Adrien Brody Packed on Muscle to Fight Aliens


Adrien Brody talked to the L.A. Times about his 25-pound transformation to action hero for the sci-fi thriller Predators:

"It's a role that a studio wouldn't necessarily have me on a list for. And I had to kind of do some convincing, that I'm capable of physical transformation. It was a very challenging thing for me to embark on. I think that fans have expectations if you're going to reboot a series like that — so there's a certain amount of risk that inspires me. It's very different from something I've done before…When I was training, I wasn't really showing off the progress, and at the end, I think I scared them because I had grown a lot and they were all pretty shocked at how I looked."


  1. alguien says

    he deserved that oscar rodney, his performance was superb. he just hasn’t done much to distinguish himself since winning it joining a long list of oscar-cursed actors (charlize theron, halle barry, gwyneth paltrow, kevin spacey, etc.).

  2. Ark says

    Rodney W. — Did you actually SEE the movie? It was actually a decent movie. Brody was actually kind of a good as a bit of a bad ass.

    Predators is simply a summer flick. Nothing more and nothing less. Entertainment, that’s it. Far better than the p.o.s. Iron Man 2 so I was a happy camper.

    Every single movie need not be a race to the lame Oscar finish line.

  3. Allen says

    Perhaps he took the role that won him the Oscar for the purpose of winning it so he could then take roles that he’d actually enjoy doing.

    Not everyone wants to do Shakespeare or [Enter serious Writer here] every time or even most of the time. I’d image alot of actors would rather do a few serious roles get recognition then do fun stuff and get payed a shit ton of money to do it!

  4. says

    I think we’ve all done things professionally with the goal of securing a paycheck. Lay off.

    His metamporphosis is really impressive, given his naturally lithe body type. Kudos to him for putting in what was obviously a huge amount of work.

  5. jaragon says

    Winning an Oscar does not guarantee a lifetime of great roles-( look at Helen Hunt’s career)
    Brody can always go back to playing skinny nerd characters in some direct to dvd indie film.

  6. Mike says

    Whoopi Goldberg was asked why she took such crap roles after her Oscar win. Her response was along the lines of “that’s what was offered and I wanted to work.” And Adrien is pretty cute, regardless of his weight.

  7. TANK says

    Oh, mike…you don’t have to slum it with whoopi. Muarice Micklewhite was once interviewed about a movie he made during the nadir of his career…and he said something like, “I haven’t the seen the movie, but the addition it put on my house is beautiful.”

    as to the sequels, scot…are you at all familiar with predator? It’s not an unknown franchise.

  8. Dev says

    I just watched the movie and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The direction and effects were decent enough, though the story was close to non-existent. Adrien Brody was suprisingly convincing as a merc (and Topher Grace was adorable!). Good old mindless fun.

  9. george says

    Nice but … I know we all need to pay the bills but I hope this doesn’t set a precedent that this fine actor who had roles in many quality independent films will be showing up in blood ‘n guts/exploding car schlock films from here on in.

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