‘The Advocate’ Beefcakes Up with Jake Shears


The Advocate found a way to get some skin on its August cover, following Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears on his workout.

Story's not out yet but there are two more preview shots of Shears here.

The Scissor Sisters' new album Night Work is out this week.

Shears recently spoke about Night Work with The Guardian

"While in Berlin, he came up with an entirely new concept for the album, based around the music that predominated in early 80s clubland, and, in Britain at least, the charts. 1984 was the year when the top 40 went howlingly, unrepentantly gay in a way never seen before or since: the big new artists were Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Bronski Beat; the hot new indie band was the Smiths; an array of high-energy records – Where Is My Man? (sung by, of all people, Eartha Kitt), So Many Men, So Little Time, I Need a Man, It's Raining Men, Searchin' (I Gotta Find a Man), You Think You're a Man – shifted vast quantities. 'That music worked universally. I think the trick is that sexuality, whether it's gay sexuality or not, is a universal thing. I mean, everyone gets horny. I don't think it really matters what kind of sex is being sung about because I think it still applies to everyone. It's as if the party kind of stopped, and it's no coincidence that happened hand in hand with AIDS. It set back the gay rights movement in a major way. I think we're just moving past this 25-year setback. It placed a big judgment call on [the gay club scene]. Suddenly, there was a big, 'Oh, you had it coming.' I just started wondering where music was headed, where dance music would have headed, where all that would have gone. And Night Work is my hypothesis.'"