1. says

    Let me preface this with a disclaimer. I am old school. Not very tech-savvy by any stretch of the imagination…

    So pray-tell, how the hell do they know this?

    *passes GAYLIB some tin foil*

  2. buster says

    Well, on the one hand, how clever! On the other, do we really need computer servers and data crunching to determine that there are more tourists in Central Park than there are in Queens? Isn’t this sort of a 21st century Rube Goldberg device?

  3. Rodney says

    on Improv Everywhere: That’s insulting. Not every tourist moves like a snail. In fact, when I’m visiting Manhattan, I’m often frustrated by fat tourists blocking the sidewalk while they eat their m&ms, study maps with no clue, and take pictures of every little thing. Argh!

  4. Walter says

    I have found the elitist anti-tourist attitude of New Yorkers vile now in four generations passing through that city …. actually I think all anti-tourist attitude is pathetic elitism

    If you do not want to deal with tourists do not live in a city famous for them and it’s sights

    btw — LOCAL NEW YORKERS are monied slime.

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