The Porn Game: An Interview With Bel Ami's George Duroy


Bel Ami star Jean-Daniel Chagall

Do you like porn? If you're a gay man, probably. But while the product is meant to be a mindless escape, its production is a rich and controversial subject, even in a community legendarily open about sexuality.

When the phrase "Bel Ami" is uttered, very few gay men think first of Guy de Maupassant's second novel. Instead, images of countless "beautiful friends"—pornstars—from Eastern Europe come to mind, young men like Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik, with eye-popping endowments and legit movie-star looks and a performance style worlds away (Bratislava, to be exact) from the moves that characterize American porn films. There's almost a wholesome quality to Bel Ami's smut, even if the action is as dirty as the business.

Speaking of which, the porn industry has undergone a slew of changes in recent years. Beaten down by easy access to free porn online, crowded out by amateur exhibitionists and in some cases ill-equipped to adapt to the market's declining interest in DVDs as opposed to downloads, video companies have come and gone and publishers have mostly just gone.

Dolph_Lambert_todd_rosset Then there is the hot-button issue of bareback porn, which for many years during the onset of the AIDS crisis was absolutely taboo—Can actors be assured of the status of their co-stars? Does marketing it encourage unsafe sex among viewers? Does anyone care if the money is there?—but which has quickly become a major aspect of the industry in spite of some companies' seemingly principled refusals to succumb to it.

With the news that the venerable COLT has filed for bankruptcy, I wondered how other companies were faring and wanted to bring up some of the issues that surround the porn industry. What better company to focus on than one of the largest still standing? What follows is my interview with George Duroy, the founder and president of Bel Ami. He, more than anyone, has an interest in figuring out if gay men will automatically think of his product when the phrase "Bel Ami" is uttered in the future.

Since this was an e-mail interview, the follow-up questions to some of his most provocative answers will have to come in the form of your comments at the end.

Towleroad: When did Bel Ami come into existence?

George Duroy: I first used the Bel Ami name in May 1991, but I started the company only in the fall of 1993 after shooting my first film, Tender Strangers.

T: What were the early years like compared to now?

GD: Less hectic, more fun.

Ariel_vanean2 T: Do you intentionally cater to an American or any other market?

GD: Fifty percent of our customers are American and another twenty percent use English as their first language. Bel Ami was originally created as an American company and moved to Central Europe only after George W. Bush declared eradicating pornography to be one of his priorities. The whole company is still run according to the American regulations, and all the systems are in English. All the important employees are required to speak English; our COO is Australian and we have five American employees (another thirty are Czech, Slovak or Hungarian). I write most of my notes in English automatically.

T: Bel Ami is famous for its models; how do you find them?

GD: Nowadays, mostly through scouts. We have four full-time scouts working exclusively for us and there are others who work with us on a non-exclusive basis. Of course, some boys contact us directly or through our business partners. Occasionally, I meet somebody socially and he ends up as a model.

T: Are all your models exclusive? What qualities does a model have to have to be considered for Bel Ami?

GD: I'd say eighty percent of them are exclusive. Being an exclusive is not only about looks anymore. A certain "look" is automatic. But personality, reliability and a reasonable level of wholesomeness are equally important. Quite often, we take them for long trips. So the question is—can I have him around for three weeks? Is he able to get along with other people? Does he have a drug problem? Is he loyal? Would he resist escort offers while working for us? If any of these questions are answered unsatisfactorily, I wouldn't take that boy as an exclusive.


Models Florian Nemec, Ariel Vanean & Dario Dolce

T: I've heard lots of models are "straight". Is that true? Is this a cultural difference, because I think it's hard for some Americans to see them enjoying enthusiastic sex with men, then identifying as straight.

GD: "Gay" porn was never dominated by gay models, and in the case of Bel Ami, not even half of the employees are gay. (In the last three years, we had seven babies born to our employees.) Gay porn should be more accurately called "all-male porn". I don't see this necessarily as a cultural difference—most of the models working for Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody are straight as well. I know some gay models in the U.S. who claimed to be straight to get a job with some of the American Studios.

On the other hand, I can't imagine that a really STRAIGHT man would be able to perform the way our models perform, no matter what they think they are. I, for one, certainly wouldn't be able to be "straight for pay". We live in a world where traditional labels don't apply anymore, partly as a result of gay emancipation. Being gay is not taboo anymore, and I'd say at least thirty percent of city boys in the Central European region happily experiment with their sexuality. Many enjoy it, but they wouldn't think of themselves as being gay. They simply mingle freely, going with their girlfriends to gay bars and fondling other boys in front of girls. And now tell me—what is their orientation?

Sometimes I joke, saying that very few gay men are so enthusiastic during sex with other boys as these "straight" boys. I suspect that gay men lost their monopoly on gay sex as a part of their social acceptance. Or that experimenting with all-male sex is simply "in".

Lukas Ridgeston T: Are models ever harassed or do they ever regret being in porn? What happens to them after their days as stars in your films; where is Lukas (pictured) today, for example?

GD: Lukas is still a part of the company. About thirty percent of our employees are models. In a production unit, most of them are either active models (like Luke Hamill or Todd Rosset) or ex-models (Lukas, Johan, Marty). Many of our boys are university students and come from regular, middle-class families. And quite a few are bright. For example, Mark Aubrey is our lawyer while Claude Cocteau built and runs our Web site. Dolph Lambert will get his I.T. degree soon, and Luke has one more year to go to get his degree in management. In September, we will send a number of models for intense language courses to Cape Town so we can start to shoot with them in English. Our initial selection usually pays off. On average, our models stay with the company at least five years.

Are they ever harassed? Yes, they are. Sometimes really badly. Recently, Kris Evans lost his job with the police force and the tabloids got involved. It is never pleasant, often stressful, yet always good for their integrity and their ability to defend their position.

T: Who are your favorite models of all time?

GD: Some of them are better performers, others better companions, but I like them all. (Smile) I have to be careful. They can be pretty jealous.

T: Bel Ami started doing bareback films a while ago. Some would call this irresponsible for encouraging viewers to do it, others would point out it takes risks with the health of the models and others don't care—they just like it. What do you think about the various reactions to barebacking in porn, and what precautions does Bel Ami take on bareback sets?

Heath_gylenhaal GD: I guess we've released no more than twelve to fourteen condom-free episodes in all these years. But this question requires a more elaborate answer, even though I have tried to explain my position many times with negligible effect. But let's try it again:

Bel Ami is the only company in this business which (in seventeen years) hasn't had a single case of ANY STD on the set. I have the good luck to work in a country where, in the first twenty-five years of the AIDS epidemic, only eight people died of HIV infection as compared to 400,000 in the U.S. [Note: Some stats here.] If I lived in California, I certainly wouldn't shoot without condoms, but I see no special reason to stick to the same rules here. Eight deaths in twenty-five years doesn't constitute an epidemic—many more people die of ordinary flu here. Therefore, I think that while in the U.S. bareback equals Russian roulette, it is here merely condom-free.

To put it another way, we also don't keep a hurricane watch here, just because the Gulf of Mexico has that problem. I also don't think that not using condoms is a single reason for the AIDS epidemic, otherwise everybody in Slovakia would be dead already. I know very few people in this country who use condoms, and all the rest are perfectly healthy. I suspect that it has something to do also with alcohol, drug abuse, promiscuity and the whole gay party/club culture—that's what creates a really deadly mix.

I'd also like to say that I carefully followed the situation for twenty years before coming to this conclusion. It doesn't mean, of course, that something can't happen tomorrow on my set. But the chance a model would die in a car accident is about a thousand times higher.

As for encouraging the viewer: I don't encourage and I don't promote. If I did, I'd be much richer now. I promoted condoms and healthy sex for seventeen years in my films. In exchange for my goodwill, I lost about thirty percent of my customers at one point. I am unaware of a single case of somebody paying for my films simply because I was promoting safe sex. But I got a lot of hate mail for being "vanilla" and "boring".

Not a single gay lifestyle magazine—all of them owned by our major business partners—would ever do an interview with me or promote my business in appreciation of our work. Most of them didn't even acknowledge in these magazines that we (or any other porn studio) exists. Mainstream gay media treats porn like dirt, but keep using porn profits to finance their operations. If they want to promote safe sex, they should start promoting my safe-sex porn in their flagship glossy magazines. That is if they really believe we influence public sexual behavior that much. And if it is not so, then it would seem we simply create "dirty" fantasies, and condoms don't come into play.

The day The Advocate will publish its first ad for BelAmiOnline or some other porn company, I'll stop my occasional condom-free adventures. For the time being, I'll settle for compromise and try to stay afloat. Quite a monologue for somebody who still shoots ninety percent of his production using condoms!

Peters_twins T: Your use of real twin brothers (pictured) has also been controversial. How did you find them? Was this something they'd been doing together already? Do you have concerns about obscenity charges, especially in the U.S.?

GD: Controversy is the way to attract new customers. Nobody would write about you simply because you are a nice guy shooting good stuff. Michael Lucas could tell you something about this. It took me some time to digest this lesson. So I suspect obscenity charges would be good for sales. In the end, it was not Bel Ami who produced this film—I wonder who would be charged? It was shot in a country where it is perfectly legal...and as far as I know, it is legal in the U.S., too.

Bel Ami is not the first who shot twins, but I admit that the Peters Brothers don't leave anything to the imagination. They do it with rare energy. They were bugging me half a year that they wanted to shoot it, and believe me I was not in a hurry to agree. Legal counseling cost us more than both their salaries combined.

Are they doing it together in private? I've never been in their bedroom, but they stated that if one of them dies the other one would commit suicide—and I don't think they were joking.

T: What's your favorite film you've put out?

GD: I shot or produced quite a few films, but the only one I shot the way I planned is An American in Prague. So I like it. But my personal favorite is Summer Camp. It simply has all the elements I like in erotica.

T: Have you ever shot a film that you had to scrap or do you have any other disaster stories?

GD: I keep scrapping all the time. I daresay I am the biggest porn scrapper in history. We have a whole line of films based on scrapped material, the Out at Last series. In the beginning of each episode, I explain where it was supposed to be and why it wasn't. Disaster stories...I could write a whole book about that.

Kris_evans_dolph_lambert7 T: What do you think of COLT being put out to pasture?

GD: Although I have certainly read of COLT's filing for bankruptcy, I have been assured by people intimate with the California porn scene that the owners themselves remain fully financially secure. As you can imagine, this is a great relief to me, as if a giant burden has been lifted from my gay shoulders. Somewhere—I think at a party—I overheard someone say that Bernie Madoff himself could take lessons from the studio's owners. But of course I have no personal knowledge of their teaching credentials. Besides, I've only been in the business for 17 years...I could hardly be expected to comment on the veracity of any such allegations. They owe Bel Ami only $80,000, and I am glad I had the opportunity to contribute to their business experiment.

T: Is there a commercial future for gay porn?

GD: In the winter of 2008, my feelings about the future and quality of gay porn were quite pessimistic. The problem was, I didn't pay any attention to our Web property. I didn't even have a computer at home. When I got our 2008 financial report, it was clear to me that I either had to start paying attention or I'd face forced retirement along the lines of COLT—even though BelAmiOnline's numbers were still better than any other in the industry. But to be better than COLT or Falcon can't be considered a victory. It's like thinking that being aboard the Lusitania is safer than the Titanic.

So I spent half a year making drastic changes and reading all the unflattering comments on forums without getting resentful. In June 2009, we released a new site. In June 2010, our membership was seventy percent up and traffic had more than doubled—to one million individual visitors a month. So, of course, I am less gloomy now. Even our DVD numbers are up, and that came as a real surprise to me. I guess that the fact that a lot of our competitors are out of the picture helped.

So, to answer your question, what's happening in the business now is a real massacre, no doubt about it. But not all the pigs are being slaughtered. The biggest swine are dying, but many sucklings are doing just fine. Commercial porn won't disappear, but after this is over, the whole porn business will be a VERY different place.


Bel Ami star Kris Evans

T: Will you stop making DVDs and go all-download?

Bel Ami: DVDs keep surprising me. For example, Taboo, we expect to sell over eight thousand units. Regular sales for new films are still around four to five thousand units for us even though I know not everybody is so fortunate. At this moment, we are still making more than a million dollars a year on DVDs and another $500,000 in our store and from VOD. So I am not in a hurry to close it down. Next year, we are preparing twenty-four releases as compared to eighteen this year. I'd prefer to be out of the DVD business because to run both online and film operations is simply too much work. So I hope that within the next two years we would become an exclusively online business. This fall, we are starting another Web site and we are working on a number of other Internet projects. So in case Mr. Bernanke wouldn't start his helicopter scheme, we might succeed.

T: Does the loss of most gay-porn print magazines hurt Bel Ami?

GD: I miss them personally because I like printed material, but for our sales it doesn't make any difference.

T: You like printed material—are you a porn consumer yourself? Whose work, aside from your own, do you admire?

GD: I used to be a big consumer, but not anymore. When I watch films, I need not only erotic stimulation. I need also aesthetical quality, ideally some really potent filmmaking...or at least a hint of it. (Oh, my—now I really sound Victorian.) On this level, porn degenerated a lot. Not only porn, I guess. So all the "potent" porn makers are either dead or out of business! But from the "impotent" ones—I have to say that the most consistent ones are Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher. (Here, I am testing their sense of humor, of course. I mean it as a flattery.)

T: What keeps Bel Ami successful?

GD: I am not aware of having any business model, but I keep following a few simple rules: 1. I am trying to shoot porn which I'd like to watch. 2. I am careful about selecting people I work with and try to handle them with respect. It mostly pays off. 3. I understand that times are changing and I am an old fart. Therefore, I give a lot of creative freedom to my younger colleagues. I run the company, but don't insist on shooting everything myself. The company must be a comfortable home to many people—we have thirty-five full-time employees and forty models. 4. Customers sometimes piss me off, but I don't underestimate them. On the other hand, I wouldn't let them run the show. 5. And finally, I am trying not to take setbacks and losses too seriously. In the end, life (and business, too) is only a temporary situation. Take it as a game; it'll be much more fun.

I wasn't so relaxed and blasé originally. I even went to a shrink at a certain point. He was so amused by my life story that he offered to treat me for free. When I walked out of his office and saw all the really desperate people, I told myself, "If it is fun for the shrink, it can't be so bad." And started to take it easy again.

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  1. Those who continue to blast porn producers for making bareback porn are basically saying that all gay men are idiots who learn about sex from porn and emulate porn in their sex lives and I for one find that offensive. Sure there are some who do bareback because they see it in porn, there will always be some idiots like that but that does not mean bareback porn should be banned. Last I checked I was living in the USA a free country, not China. Bareback porn banners need to move to China, cayuse I am sick and tired of them.

    Posted by: Seaguy | Jul 9, 2010 5:09:18 AM

  2. @ SEAGUY: You misunderstand both my statement and American Capitalism -- I am not suggesting to ban it (nor is anyone else commenting here) -- I am suggesting to boycott it. This is how Capitalism works in the U.S.A.: it IS a free country (although not that free, thus porn production moving to Europe... free-ish?) where they can make bareback porn if they like. And I am free NOT to buy it, and to use my free speech to encourage others not to buy it either. Get it?

    And because demand creates supply, we have heard of cases of porn producers pressuring models to BareBack because it's what the public wants. So, in the interest of all men's health, I ask responsible gay men to please stop demanding it!

    I find BB a literal, physical turn-off because how can I get sexual pleasure watching two people do something fatally dangerous?

    Posted by: Strepsi | Jul 9, 2010 8:57:54 AM

  3. If there was no AIDS in the world then I would be all for unsafe sex (i.e. bareback)being shot in porn, but that is not the case. Regardless of the epidemiology of the disease in his country, this arrogant scumbag George Duroy is responsible for the content of his films. He can cry about the mainstream (his own financiers) gay media's lack of support for his company or gay porn in general all he wants but he will not gain empathy for his rationale against condoms in his films. He is a typical, opportunistic infection of the porn trafficker variety who has huge profits. Why should he care about gay men here in the United States? He just wants our money.

    Posted by: tooboot | Jul 9, 2010 10:01:04 AM

  4. Great interview. To the comments comparing Bareback Porn to murder, etc... I can only say your heart is in the right place, but your head is so far up your ass it's a wonder you don't suffocate. Well, it's a wonder you don't suffocate on all the self-righteousness.
    Who the hell looks at porn as a guideline for how they live their life? If they do, it doesn't matter if the performers have condoms or not, because those people who refuse to take ANY sort of personal responsibility will ALWAYS find some way to screw up their lives and then blame someone or something else.
    You know what the #1 killer in America is- heart disease. AIDS doesn't even rank in the TOP 10. Why don't you go out and picket McDonald's for contributing to the decline in health, or push your local government to add more exercise programs in local schools instead of pretending like bareback porn is the end of the world.

    Posted by: 1americaninkorea | Jul 9, 2010 10:26:59 AM

  5. Great interview. Obviously a pretty bright and candid guy.

    But, throw away the damn razors, please! For the last thirty years we have suffered the majority of all models at most studios sporting crotches, armpits, and ass-cracks that resemble ten year-olds.

    Enough...bring back the natural. It's much more of a turn on than these pre-pubescent ideations that are the unfortunate norm.

    Posted by: dave02657 | Jul 9, 2010 10:56:00 AM

  6. was a really good read with morning coffee.
    im glad towleroad does the odd post about gay porn as it is a part of being gay. at one point or another we have all watched gay porn.
    .........and as to the barebacking, well to each their own, as long as each makes informed decisions.
    thanks again

    Posted by: sean | Jul 9, 2010 12:41:57 PM

  7. hmm i thought he sounded slippery and like a politician..his semantic game from bareback to no-condom.. stuff like that.
    when I was closer to their age in college I liked Bel Ami, but now in my 30s, i feel like a dirty pedo, and can no longer watch.

    Posted by: Astro | Jul 9, 2010 1:00:19 PM

  8. It's refreshing to read an interview that illuminates some of the controveries and complexities of the gay porn business. Duroy's commentary on "gay-for-pay" performers and the european openness to experiment with sexuality resonates with my own sense of the matter. The concept of being "straight" or "gay" identified for ones self, can be quite different from admitting sexual pleasure can come in many forms.

    The first time I watched a Bel Ami movie (1995?) I remember thinking... "they're eroticizing innocence". These boys are actually playing with each other. They are laughing, smiling and BEAUTIFUL. This kind of appeal is rare among porn performers in general.

    Bel Ami's success has never been a mystery to me. Duroy has successfully found a way to create something different and beautiful. His thoughtful responses in this interview reveal his complexity and simplicity as well as his sound understanding of the future of the business. - Terrific.

    Posted by: Brian Mills | Jul 9, 2010 1:46:49 PM

  9. I find the comments on sexual identity most interesting. As a man who identifies a Gay, I too believe that as we become more open and more inclusive in community and less the forbidden fruit or dispised minority we all we be more liberated to explore our sexualty as just that. Sexuality to be explored and enjoyed and just leave the old divisions in the closet.
    Thanks for this interview...and Best wishes to the Bel Ami team. Good fortune to all of you.

    Posted by: R L Pete Housman | Jul 9, 2010 6:07:33 PM

  10. Only gay men talk about "sexual openness" and "fluid sexuality". Sorry Mr. Duroy you lost credibility, when you said "most of the models at Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher are straight" but I do give you credit for acknowledging that a number of gay porn stars are lying when they say they are straight. Considering Keith Webb from Titan wrote on a porn blog that 80% of gay for pay is bullshit and Mr. Duroy is still selling a product even with this interview, I'm going to read that with skepticism.

    Despite the inroads made about homosexuality not being a such a taboo issues that doesn't mean more men are experimenting with other men. Mens sexuality is still very rigid and the studies on bisexuality and bisexual men show this to be accurate.

    Interesting Mr. Duroy says homosexuality is less "taboo" considering one of his models recently had to flee his community after being outed for doing porn. The taboo of homosexuality maybe less so in the United States but where Mr. Duroy gets the majority of his models the homophobia is still rampant.

    Posted by: BABSJOHNSONDAVENPORT | Jul 9, 2010 6:22:42 PM

  11. Again, the nonsense that "straight men" can perform in gay sex--and with hardons--and still claim to be "straight." As for "gay for pay," the phrase should be "straight for pay," since many performers knowing of the sad gay obsession with "straight" simply follow the trend, which, yes, is finally homophobic..

    Posted by: Glenn Walker | Jul 9, 2010 6:36:26 PM

  12. I'm a big fan of BelAmi and appreciate the quality of the gorgeous guys, sets and fabulous photography. The Peters twins are special (and WTF, they are adults). I do draw the line with BB. BelAmi's endorsement of unsafe sex - the concept - is unacceptable. George was a little misleading; BB is a business decision to crank revenues.

    Posted by: jack scribe | Jul 10, 2010 10:23:54 AM

  13. Beautiful men but if it ain't wrapped don't think I WILL TAP - Damn sure.

    Posted by: Opinioated | Jul 10, 2010 11:33:28 PM

  14. The Bel Ami models are as a rule beautiful, and don't have the "drug addict" look of the models in American porn. As regards barebacking, I don't approve at all, but I think he's a businessman and the market is not punishing him for the bareback films. People should not buy and tell their friends not to. I think he has had the wisdom to not have his models have sex on camera that often -- while they "practice" and stay in shape off camera. The result is that when they appear on camera they are giving a real performance. Sean Cody etc. just plucks them off the street and has them go for it. The result is Bel Ami has a much better sexual athlete. Unfortunately, the Eastern European sensibility is kind of weird. Oh well nothing is perfect. My partner thinks all pornography should be illegal.

    Does anyone know why the Bel Ami model has not been duplicated in other liberal Western European nations? I should would like to see a Danish version of Bel Ami.

    Posted by: Wolfgang | Jul 11, 2010 12:05:33 AM

  15. "And now tell me—what is their orientation?"

    They are bi-sexual, that is simple. Why everyone is so afraid of this word???

    Posted by: cmmm | Jul 11, 2010 12:20:09 PM

  16. To say that BB porn does not influence sexual behavior in gay men because there will always be people willing to engage in unsafe sex is a false argument.

    Perhaps if porn weren't such a big part of gay culture I might tend to agree. However, as unprotected sex because more normalized and eroticized in the porn industry, the more people will rationalize it in their own sex lives. How does the occasional pro-condom ad stand a chance against social conditioning, sex drive, and peer pressure?

    I also think you should be free to engage in BB sex/porn if you are able to support yourself financially when you are too sick to work--and willing (and able) to pay for your own HIV drugs, medical treatment, and burial costs.

    To talk about your "freedoms" and "rights"-- but expect someone else (or society) to be responsible for the consequences of their actions is an ignorant, immature and selfish attitude. Your illness and death will affect others, whether you choose to believe so or not. Maybe someday many gay men will grow up and stop letting adolescent rationale determine their destiny.

    Watch this doc and see if your attitude doesn't change:

    The Gift

    Posted by: Jason | Jul 12, 2010 9:32:15 AM

  17. A little video segment for those still holding on to their gay "truthiness" about bareback sex and HIV infection

    New Wave AIDS USA

    Posted by: Mark | Jul 12, 2010 10:42:13 AM


    Love that squirt

    B===D ~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~ ~~

    Posted by: cumlover | Jul 12, 2010 11:39:15 AM

  19. Excellent interview. As for being a "voyeur" does that commenter think not liking porn makes him somehow morally superior? Sad case.

    Posted by: charley | Jul 12, 2010 3:23:09 PM

  20. To talk about your "freedoms" and "rights"-- but expect someone else (or society) to be responsible for the consequences of their actions is an ignorant, immature and selfish attitude. Your illness and death will affect others, whether you choose to believe so or not. Maybe someday many gay men will grow up and stop letting adolescent rationale determine their destiny.

    Jason I agree the next time I see someone scarfing down a FAT LOADED BURGER I will be sure and tell them I don't approve of their lifestyle choice and sure as hell do not care to pay for their clot busting drugs and eventual hospitalization from heart disease! Which will kill more people THIS YEAR(459,000)than have died from AIDS in the USA since the "epidemic" started 30 years ago!

    All Lung Cancer patients should be turned away from hospitals since they all get that from smoking!

    Actually as a taxpayer I dont think one dime should be spent on ANYONE else who gets sick for ANY REASON!

    The fact they CHOOSE to get sick is completely

    ignorant, immature and selfish on their part and I should not be expected to SUBSIDIZE their CHOICE!

    The comments here simply amaze me

    Gay Men (So called) can be the most self-loathing creatures!

    Posted by: DeWayne | Jul 12, 2010 5:26:05 PM

  21. What you are saying is absolutely true and it makes total sense. I agree that people who overeat, smoke, etc are just as guilty of being irresponsible.

    However, it doesn't negate the reality we are discussing regarding HIV and bareback sex. We have to protect ourselves and each other. This is something we can be a part of and help to create positive change. Our world already lost an entire generation of amazing and talented gay men to this disease and we are moving towards doing it again--knowingly.

    As gay men we need to stop confusing limitations, parameters, and anything that limits our behavior as oppression. Protecting yourself and another from a fatal disease shouldn't be something people have to even stop and think about. But since BB porn is more and more popular--there has to be a voice of reason out there.

    Posted by: Jason | Jul 13, 2010 2:22:02 AM

  22. Re: the bb films and controversy. If people scold porn producers for promoting unsafe sex, then mainstream Hollywood movie producers should be blamed for promoting and encouraging violence.

    Posted by: matt | Jul 13, 2010 12:55:09 PM

  23. Interesting interview and certainly Mr. Duroy has earned his success and has every right to his opinion. However the industry as a whole is in dire straits and with companies like Colt already in bankruptcy and others (Lucas, TitanMedia, Jake Cruise, etc.) discounting product (previously overpriced in my opinion) to the level of bargain bin pricing things aren't looking all that good for the future of porn. Basically Duroy was ahead of the curve by moving his operation overseas (outsourcing if you will) for the same reason many mainline companies went overseas - cheap labor and less rigid legal restrictions - say what he will there is no American based porn company willing to go through the legal ramifications of using real twins having sex together filmed in the United States.

    Attempting to justify the bareback sex because of the geographic area where videos are produced completely ignores the rate of AIDS infection in the geographic area where the videos are marketed. Lack of condoms (much as using twins) is just another marketing tool and is money driven and has virtually nothing whatsoever to do with anyone's personal philosophy.

    And I find it laugh out loud funny that Duroy considers the most consistent in porn today to be Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher, unless of course he considers consistent the use of the same vanilla models over and over in cookie cutter scenes repeatedly using the same static boring locations his idea of what the consumer is currently seeking.

    The abundance and availability of porn as well as the current economy is going to do what the federal and local governments have never done successfully - drive most porn producers out of business. Personally I think this is unfortunate but I believe it is inevitable.

    Posted by: ChrisM | Jul 14, 2010 8:42:38 AM

  24. Duroy gave an interview equal to his body of work. However, the interview offered no surprises because as a fan for years, I felt all of those aberrations in his personality came through in his print work, dvd/vhs, or unyielding customer service in disputes. It pleased me that he got his message to pay attention to fans because my support stopped when contempt and hostility was my impression of his business model. However, the most glaring omission in the interview was his most important contribution to American culture. He single handily made the natural male an object of desire and admiration. Thank you Mr. Duroy for that outstanding achievement.

    Posted by: Giddy | Jul 16, 2010 8:47:06 AM

  25. Duroy's comments about the Gay community's lack of support for the porn studios that have acted responsibly and avoided barebacking are very well taken. But he continues to seriously misstate the facts regarding the very real risk that he is exposing his models to when he goes down the barebacking road. Admittedly the risk of infection is lower in Eastern Europe than southern California ( but not as low as Duroy claims, more on that below) but jumping from that to the conclusion that unprotected sex is essentially "safe" is simply illogical and ignores the real public health risks. This is essentially the same argument that gay men in the Midwest asserted when the AIDS epidemic was at its peak on the two coasts. The rate of infection in Chicago never matched that in San Fran, but nevertheless lots of young men died. As for the actual risk in Slovakia--I note that Duroy has been using the "only 8 deaths" "statistic" for about 5 years without ever citing a source. The source you cite in the article is not a public health source and on its face claims to be using "estimates". The World Health Organization is the "gold standard" regarding such public health issues. Its website says there are no reliable stats re AIDS deaths or infections for Slovakia. It does however have stats for the Czech Republic and Hungary, stats that Duroy ignores, which are countries where a majority of the Bel Ami Models live and "play". The number of deaths and rates of infections in those countries are far higher than "8 deaths". Duroy has made a business decision to produce bareback DVDs (he just released an entire DVD of bareback scenes). That decision in business terms may be "rational" but there is simply no denying that he puts his models at greater risk when he follows that path. He needs to be honest about that fact.

    Posted by: tom in Portland | Jul 18, 2010 11:28:42 PM

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