Towleroad Guide to the Tube #687

SHARRON ANGLE: Nevada homophobe and GOP candidate for U.S. Senator thinks separation of church and state is unconstitutional.

LARRY KING: Announces he's "hanging up his nightly suspenders."

ROSTAM BATMANGLIJ: Gay Vampire Weekend member talks about songwriting for Converse.

IN THE WAITING LINE: Glambert fans sound off.

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  1. jpeckjr says

    Thomas Jefferson’s quotation about a “wall of separation” between church and state is not in the Constitution. She is factually correct on that point. Since Jefferson was not part of the Constitutional Convention, was not present for the debates, and had nothing to do with drafting it, his views are interesting, but immaterial. He was our Ambassador to one of the European monarchies at the time.

    Anyone reading the First Amendment will find it says Congress shall make no law either establishing an official religion or prohibiting the free exercise of religion.

    Sharron Angle is uninformed, ignorant of American history, and simply wrong. As well as stupid. And, as her habit of refusing to take responsibility for her own words suggests, she is deceitful.

  2. Bob R says

    I think when one becomes a Republican they are given a little bag of crazy from which to snort periodically. In Angle’s case, I think she got the large economy size and they hung it on her snout like a feed bag. The woman is really batshit crazy. Bachman may have some competition.

  3. Dave says

    To add a little pop to the “Sharon is an idiot” thread, it’s also worth noting that separation of church and state is a TENET of the constitution, not a TENANT. Separation of church and state does not rent its house from the constitution.

  4. says

    I LOVE Sharon “Batshit Crazee” Angle! Until she came along we thought we might have a little trouble getting Progressives to come out and vote ,or, that independents might just go over to the dark side.

    I’m not thinking those are the huge problems we expected since she came on the scene.

    HARRY REID 2010!

  5. Anonymous says

    How could anyone vote for this idiot?

    The fact that the Republicans have veered so far off into right field is really, really disturbing. There is a place for legitimate, intelligent opposition to Democratic policies — the extent and role of government, use of private-sector incentives, ideas to curb the uncontrolled growth of entitlement spending. Instead, the Repubs have become the No-Nothing Party and the darling of Religious Right wackos.

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