1. Alco says

    Furries, bestiality and homosexuality?

    I can see why it won’t be aired, probably a good thing.

    It’s fun and all but we don’t wanna send the wrong message do we now?

  2. Rann says

    Personally, I don’t find it hot at all but rather disturbing. And I am glad it won’t run. We don’t need being gay and sex with animals lumped together!

  3. Thomasina says

    I can’t decide what’s worse about this ad: the terrible and creepy special effects or the recommendation to use carbonated orange juice as an aftershave.

  4. David says

    I’m with Rann, this is disturbing. The picture alone equates homosexuality with animal sex and plays right into the hands of conservatives.

    If you think this is eroitc, then you’re messed up.

  5. walter says

    oh get a life stop reading to things that aren’t there. just accept it for what is a commerercial trying to sell something. why does everything have to have a deep hidden meaning. this no different than anshving cream commercial where the girl admires the smooth shave excepts a guy. how many times do ads run telling you to release the beast inside.

  6. Daniel says

    oh God, some of you are completely incapable of thinking about anything outside of a political context.

    I thought it was adorable and cute. It made me smile.

    That’s normal. Immediately crying “Bestiality!!! OMG!” is not normal, and betrays more of your own personal inclinations than it accurately labels this mere advertisement.

    Calm down, folks. Geez…

  7. Fahd says

    The guy is very pretty, and imagine him speaking French to you. OMG. I’ve always agreed with the French that they have developed the mankind’s supreme culture, but what happened at the World Cup?

  8. Catalystic says

    Too Bad Orangina executives are too winpy to run this funny ad. It’s just cute absurd and cartoonesque. Both characters are very well put together and whatever looks gay in it just seems hot and attractive. Actually a good pro-gay commercial paid for by a for profit corporation. Too bad France is run by a bunch of corrupt pandering conservative: France should have been among the first countries to enact same-sex marriage. Instead it has been left in the dust by a dozen countries, even South-Africa! which reminds us of something….Oh yes South-Africa eliminated France from the World Cup: They should ditch Sarkozy, he is good at nothing.

  9. Adam says

    Great sexy fun. As for the people worried about charges of bestiality – WTF?! That is on the same page of literalness as the law firm for the Pork Board that sent a cease and desist letter to ThinkGeek about their joke ad for Unicorn Meat being “another white meat.” No imagination, no sense of humor, and confusing fantasy with reality. They had to be told that unicorns don’t exist, hence unicorn meat doesn’t either. Newsflash: that is not a representation of a real animal!

  10. Dan says

    The people whining about this being icky and weird are doing more to show their own sexual issues than anything else. I just looked at it as a typical french ad – absurd, inscrutable yet somewhat alluring (come on, the non CGI actor is fucking hot!).

    And no, I’m not into furries or bestiality. Pretty damn sure on that.

  11. Michael says

    You’ve got to take this ad in the context of the series of ads: animals doing wacky things with Orangina. You may not get the brand of off-beat humor, but this ad is just one of several of these wacky commercials. Why shouldn’t one of them have a gay subtext. And in context, this isn’t about bestiality–the animals are playing humans. You may think that’s weird, but it it is done in cartoons every day.Kids roll with it–so should we.

  12. Mister Man says

    We don’t need being gay and sex with animals lumped together!

    I like to think I’m kind of an animal in the sack, and I know my buddy does. Lighten up, dudes!

  13. BobN says

    Two things:

    1) If the caress had come from a female human, the ad would have aired.

    2) The automatic link of gay=beastiality is a peculiarly American mental problem.

    Yes, the Pope tries to make the same point, but the French don’t see the connection the way America does.

  14. says


    In the world of ‘slash’ fan-fiction there are those that are ‘furry’ fans too… in fact I know a few and will be cross-posting this for them on my LJ… I know they’ll get a kick out of it.

    As for Orangina… mmm, mmm, good! Now, loving it even more.

    However, with that said, I can understand some of the posts concerned with the message to the ‘haters’ out there… even though I like the commercial… I know that a majority of humans aren’t ready for such fantasy [yet will accept glittering vampires and werewolves].

    BUT… does that mean we should kow-tow to the ‘haters’, because truly, they ‘believe’ what they believe already, regardless if it were to air or not.

    My ONLY issue with the commercial? That anyone with fur would want something as sticky as orangina sittin’ for any length of time on their skin…

    Unless of course his ‘mate’ plans on licking it off *insert shit-eaten-grin here*

  15. FunMe says

    I love the ad! (and I also the “straight” one, which is so “Las Vegas” SEXy it’s funny, too.

    Calm down you boys, it’s just an ad!


    No wonder non-Americans laugh at us!

  16. Chuck Mielke says

    For those who want to yell “bestiality,” please notice that the puma/cougar is way too human-shaped, except for its head. A bit like the ancient egyptian gods. Is there a word for having sex with a god?

  17. jexer says


    Oh let them hew and cry “BEASTIALITY!!!” over this advert.

    They will only look more absurd for doing so.

    God help us if aliens ever land on this planet and want to fool around. Half us would probably say “Sure” the other half would try to burn us for it.

  18. TJ says

    Kacey – it’s not a lion; it’s a cougar. Cougars don’t have manes. Besides, as Chuck Miekle pointed out, the cougar is given a very human body. That human body is masculine, not feminine (no breasts).

    Of course it’s not about bestiality. But it has a gay theme, and that’s not surprising since the male model is gay and out.

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