Towleroad Guide to the Tube #682

FRANK KAMENY: The gay rights pioneer turns on to the street recently named for him during the Capital Pride parade over the weekend.

A LETTER FOR OBAMA: Equality Florida's Nadine Smith did some activism at yesterday's White House LGBT Pride reception, delivering a letter to Obama about Florida's gay adoption ban.

GAY BLOOD DONATION BAN: Thomas Roberts seems to be the only one who has the facts right here.

AZ STATE SENATOR JOHN HUPPENTHAL: Schooled by student reporter.

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  1. Jubal Harshaw says

    Bottom line is that as usual, an AZ legislator is incompetent and ill prepared for consequences of their actions. Nothing to see here. Unsurprisingly, we’ve heard little about this within the state.

    Nothin’ makes news like duh ullegals!

  2. DN says

    Huppenthal is running on a campaign promise of “reading by third grade.”

    Really? Third grade? Everyone I went to school with was able to read by first grade. By second grade, my teachers drilled “it’s” vs. “its” into our heads.

    But this clown is running on a promise to have kids reading by third grade? Shows how illiterate this state is.

  3. Guy says

    Did Sherri Shepherd really just blame closeted gay black men on infecting the black community with HIV. RIDICULOUS!

  4. DN says

    Whether or not the video is fake, I stand by my premise that a campaign promise of “reading by third grade” is nothing short of pathetic and it is a great piece of evidence that Arizona’s educational system is a freaking disaster.

  5. Drew says

    I agree, Bobby; that Thomas Roberts could have his way with me. Cute guy!

    As for DL Hughley, “he trusts the doctors”… Well, the doctors want to prescribe you every pill in the book, you dipshit.