Charlie Crist’s Gender Bender


Via Pam's House Blend: Florida's newly Independent Gov. Charlie Crist was recently quizzed about allegations that ousted state GOP leader Jim Greer had organized a men-only Bahamas jaunt that was spiced up with women who were "involved and paid." reports his answer in a way Crist, who's (poorly) battled gay rumors forever, may find less than helpful:

"Crist, who attended the Caribbean getaway, said the event was organized to raise money for his Amendment 1 campaign. He did not recall whether any women attended the meetings, but he said accusations of female escorts or entertainment were, 'absurdly false.'"

Emphasis yours, mine and ours.

Of note: Crist, now leading all polls in his Senate race, appointed Greer to the position he eventually lost; Greer is the subject of a criminal investigation for misdeeds committed while party chairman.


  1. Mike says

    Yawn. I don’t particularly like Crist, but he is definitely the better choice than the Teabagger/FoxNews supported Rubio. That said, it’s a major reach to make anything out of that quote.

  2. says

    I wasn’t reaching; it’s not even his exact quote. It’s just (intended to be) humorous. I agree; I’d vote for him over Rubio. The meek may inherit the earth, but Meek won’t be getting much of anything down in Florida.

  3. Paul R says

    Wow, true enough!! There’s certainly never been a gay man who married a woman for professional cover, and DEFINITELY never a politician. Much less a Republican politician who has had many men come forward and say they’ve slept with him, to no personal benefit.

    What planet are you on, Latebrosus?

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