Anti-Gay Bible-Beater Barred from Brooklyn Bathroom Claims Bias


A police officer at Brooklyn's Borough Hall has taken it upon herself to be the bouncer at the public facility's bathrooms, an anti-gay preacher claims, because she doesn't like the homophobia he is serving up.

The Brooklyn Paper reports:

"Like all members of the public and the vendors outside Borough Hall, Brother J.J. Richardson was long allowed to use the bathrooms on the ground floor of the borough’s seat of power.

But Richardson, who sells Bibles when he’s not handing out homophobic, hate-filled pamphlets, says he was banned from seeking relief because his writing offended the police officer at the entrance desk.

To cover her tracks, there is now a sign saying that the bathrooms are closed to the public — but this reporter, and a trash collector, plus other vendors had no problem passing the cop’s litmus test the other day.

'She’s selective in who she lets in,' said another vendor, Aaron Harding, who sells clothing and other fabrics…Richardson said that his cries for relief were first rebuffed by Officer Gibson at Borough Hall on April 2. He nearly stained his pants with hellfire and brimstone, but fortunately made it to the Court Street Starbucks on time.

He quickly figured out that Gibson was barring only him, and turned his literary wrath against her. That’s when the sign barring everyone went up."


  1. jason says

    Hopefully not all blacks are as bad as Brother Richardson. However, it’s undeniable that there is a strong strain of homophobia that runs through the black community.

    There is no doubt that liberals have given blacks a pass on their homophobia simply because they’re black. No doubt in my mind at all.

  2. Cadence says

    Oh Jason, that is so stupid. With so many states passing Constitutional Amendments banning equal marriage, as well as the long history of discrimination against gay people in this country it is clear that black people are not the only ones who are homophobic. And by your post, it’s also clear that it’s just not some black people who are ignorant and biased.

  3. stephen says

    have you ever been around one of these people? I don’t blame the officer one bit.

    Frankly, there oughta be a law. We know where your churches are, we know how to find you if we need somethin’ to read… now please leave us ALL alone. TYVM

  4. yonkersconquers says

    He looks constipated. Maybe that bathroom was cruisy. We’ve all learned what gay bashing, god-bothering homophobes are really looking for – and it ain’t salvaltion.

  5. Robert In WeHo says

    I’ve got no problem with this. Our constitution guarantees the freedom of speech, not freedom from the consequences of that speech. Tell the bigot to go find another place to piss…

  6. jamal49 says

    @jason Honey, the officer who denied the bigot entrance was black, so let’s drop the “homophobic black community” remarks from your LCR agenda. Homophobia, particularly the fetid christian-reich homophobia is a cancer in ALL communities, regardless of race.

  7. Rocky says

    “We’ve all learned what gay bashing, god-bothering homophobes are really looking for – and it ain’t salvation”

    Aint that the truth!

  8. Rocky says



    If I here one more racist homo blame blacks for homophobia,I will be tempted to have him whacked.

    @ Jason

    Quit being a fucking fruit-cake

  9. Bryan Harrison says

    And now, let’s reverse the situation. A church in Utah generously allows everyone to use its grounds as a public park, then ejects two men who peck each other on the cheek when meeting for a picnic lunch.

    Outrage anyone?

    Looks like we have a double standard about double standards.

  10. Gigi says

    @Jason WOW! Why are you here? Can you please go to some other site where you can be a bigot with like-minded people? Not sure where that might be but why not Google is and find out!

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