1. Bryant says

    Artist and activist, Annie has been and always shall be… awesome. I can always count on her to move my body, heart and soul with anything and everything she does.

  2. ravewulf says

    The thing I hate about most male models: THEY NEVER SMILE!

    Sorry, but I can’t be into you if you’re scowling all the time. Smile, show your having fun, get into it, show some emotion!

  3. Lushlife says

    So sad. They’ve managed to turn Annie Lennox into a whore. Male models with dead eyes parade down the runway in their underwear and overpriced Banana Republic knockoffs while Annie Lennox howls her greatest hits in the background. What an achievement. Europeans are so advanced.

    And by the way, who the fuck wears matching pinstriped shorts and shirt in public?

  4. Carlos says

    Most of the above comments made remember when I was a child. My mom used to take us (my sister and I) for a ride in our very old vw beetle, I used to complain a lot, and she just said: “stay put and enjoy the ride”, c´mon people, does we have to be visceral all the time. Just enjoy the ride. The music is great and the guys are easy on the eyes. (sorry for my grammar, English is not my native language)

  5. Graziano says

    Well, guys I am enjoying the ride, but I can’t help thinking that this Annie is only a whiter shade of pale of the one I once knew. Maybe she’s just getting old…

  6. contragenic says

    Wow! Annie is such a class act, and so real, I’m happy to see someone of her stature aging naturally with so much grace.

    And the Men, and the Clothes! Oh I love a designer that doesn’t try to pretend that Men don’t have a Penis. Dolce & Gabanna obviously Love Men, that’s why I love them.

    The models were amazing, well done Gentlemen.

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