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Watch: Does This Gold-Flecked Ascot Make Me Look Ex-Gay?


Because an "ex-gay" is what he became after an encounter with God in San Francisco's Castro District.

Adam Hood whispers dramatically as part of the Recycle Your Faith series,

(via the awl)

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  1. When he finds his formerly-ex-gay soulmate in the ex-gay movement, hope he confronts and repents for this silliness. But let's face it, he certainly confirms the notion that homphobes are closet queers.

    Posted by: greggo | Jun 21, 2010 10:58:42 PM

  2. Bwa ha ha! But, erm, uh, I'm an atheist. I don't really care what "god" has to say about me.

    Posted by: fourflavorvegetable | Jun 21, 2010 11:15:58 PM

  3. Girl, please!!!!

    Posted by: David T | Jun 21, 2010 11:32:38 PM

  4. I bet I know which way his pendulum still swings...

    Posted by: rob | Jun 22, 2010 12:04:38 AM

  5. Is she serious? Yea he's straight, straight to the nearest stiff one! Be gone you self-hating homo before someone drops a house on you!

    Posted by: rebar | Jun 22, 2010 12:15:19 AM

  6. This has to be satire. The collar, the scarf, the pubic chin fluff, the Barbie bone structure, and above all, the "...calling a ssspade a ssspade!"

    I kept watching it assuming at some point he was going to shriek, "Oh girl friend! Homosexuality is, like a total ssssssin!"

    Posted by: Bryan Harrison | Jun 22, 2010 12:44:37 AM

  7. YOU Poor Bitch!

    Posted by: MoJo | Jun 22, 2010 12:58:20 AM

  8. Girlfriend is SO gay, and is in REAL need of some Seroquel and a good Psychiatrist.

    Posted by: Kyle | Jun 22, 2010 1:07:52 AM

  9. Oh, Mary!

    Posted by: Tranquilo | Jun 22, 2010 1:32:21 AM

  10. due to mental illness, he thinks that a man's sperm is inviolate, as if each were a homunculus, a minuscule body sprung fully formed from a man's loins into the female womb for nourishment. no wonder he makes the irrational connection between sperm devouring shit. after all, if a man's sperm goes into a prohibited orifice, it will meet an ignominious end. that is an example of frank paranoid schizophrenia.

    Posted by: nic | Jun 22, 2010 1:46:33 AM

  11. Dying at the "reeeeeeeaching" part.

    Posted by: Marcus | Jun 22, 2010 2:17:28 AM

  12. 22.His exgay narrative is so cliche–one, his mother almost aborted him (who actually would tell a child this unless you want to hurt him/her); second, he had a drug addiction and became sober (this is common to every single narrative); third, at some point he is approached to be involved in Satanism and witchcraft (what gay person has been approached to be a Satanist–ridiculous); fourth, he does not say he is attracted to women–he is attracted only to his wife and enjoys pleasuring her (Chambers says the same thing); fifth, he is fatherless.

    The weird difference here is he calls gay “culture” celebrity culture–he became gay because he wanted to be a celebrity. That is so silly–most gay people live very normal, average lives. However, he did not attain celebrity in the gay world, so he is trying to gain it in the Evangelical world, which is much more celebrity oriented.

    Posted by: Freak4ad | Jun 22, 2010 2:36:33 AM

  13. What happens to convince someone that they should actually speak for God? That always strikes me as the height of hubris but hey maybe the guy's actually "chosen" and should take the message to other parts of the globe. Maybe he should try Iran for starters. He could tell them why they're sinners for not believing that Christ is the only way.

    Posted by: erick | Jun 22, 2010 2:52:07 AM

  14. @ TED

    The wisest post here about extreme personalities-very apt.

    Posted by: Rowan | Jun 22, 2010 2:56:46 AM

  15. wot was that then? " Call a spade a spade" ? OK. Will do: Queen

    Posted by: JH | Jun 22, 2010 3:04:26 AM

  16. I think you should balance out this video with the more positive one also in this series. This YouTube channel and it's affiliated website, RecycleYourFaith, posts videos of people with differing views on Christianity. So, here are two links (the previous two videos) of someone who supports homosexuality yet is an evangelical: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN7MUObEZfg&feature=channel and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI3tpS6Ff9g&feature=channel

    Posted by: David Castro | Jun 22, 2010 3:55:25 AM

  17. In many ways sad video.
    What makes me angry - every time - is the blame they put to our fathers. I have loving caring parents. I surely wasn't abused, I was loved and respected. No-one has ever abused me, I have no problems with "father figures". It is shameful to blame the parents on sth I have been all my life.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jun 22, 2010 4:14:20 AM

  18. So if this queen is so convinced that homosexuality is an "abomination" as expressed in scripture, I assume he also buys the fact that mixed fiber clothing is sinful, since scripture calls that an "abomination" as well. SO WHY IS HE WEARING THAT POLY-BLEND SISSY SCARF?

    Posted by: Ingmar53 | Jun 22, 2010 6:13:19 AM

  19. Wow, I followed the link all the way to the source material and this isn't meant to be a joke/funny!

    So sad on numerous levels (as already mentioned many times here) but it's time we started to push back hard against 'cherry pickers' like this guy and the organization he's a part of. Start using their own philosophy & book against them as there are HUNDREDS of things to push back on when they start finding that the Bible has 'a lot' to say about homosexuality. It has WAY more to say about infidelity and it looks like they are having just as many problems with that as us non-Christians!

    Posted by: princely54 | Jun 22, 2010 7:43:02 AM

  20. "Because they need to be quarantined..."

    Well, lead the way, Mary!


    Posted by: TheNiebur | Jun 22, 2010 8:01:54 AM

  21. Not satire. But it is reflective of the ability we have to soak up the hate and loathing poured out on some of us to the point that we send it oozing right back out into the world. I agree, we have to remember that he is one of us. He sounds like he was pretty sick before his "conversion" in the Castro. Maybe this is a just a step on his path to wellness.

    Posted by: Troy | Jun 22, 2010 9:57:36 AM

  22. Serious Trublood cognitive dissonance sparked by the picture in conjunction with the headline. My first thought was: "wait...the King of Louisiana is ex-gay?"

    Posted by: Acronym Jim | Jun 22, 2010 10:36:49 AM

  23. Correction: King of Mississippi. Ah! The cognitive dissonance is permanent!!

    Posted by: Acronym Jim | Jun 22, 2010 10:43:33 AM

  24. what a find... towleroad wins for headline of the week!

    Posted by: ab | Jun 22, 2010 11:23:19 AM

  25. While everything this guy says is utter BS, it's worth noting that this video is one of four on recycleyourfaith.com. Two are anti-gay, two are as pro-gay as "Christians" can be. Here is a link to all four: http://www.recycleyourfaith.com/four-perspectives-on-homosexuality/

    Posted by: Dave | Jun 22, 2010 11:37:53 AM

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