Scissor Sisters’ Album About the World if AIDS Never Happened

NightworkScissor Sisters Jake Shears and Ana Matronic discuss their new album with the 'Times' of London:

 "Night Work is the sound of a band, in Jake’s words, 'having a f***ing blast', an infinitely singable, paradoxically optimistic paean to a night out, set in disco-era New York, and it is quite, quite filthy. To reinforce this point, the cover picture is a Robert Mapplethorpe photograph of a beautiful male ballet dancer’s bottom, and towards the end of Invisible Light you can hear Sir Ian McKellen narrating a self-penned homage to the bacchanal. Ana says that when they listened to the album together for the first time, Jake realised what it was about: 'What if AIDS never happened?'"


  1. virgoboy says

    For ME, at least, this is the most hotly-anticipated album of the year… Period!

  2. jimstoic says

    Here’s a paradox: AIDS showed millions of Americans that they knew gay people, raising consciousness and setting the stage for the LTBT-rights battles of the last 30 years. Without that progress, there might never have been a Scissor Sisters.

  3. T-in-Cali says

    so over this band
    Jake is amazing and so is his partner in crime. However Ana is a horrid bitchy self centered arrogant cunt of a woman.

    I personally have seen her screw people over, steal ideas and claim them as her own. I hope Karma is real and she gets left broke homeless and gutter trash that she really is.

    Plus what does she add? someone please clue me in….

  4. hank188 says

    Jake Sheers is SO DEEP. What if AIDS never happened? Then we would all just get to party. Because AIDS is the only thing that could ever have stopped the party, right?