1. James Burrow says

    Amazing interview from an amazing young lady…this just days after the reigning Miss California 2010, Nicole Johnson, posed for the NO H8 campaign and announced her stance for marriage equality.

    As a pageant queen who’s two sisters competed for these titles, I can tell you all that the Carrie Prejeans ARE the outliers in the industry. Most pageant titleholders are the most gay friendly, accepting, loving friends a gay pal could have. Carrie Prejeans do not represent the pageant community (hence, her getting her title yanked from both the state and national orginizations, neither of which supported her platform of intolerance)…my experiences have been nothing but pretty positive with not only the contestants but their families too.

  2. IonMusic says

    Not only is this outstanding woman more attractive than Prejean, she’s clearly more bright and her resume alone should get her into the finals. If the pageant commitee shuns her from placing, I’ll change the channel faster than anything and won’t be tuning back in. this story made me very happy and even happier to know the next Miss America could potentially be a LGBT spokesperson.

  3. Rann says

    Bastian- I am not sure why you felt the need to say that but some people are like the stereotypes. That is what they are based on!And you know what? They are still okay with me. I don’t look down on them for it unless they are nasty people.

  4. bastian says

    @RANN: just pointing out that she has let her anecdotal experience transform itself into a subtle and implicit assumption. It presents no danger here, but in other contexts it can be very negative. I don’t have anything against the girl.

  5. Kyle says

    I like the way she thinks and talks BUT with all the Gay friends she has , couldn”t they do something with her hair before her trying for Miss America.

  6. bastian says

    Oh I see… I didn’t watch the video earlier (I had only read the quote). I read it as, “… I grew up in the performing arts. So, many of my friends are LGBT…” [comma after so is my original interpretation]. After seeing the video, I see that she used “so” to exaggerate “many”, not to conclude anything. That “refudiates” my beef from earlier.

  7. says

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