1. pete says


    What you and your ilk don’t seem to understand is that any movement needs it’s true believers. People who will make a public spectacle in order to keep the media and world’s attention on the problem. What would the civil rights movement been without MLK or Malcom X? Where would India be without Gandhi? Where would AIDS be without ACT UP? Their methods may not be yours, but without those people with passions and egos strong enough to stand up to ridicule by even their own people, nothing would ever change.

  2. says

    The “compromise” just voted on has created the impression that DADT has been repealed outright –which it hasn’t, and isn’t likely to be for some time. Consequently the media feels free to ignore Dan Choi’s hunger strike.

  3. yonkersconquers says

    Choi is an inspiration. He has more credibility and passion than the forces who oppose him (and the sneering gobshites who felt compelled to belittle him on this thread).

    I think the pressure Choi put the Administration under has shown real results. I’m supporting him wholeheartedly.

  4. Phil says

    What Dan Choi is doing has worked in past eras. It will be impossible for the media to continue to ignore this. Choi knows what he’s doing. The media will certainly report on other people chaining themselves to the White House fence. They’ll probably even mention the messages on paper plates being mailed to:

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, D.C. 20500

  5. Michael @ says

    Anyone who simply sits safely and comfortably and well-fed at his/her keyboard and bleats things like he’s “lost his marbles” without identifying what other things he and Jim Pietrangelo might do to bring attention to the charade of “the compromise”…or ANYTHING they are doing to achieve the same should really look in the mirror.

    If you see someone there who announced he was gay on national television and is responsible for kick starting the discussion of the ban on gays in the military last year when Gay Inc. had led the engine die because they were sitting on their asses waiting for their Messiah Obama to set them free, Bravo.

    If you see someone who reignited the move in Congress to try to end the ban when the fire quickly went out after the ObamaGates “You Must Wait for the ‘Study'” trick sucked all the oxygen out of the room, Bravo.

    If you see someone who went to jail twice to accomplish that, Bravo.

    If you see someone who risked a FEDERAL PRISON sentence for wearing his uniform to accomplish that, Bravo.

    If you see someone abandoned and marginalized by most other so-called advocates of ending the ban, and outright demonized by some because of naked jealousy that he is getting the attention they crave, Bravo.

    Until then, I respectfully suggest you take your pile of rocks and mud to throw and go think of something to personally do that will advance equality not attack those who are at least trying at great personal cost to themselves.

    Thank you.

  6. FunMe says

    Guys: I have been noticing the same TROLLS at other GLBT blogs putting down Lt. Dan Choi.

    It is so obvious they are from the organizations that have done jack s*** for our equality. These groups would include HRC, DNC, DLC, OFA and other Obama administration groups who care more about their “champagne and caviar at the White House!” parties than they do for our GLBT cause.

    Let them troll all they want. And don’t bother engaging with them.

    What I recommend is: JUST LAUGH AT THEM!

    Their desperation is so obvious it’s pathetic.

    The majority of GLBT Americans are behind you!

  7. Fasting Is Healthy says

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  8. Dan in DC says

    Choi needs a doctor – a psychiatrist! It’s obvious to see he is “starving for attention.”

    But, apparently fasting is very good for you. My Yoga instructor has retreats where the people fast for 21 days. Everyone has a good time and they say it improves their health and their thinking dramatically.

  9. Jack M says

    Although Lt. Choi is to be commended for his bravery in speaking up for his beliefs, all the Repubs and other right-wingers in the USA probably would be glad if he starved to death. Don’t give ’em what they want, Dan!

  10. Phil says

    I believe that you can be receive an extended federal sentence for wearing your military uniform during a political protest, such as the one at the White House. I don’t think the military would’ve been interested in pressing those charges, but Dan Choi is very brave for having done it. The most precious commodity these days is courage.

  11. TANK says

    I really just have one question for dan choi…what you do for a klondike bar? Or rather, what wouldn’t you do?

  12. FunMe says

    I’m starting a list of the trolls to share with other GLBT blogs to know who this TRASH is.

    Trust me, if you were really gay you would not be out there putting down the heroic efforts of Lt. Dan Choi, who not only is doing something noble with his fast, but has also served.


    1. RICK
    2. TCW
    3. Fasting is healthy
    4. Tank

    I will be keeping tabs.

    Meanwhile Towelroad, can you figure out if it’s the same person or organization that keeps TROLLing around here? Thanks.

  13. daws says

    Wow, kudos to Dan. I wish I had that kind of strength to fast for that long. I think I got to about 14hrs once…then devoured what was in the fridge and ordered a pizza. It wasn’t pretty.

  14. floofy says

    Enough, Dan. Your 15 minutes are about over and this is nothing more than some pathetic cries for attention. As someone who works in the LGBT community, who also lobbied successfully on DADT, and who has a partner who is a Gulf War veteran, just stop it. This is sickening those of us in the community who recognize bullshit when we see it – and these stunts of yours are just that. Stop trying to charge people for speaking fees and get your ass back into your unit so you can be deployed and serve as you agreed to do. This has all become just about your desire not to redeploy. Face it like a man, dude. Enough of this garbage.