1. erik says

    Andy Cohen makes my skin crawl. Does he have a subtle bone in his body? Or a bone that doesn’t think he’s soooooo fabulous when he’s really just tragic?

  2. romeo says

    I always thought my aunt in Jersey was the scariest woman in the world until I got a load of this person. Is there something in the water in Jersey, or what is it? However, if you get out of the towns huddled around New York City, Jersey is very rural and the people are fairly normal.

  3. Matt Lock says

    ERIK, thanks for your comment on that big jerk Andy Cohen. I can’t even begin to describe how much he makes me want to hurl. Maybe he is a perfect example of that annoying, self-satisfied, entitled Gay-lister who thinks he is so brilliant and with it, while in reality, he is just another shallow fame whore in the mad 21st century parade of reality stars and vapid celebutards.

  4. Andy Cooper says

    I love the fact that as director of development at Bravo, that weasel andy cohen insinuates himself on the viewing public. No, we don’t need your pathetic loser self to host the reunion shows and NO, nobody wants to see you HOST a TV talk show, maybe except your mother and your rentboys.

  5. Marco Polo says

    Why is everyone hating on Andy? I appreciate the fact that he’s so direct and asks obnoxious questions of his guests, it is entertaining! Furthermore, Danielle Staub singing a lesbian duet with whoever-she-is is TV GOLD! Notice how she had to remain looking down at the words the entire time though. I hate that crazy bitch! (but I love watching her….from a far)

  6. gr8guyca says

    Actually, if I had to compare the idiot with the fake boobs (Atlanta) the idiot with the fake title (New York) or the idiot with the fake name (New Jersey) as far as who has the best singing voice, i’d give it to New Jersey.

    Now, please go away.

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