Rep. Ike Skelton: Repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Would Harm Children Because Then They’d Know About Gays


Rep. Ike Skelton (D-MO), the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, says repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" would put families "in a difficult position" because then children would be asking about homosexuality:

Said Skelton: "What do mommies and daddies say to their 7-year-old child?"

Skelton said yesterday that he would continue to oppose it (he was one of 26 Democrats who opposed repeal in the House) even though his constituents don't care:

“I was everywhere in my district, everywhere. It just wasn’t raised. There are other things on people’s minds, like jobs and the economy.”


  1. Amaezm says

    hmmm my 7 yr old niece doesn’t seem to have a problem with her 2 uncles. She understands that some boys like boys and some girls like girls and thats normal, just like girls liking boys and vice versa. Maybe I should have her call this douche up.

  2. crispy says

    @Amaezm: That would be all sorts of hilarious if a bunch of 7-year-olds suddenly started calling this douche’s office and explaining how simple it is.

    Facebook campaign, anyone?

  3. Rob says

    “I was everywhere in my district, everywhere. It just wasn’t raised. There are other things on people’s minds, like jobs and the economy.”

    Hey, Rep. Senility, isn’t your own statement the point in this matter? Your constituents don’t care who serves openly in the US military. They’ve got bigger, more important fish to fry with you DC politicians — like how to make a living, afford family health care coverage and their children’s education, etc.

    It’s time to get your bigoted head out of the 60s and into the 21st Century, ol’ fella. Seems you need to retire next election.

  4. says

    Ya know, I’d be laughing hysterically over this if the subject wasn’t basic human and civil rights…

    Still, I have about half a dozen snarky comments to Mr Skelton and his ilk just screaming to get out.

    I taught my nephew about he birds and the bees when he started asking his mom -who puritanically refused and threw it on my lap, saying, “Your the one with the degree”.

    He was six.

    My brother wasn’t happy with the answer I gave him to part 2 of that talk either. Fuck him, I wasn’t asking his ‘homophobic highness’ for his opinion. Because I knew what was coming and I’d be damned if I’d see my nephew screwed up.

    1st talk-basic birds and bees about how he got to be in this world.

    Not two weeks later:

    Part 2 -why my asshole uncle keeps saying I’m going to be a *faggot* when I get older if I don’t stop playing with my ‘glow-worm’.

    Did it harm him in any way shape or form?
    He’s 30 now, leads with his larger head, is responsible, will help someone in need, serves his country,treats others with respect and dignity… and loves his auntie -hey, had to add that. He’s single-handedly broke the cursed mold that damn near most have been hatched out of in this family when it comes to men.

    Am I proud of that boy? Damn friggin’ straight I am.

  5. walter says

    this man should follow the yellow brick roar in search of a brain or if not a brain with that sunken lower jaw a good pair of teeth.he just goes to prove the repuks have no hold on assholes. the dems have them too.

  6. Randy says

    At five years old my neighbors daughter asked her mom and dad about me and my partner. They just simply told her that we just loved eachother and wanted to be together like he mommy and daddy did. She just said, “oh, okay”. And now at 10 she and her little sister are coming to show us things, telling us stories and see us no different as any other couple. It’s a much bigger deal for adults than it is for kids to understand love.

  7. candideinnc says

    Skelton says he and others have more important things, “like jobs” to worry about. Hey, asshat, this issue IS about jobs. More specifically, it is about job discrimination against gays in the military.

  8. BreckRoy says

    SERIOUSLY? Remember when a whole generation of children learned about oral sex because the congress found it important enough to shut down the business of government to discuss it (and infidelity, and cum stains on dresses) for months on end? But now when it’s gay rights (which in this case can be dealt with without much discussion, actually) it’s think of the children? REALLY? STFU, congress, and just get this done.

  9. LincolnLounger says

    But he can’t have that position! He’s a Democrat. And we gays all know that all Democrats are good and all Republicans are evil.

  10. GregV says

    I understood homosexuality better than this guy when I was seven years old even WITHOUT anyone ever having explained to me anything about it, because I was gay and I was forced to notice the heterosexism that existed in the world. When I was 9, I asked my mom what “homosexual” meant, and she told me. There’s need not be anything more “confusing” about it for a kid than learning things like dolphins are mammals or that oceans are larger than lakes.
    My niece asked what “gay” meant when she was about six and her parents said that most women fall in love with men but some women fall in love with women and some men fall in love with men, and if someone only falls in love with someone of the same sex then they are gay. She understood instantly and gave the example of her uncles who love each other and he said, “that’s exactly right.”
    People like this man probably grew up thinking things like gays are that way because they ate too much fried chicken, Jews have tails, the moon is made of cheese and women can’t get pregnant if they do it upside down. People like him can’t identify with the concept of NOT spending one’s childhood as an idiot, and the ignorance they started with seeps into their adulthood.

  11. dws3665 says

    Wow. Here’s the deal, Ike. Taking on the responsibility of being parent means having to explain things to them. If you don’t want to put parents in the position of having to explain how the world works, encourage them to use better birth control methods.

    Fucking idiot.

  12. Rev. Joseph Shore-Goss says

    Wow this guy really is a skeleton living in the stone age. We in the Homosexual community do not hide and are more and more represented in every day life!

  13. Glen says

    Skeleton asks, “What do mommies and daddies say to their 7-year-old child?”

    Easy answer. You say, “Well, dear, sometimes we make a mistake and elect a bad person to congress. But, every two years there is another election, so we work hard to get the bad people out of office and elect good people.”

  14. Erica says

    I’m a straight female with 2 daughters, age 8 and 9. I was watching TV one day and the word gay must of come up or something. So they asked what it meant. So in the simplest terms I explained it to them. Guess what, it didn’t warp their brains. I’m so sick of the whole, “What will we tell the children” argument. It’s bull. My kids have known what gay was for at least 2 years and they are fine.

  15. Drew says

    I love when old folks defend the children. Everything is “…for the children!”
    You know what, fuck the children! I was a child just 20 years ago and I didn’t even care about gays, blacks or women (a given, I suppose). It’s prudes like this that make a stink by talking shit.

  16. Jerry12 says

    When are these bigoted morons going to learn that the fastest way for the “Straits” to get rid of Gays is to make sure all gays marry each other. Since most of them would not be fathering/mothering children (new gays) it would not take too many generations for there to be no more gays.

  17. Austin Rozzell says

    it’s ok he will die soon from sniffing his adult diapers, then i will have the pleasure of shitting on his grave, just like i did to Ronald Reagan

  18. says

    What rock has this old coot been living under if he doesn’t know that most 7-yr-olds already know what gay is? jeebus g.d. –@#%$–.
    (oh yeh, the same rock as the senator who thinks that the island of Guam could capsize.)

    My first partner’s granddaughters asked us one day that we were baby-sitting them (attn: Ike: gasp! yes, his kids let us baby-sit their children!)
    The oldest, Jennifer, was 7 or 8 at the time (1990) and she asked point blank “Pawpaw, are you and Mr. Tom married?” — well, ‘Pawpaw’ simply told her that we love each other just like their mommy and daddy, only we don’t have a marriage license like they do (and she already knew what a marriage license was).

    She just said “OH!” with a big smile and a look like “I knew that!” and went right back to playing with her two little sisters and never gave it too much more thought.

    so, Ike, It IS that simple and they DO understand and they DON’T care! And, it’s even less of a deal to kids today!

  19. says

    “First and foremost, I’d tell those seven-year-olds that because politicians like Rep. Skelton would rather discriminate against gays and lesbians, nearly 14,000 well qualified troops have been kicked out of the U.S. military, and prevented from defending this country. “”Imagine how much safer we’d be with 14,000 extra bodies helping keep our country safe?”” I’d say to the children.

    Then I’d tell these seven-year-olds to think of their aunt Cindy, or their cousin Joseph, or their uncle Mike (that’s me!), or any of the other gay and lesbian relatives that these kids already have. I’d ask them whether they’d feel comfortable with these close relatives serving in the U.S. military. And I’m pretty sure that 9 out of 10 seven-year-olds will be pretty darn OK with it.

    Lastly, I’d ask these seven-year-olds whether they believed that everyone deserved to be treated with equality. Truthfully, I’m pretty sure the answer from a pool of seven-year-olds will be a whole lot better than the answer one might get from asking, say, an entire wing of the U.S. Congress. Kids say the darndest things, for sure, but they also have a knack (save for the kids being raised inside the Westboro Baptist Church, perhaps) for knowing what’s right or wrong. Much like this kid, who realizes that husbands and husbands can love each other just as much as mommy and daddy.”

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