that lasts for decades. The ecosystems created with whale-falls are an important part of the continued diversity of our oceans.