Photo: Gareth Thomas and Nick Youngquest In The Locker Room

Earlier this week, Andy mentioned the flirtatious tweets Gareth Thomas and Nick Youngquest have been ping-ponging to one another over the last few days. One of those messages had Thomas suggest that the they play naked Twister together and then post the photos on Twitter.

The game of Twister didn't take place, but Youngquest tweeted this photo of the two of them in the locker room instead.


  1. peterparker says

    Clearly he and Gareth Thomas are putting the lie to Jason Akermanis’ hysterical idea that a guy who comes out to his rugby team will create all sorts of discomfort in the locker room for the rest of the squad. Nick Youngquest must be the coolest guy on the planet. And I will take the one on the left or the right!

  2. JAMES in Toronto says

    I feel faint. Between Thomas’ amazing body and Youngquest’s cuter than cute grin, how you you choose?

    …and damn, don’t they look comfortable with each other?

  3. Seeser says

    This is great. Mad props to Youngquest for being a true human being & more man then that Akermanis. These two are so hot but the tatts ruin it a bit for me =/ I wanna see flesh, not ink!

  4. Beef and Fur says

    Uh huh…..the flirtatious nature of those tweets strike me as more “homo-curious” than “affirming.”

    Just remember mate, it’s totally not gay if you just jerk off together. NO HOMO!

  5. Drew says

    @ Beef and Fur: “No Homo!”

    I genuinely laugh when a straight guy says that in his online profile. Best catchphrase to help point out the asshole type of guy.

  6. Dannieeee says

    i have doubt if nick is straight , seriously, he probably more gay than gareth, he was married and admit about his sexuality, but nick is just a young guy who admit hes straight and appear shirtless and almost naked in some magazine with a little tease as a sexy guy and flirty word in twitter. whos gay now? i bet the twitter fight between gareth and nick is just to a little attention if nick have a crush to this hot gay man who ever married a woman. no surprise if this pic just the begining of make out and make love.

  7. says

    a guy who comes out to his rugby team will create all sorts of discomfort in the locker room for the rest of the squad.One of the greatest gifts of coming out has been the friendships that remained with my straight brothers. Love ’em.

  8. Paul says

    Knowing nothing about Nick Y. I will have to assume he is your typical poster boy of a str8 guy associating with an ‘out’ gay guy! I will have to send in my ‘gaydar’ for repair, I guess, as it gave me a misleading readout. Whether ‘yes’ or ‘no’ they do exude chemistry!

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