Adrien Brody Packed on Muscle to Fight Aliens


Adrien Brody talked to the L.A. Times about his 25-pound transformation to action hero for the sci-fi thriller Predators:

"It's a role that a studio wouldn't necessarily have me on a list for. And I had to kind of do some convincing, that I'm capable of physical transformation. It was a very challenging thing for me to embark on. I think that fans have expectations if you're going to reboot a series like that — so there's a certain amount of risk that inspires me. It's very different from something I've done before…When I was training, I wasn't really showing off the progress, and at the end, I think I scared them because I had grown a lot and they were all pretty shocked at how I looked."

Posted July 12, 2010 at 2:01pm ETC by Andy Towle
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