Attorney Carte Goodwin to Replace Senator Robert Byrd in WV

West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin has reportedly picked former chief counsel Carte Goodwin to replace the late Senator Robert Byrd until the elections:

Goodwin "The 36-year-old Goodwin, a Charleston lawyer, would hold the seat until November. That's when the governor wants general election voters to decide who will serve the final two years of Byrd's term. The Legislature has begun a special session to consider a proposal from Manchin to allow for a fall vote…Last year, Manchin tapped Goodwin to lead an extensive review of the state's judiciary amid complaints from business groups and conflict-of-interest scandals involving state Supreme Court justices. Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor served as the study commission's nonvoting honorary chair…Goodwin already has ties to West Virginia's Senate delegation: His wife, Rochelle, is state director for Byrd's Democratic colleague, Sen. Jay Rockefeller. A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., declined comment until there was an official announcement. Reid was slated to be in West Virginia for a Friday campaign fundraiser."


  1. says

    Hot or not, what are his politics? Byrd wasn’t exactly a bellwether for gay rights. Though I admit, it’s nice to see younger folks either running or being appointed for/to the Congress. The sea of change is already beginning to take affect.

    It’s time to get these old pasty white bitter farts out of there. We don’t need anymore baby boomers in office, just young fresh blood that’s from a newer generation of tolerance and acceptance.

    Now, if we could just get term limits into play, that would be a HUGE accomplishment for the American people of all stripes. Sadly, it’s less about running our government for the people, but rather for the power and money that accompanies the position (i.e. it will never happen).

  2. says

    Don’t feel bad Roboto — I was going to post the same thing. As soon as I saw that picture, I had filthy thoughts about those eyes staring up at me while he was kneeling before me doing something wonderful with his mouth.

  3. John says

    It is not the length of office that matters, it is the competence of the office holder. Americans always think the answer to everything is: (1) more tax cuts; (2) more term limits; and (3) more “direct dumbocracy.” Simple-minded solutions for a simple-minded people.

    Ask Californians how that is working out for them, eh?

    Unfunded mandates from voters too stupid to understand that “bond” means “loan,” revolving door politics where nobody’s in a job long enough to become good at it, and ballot initiatives on everything from the color scheme of buses to renaming sewage plants.

  4. says

    So harsh John. So how do you propose ripping out corporate money and influence. Maybe you ought to check out the recent stories surrounding BP and their interest in drilling in Libya and how the UK government was able to influence the Scots to let the loan convicted suspect go back home due to humanity reasons, whose now living the life and quite healthy.

    I say the longer you’re in power, the more susceptible to becoming corrupt by the very money and power I mentioned. I don’t think that’s so simple minded. Then again, it’s people like you that are primarily vested in the status quo. I guess the question is “what kickback are you receiving?”

  5. Steve says

    Keith, will all due respect, I don’t understand why anyone thinks that term limits will stem political corruption. If limited to, say, two terms, a senator would know that her or she would have no incentive to have a clean ethics record at the end of their second term. So not only would there be no career disincentive to avoid corruption in the final term of one’s service, there would actually be an incentive to double down on influence peddling, arrange one’s post-service career in lobbying, etc., knowing that the clock is ticking to grab everything while one can.

  6. huh? says

    Hotter than Scott Brown – take that, Republicans!

    I’m hoping with the West Virginia background that’s he’s uncut.

    Wait, this IS a Sean Cody promo, right?

    It’s not?


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