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Watch: Does This Gold-Flecked Ascot Make Me Look Ex-Gay?


Because an "ex-gay" is what he became after an encounter with God in San Francisco's Castro District.

Adam Hood whispers dramatically as part of the Recycle Your Faith series,

(via the awl)

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  1. how much do you have to hate yourself, your life and the image you see of yourself in the mirror every day for you to believe HALF the bullshit he talks about? I mean this guy would make a good candidate for Jim Jones and his poisoned Kool-Aid meetings. This is why religion must die, it will always be used as a weapon against others. You can not live and let live as long as people try to find meaning in the bible...the same book that says any woman who can not bare children is either possessed by the devil OR a witch. it's just too sad.

    Posted by: john | Jun 21, 2010 7:27:04 PM

  2. Ooh, I get all bothered when he says "dangerous and dirty" towards the end. I wonder if he talks to his "wife" like that in the bedroom; it could make a girl swoon.

    On a more serious note, when he says he wants to be blunt and mentions the eat crap and die thing, he reveals himself as an ignoramus. Once sperm leaves the body, it doesn't eat. Does he think the sperm eats the egg to fertilize it. Have a good listen, this is what our schools will be teaching if bible beaters get their way with textbooks.

    Posted by: jonny | Jun 21, 2010 7:28:56 PM

  3. If this guy & story is for real, I don't have enough time or energy to waste on someone that stupid.....

    Posted by: TonyJazz | Jun 21, 2010 7:29:44 PM

  4. He reflects the extremes of an addictive personality. If he's gay, he lives in the Castro Distrit, etc. If he's ex-gay, he's proclaiming stuff on video. One extreme to the other. He's a 3 pack a day man or he's ripping the lit cigarettes out of people's mouth and berating them about the evils of smoking. He's a drunk in the gutter or he's an officer in the Salvation Army.

    We react against the instances of homophobia brought to our attention. Towleroad is making a good record.

    Posted by: Ted | Jun 21, 2010 7:53:10 PM

  5. It's funny in a perverse way, and also very very sad. The gentlemen might get in touch with Soulforce to see another side to the religion thing. He's swallowing the extreme right view of things without question. And why is that? One can be a person of faith and gay- it's not mutually exclusive.

    When people have this kind of view, it makes me think that they will do ANYTHING to get the approval of those who have cut them off- family usually. It's not about God in the end, but rather, above love- getting the love of those who- in their ignorance- do not accept us for who we are.

    The only sin here is one of ignorance.

    Posted by: Daniel | Jun 21, 2010 7:55:01 PM

  6. After graduating college - I moved to San Francisco and lived in the Castro district in a second floor apartment in an old Victorian at Hartford and 17th. At that time there was a porn theater just across the street and late one night -- around 3 am -- one young man yelled at another -- "that's right, tear my heart out, throw it down on the ground, stomp on it, I don't care" -- I suspect had I not been too lazy and indifferent to the drama below - had I ventured to the window - I would have seen a young man in an ugly brown gold-flecked scarf down on his knees screaming at the one who broke his heart.

    These ex-gays are sadly, always the same - self-loathing - not because they are gay - but because they can never be who they want so much to be - the popular, confident, fearless gay man -- they will never be attractive enough, or interesting enough, or fun enough in the sack - they are who they are - and as heartbreaking as it is - the thing that makes them so unlovable - has nothing to do with them being gay -- and sometimes - if you let them talk long enough - there is a moment when their real fear flickers across their eyes - yes, you are ugly - and it has nothing to do with the mirror - you are an ugly person.

    Posted by: ricky | Jun 21, 2010 7:55:37 PM

  7. I encountered god there too. He was wearing ass-less chaps and we almost shared a syringe together.

    Posted by: Jubal Harshaw | Jun 21, 2010 8:00:21 PM

  8. I actually feel bad for this guy. I have to figure that he's dealing with some pretty serious mental health issues.

    Posted by: Rick | Jun 21, 2010 8:01:39 PM

  9. Sadly, this is not satire.

    Posted by: critifur | Jun 21, 2010 8:12:10 PM

  10. More crazy-ass(cot)ed quotable hilarity than Sue Sylvester! With equally impeccable timing. Keep those zingers coming, girlfriend.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jun 21, 2010 8:15:26 PM

  11. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Excuse me...

    Posted by: Randy | Jun 21, 2010 8:20:06 PM

  12. Glad he's an ex-gay. I wouldn't want the rest of us to claim him...

    Posted by: Brian Grant | Jun 21, 2010 8:23:42 PM

  13. I could not get past the first 56 sec. I found that dribble to be SO OFFENSIVE on so many levels ...these self loathing gays ... the "devil's" got em by the balls. I think they never had a chance as they are all so easily manipulated and damaged to begin with from their own upbringing . Growing up believing the hate spewed at them and internalizing it.Then being hypnotized with all the religious supernatural bullshit ...

    Posted by: MarkBoston | Jun 21, 2010 8:32:07 PM

  14. He reminds me of the "Violin Playing Virtuoso" who fell in love with Justin on Queer as Folk, remember him?

    Posted by: alexInBoston | Jun 21, 2010 8:52:38 PM

  15. "Call a Spade a Spade"
    If he actually did that, he wouldn't be so pretty.

    Posted by: Rodney | Jun 21, 2010 8:59:00 PM

  16. My god! While she was talking there were so many purses shooting out of her mouth that Macy's can stay in bizzzness for decades!

    Posted by: ronnykmarshall | Jun 21, 2010 9:00:59 PM

  17. Another creepy god-zombie. "He's so Gay he can put 'esses' in 'cracker!' (Remember that great old line, from Ant?!)


    Posted by: Bruce Wayne | Jun 21, 2010 9:01:31 PM

  18. Falls under the heading: How To Inflict Injury To Your Own Cause.

    Having this guy, dressed like this, with that breathy, enunciated, lispy voice speechifying ever so dramatically this ridiculous "I'm being direct, girlfriend" badly translated Old Testament cherry-picking, Never-Heard-Of-Jesus-Christ-But-I-Call-Myself-A-Christian, diatribe causes derrisions of laughter among not only gay men and women but probably a large segment of straight people.

    I want to really mock this guy but I kinda feel sorry for him. He has the derranged look of a puppy with distemper in his eyes and you just feel sad for the guy. The self-loathing oozes out of him as if he is crying for help and he probably looks at everyone outside the gun shop he walks by daily, just trying to get up the courage to walk in and buy one to off himself.

    Sad, sad, sad.

    Posted by: Bart | Jun 21, 2010 9:10:48 PM

  19. Seriously? Seriously???? OMG! *face palm*

    Posted by: Robert | Jun 21, 2010 9:25:55 PM

  20. The Ex-Gay movement, supporting the marriage of one man, one woman and one strap-on.

    Posted by: jexer | Jun 21, 2010 9:26:30 PM

  21. Soundtrack lifted from porno. Nice touch.

    Posted by: zackben | Jun 21, 2010 9:26:34 PM

  22. This is really funny. It's not sad, because it's meant to be a joke. You guys have to lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously

    Posted by: Mike C. | Jun 21, 2010 9:42:24 PM

  23. The whole 'no father' thing is total bullshit. My dad is one of my favorite people in the world, was and is always around for me, is very affectionate, and adores my partner of 12 years. I wasn't molested by anyone when I was younger. I work in an industry that is 90% male, and I have great relationships with all sorts of guys.

    I'm not gay because of anything. If I could project it onto a 'almighty god' and that would solve all the worlds questions I wouldn't. I'm too intelligent for that because my father taught me to question, and seek answers that are valuable not just to me, but to the world I live in, and the world I don't.

    This guy it so sad. I genuinely feel for him.

    Posted by: James | Jun 21, 2010 9:51:58 PM

  24. The gold-flecked wrap may provide a hint of homosexuality, but the soul patch screams "Mary, Mary"!

    So, so sad to watch. The self-loathing and brainwashing is very apparent.

    Posted by: Brad | Jun 21, 2010 10:32:29 PM

  25. Wow! That was profoundly ironic - that guy is so gay. I do have to wonder though, if had gone a different route...you know just lived in the burbs, had a regular job, dated here and there; had some drug free, un-satanic friends would he just be a regular Joe? I think his biggest problem, which he clearly still hasn't been 'saved' from, is insanity! What a fucking nut job! Hallelujah!

    Posted by: Joseph | Jun 21, 2010 10:39:37 PM

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