Denis Leary Drops The (Other) F-Bomb On The Daily Show


UPDATE: Pasquale flatly denies saying this.

A trip by Denis Leary to The Daily Show yesterday to plug his firefighter series Rescue Me didn't turn out so hot. At one point, host Jon Stewart and the actor discussed a set visit made to Leary's show by Derek Jeter, who somewhat goofily said, "I really admire what you guys do—I don't know how you do what you do," almost as if Jeter couldn't separate what they did as actors and what real firefighters do.

Leary then quoted co-star Steven Pasquale as saying, "'What are you talking about? We're fags!' He goes, 'We pretend to be brave guys. What are you talkin' about?' So I thought that really summed it up, you know?"

Stewart, a friend of Leary's, did an immediate face-palm kind of laugh, muttered "nicely done," then attempted to end the segment. Leary didn't seem to want to go anywhere, which led to Stewart joking that Leary's show and its follow-up are a great block of TV, "Like Queer Eye and then the fashion show."

Did The Daily Show consider bleeping the slur? Why didn't Stewart call repeat offender Leary on his use of the word? And will Steven Pasquale (who played gay memorably on Six Feet Under) have anything to say about Leary's version of the story?

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