News: Degrassi, Matthew Vanderpool, Flipboard, Pickle Smokers

Road Defense Sec'y Robert Gates urges troops in South Korea to take DADT troop survey.

Vanderpool RoadOpenly gay Kentucky House candidate rejects contribution from Victory Fund: "Matthew Vanderpool, who is running for a seat in Fayette County, made the announcement Monday, saying while he is gay he has no 'gay agenda.'

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports the 25-year-old Democrat says he doesn't want help from the Victory Fund because he doesn't want to be in the group's 'back pocket.'

Vanderpool said in a statement being gay 'does not define my entire life or the things I stand for, which are explained in detail on my website.'"

RoadLindsay Lohan to serve 14 days of 90-day sentence.

RoadNOM has Courage Campaign videographer removed from Maryland hate-a-palooza rally: "We were told that all counter-protesters must remain across the street. When I explained to the officers –- who became enraged as I started videotaping his explanation -– that we were not counter-protesters, that we had no signs, were leading no chants and were merely documenting the rally, they said that it didn’t matter."

RoadRafael Nadal visits the beach in Formentera Island, Spain.

RoadFlipboard, iPad social media magazine app launched.

DicaprioRoadLeonardo DiCaprio talks to Rolling Stone: “[My stomach churns over] really stupid stuff. Things that shouldn’t make you anxious whatsoever."

RoadDomesticated porcupine.

RoadWhat does one call a grouping of gays?

RoadDiscrimination against gays linked to rising HIV/AIDS cases in Asia: "The report points to a range of laws, such as public order and vagrancy offenses, that are selectively enforced against men who have sex with men and transgender people in many countries of the region.

And some homosexual men and transgenders feel uncomfortable accessing health services because they fear being reported to authorities said UNDP HIV policy specialist Edmund Settle."

RoadChris Isaak to replace Simon Cowell on Idol?

RoadWoman charged, flipped by bison in Yellowstone National Park.

Road Jersey Shore cast signs on for Season 3.

Degrassi RoadDegrassi introduces transgender character.

RoadFederal Air Marshal who headed Orlando office where gays were ridiculed as "pickle smokers", is retiring: "Union president Jon Adler said Reese's retirement and other changes in Orlando and Los Angeles show that new air marshal chief Robert Bray is addressing complaints from rank-and-file air marshals who have complained about mismanagement, favoritism and retaliation."

RoadApple shows that Nokia N97 has similar antenna issue, can be force-choked.

RoadThere are two ATMS in Antarctica, operated by Wells Fargo.

RoadAssistant prop master on House claims homophobic slurs were used on set: "In the suit, Jones claims he was harassed by two of his supervisors for refusing to engage in 'visits to strip bars, participation in getting drunk, stoned or intoxicated on cocaine, to participate in sexual conduct at the trailer, and other dangerous conduct.'

Jones claims the supervisors would often refer to him — and other employees — as 'fags, pussies, bitches, slaves, dummies, retards and idiots.'

Jones also claims one of his supervisors brought a gun to the set 'several times' … but it gets even crazier.

In the docs, Jones claims he watched his supervisors get drunk on tequila and engage in 'throwing a knife at a target on set.'"


  1. JeffRob says

    I’m curious to know, but I’d venture to guess that this is the first time the Victory Fund’s money has been rejected by their candidate. Very interesting. Internalized homophobia or the post-gay future?

  2. LOL says

    @Jeffrob: I honestly am not sure, but to be openly gay and running for political office doesn’t raise an internal homophobia red flag to me. Rejecting the money could be naive in trying to show homophobic constituents he’s above “the gay fray”, but I don’t think it’ll work. All they hear is that he’s gay and they won’t vote for him. They’ll listen to nothing else he has to say.

  3. jerry blank says

    You have to APPLY to get an endorsement and money from the Victory Fund. So something’s not right…he must have applied for an endorsement and got it, then decided to reject it. Kind of dumb, he was trying to make a point and doing it on purpose. Why apply? So he could refudiate it?

  4. Rob says

    As someone who’s experienced donations with a hidden cost before, I bet someone at the Victory Fund made him not want it after all. Question is who and why?

  5. candideinnc says

    What a douche Vanderpool is. Instead of treating the contribution as a compliment, he gives the Victory Fund the finger and insults them for offering to help his candidacy. If I were a Kentucky voter, I would find me another candidate. Being gay isn’t the only part of my life, either. I like people with class…something he obviously lacks.

  6. Brian in Texas says

    @ Jerry Blank

    Please don’t give credence to Sarah Palin’s new made up word of the week, “refudiate”. Ignorance is not hot.

    The Kentucky candidate is probably just being politically shrewd. He’s in KENTUCKY after all!

  7. Bobby says

    Hey fuckface, being gay does define you and that definition is enough for many people to hate you. Continue to alienate those who do want to support you and you’ll have a very nice career behind McDonalds counter or maybe you’ll get to work drive-thru.

  8. Chance says

    If you look at Vanderpool’s campaign website, you will see what kind of candidate he really is. He is a Libertarian running as a Democrat. Read some of his stances on the issues.

    If you look at his campaign staff, you will see a few of them are from the Libertarian party.

  9. DK says

    How many politicians will actually tell you that their donors are the persons to whom they are beholden? I look forward to continued reporting on Vanderpool for “his honesty as a politician.” I cannot wait for his donor list so that we can know for whom he really works.
    His endorsement page is also currently offline though there is a graphic which should be its link on his website.

    He really should have phrased his public dismissal of the Victory Fund donation better so that my previous statements couldn’t be extrapolated from it.

  10. beb says

    Good for Degrassi. They’ve been pushing LGB limits among the teen set for some time now (i.e. Marco/Dylan, Paige/Alex). Adding the T to the mix just makes the show that much more open and receptive to who we are. However, is the version on CTV different than that on TeenNick? We’re on day #3 of a 6-week stint called “Degrassi: The Boiling Point.”

  11. Kevin says

    Dear Mr. Vanderpool. The gay community would like to announce that it will not recognize you either if you win your election, which frankly seems very unlikely given how crazy this was.

    Dude, you might need better campaign advice.

  12. Alex says

    Vanderpool’s entire campaign seems like a parody, like someone’s satirizing all of the Republicans who try to be vehemently anti-gay to despise the fact that they’re gay themselves. His website, by the way, looks like it was created in a high school computer class.

    Let’s see: he’s not going to get any votes from Democrats since he’s a Libertarian, he’s not going to get any votes from Republicans since he’s not a Republican, he’s not going to get any votes from gays since he doesn’t support us, and he’s not going to get any votes from homophobes since he’s gay. So how does this idiot expect to win?

  13. Joe32 says

    Not loving vanderpool..shut the hell up and do something proactive for us or anyone….”back pocket”? Are u kidding me..this vanderpool is a vanderfFool..ha anyone? Eh screw u too

  14. lookyloo says

    By saying he won’t take a donation from Victory Fund so he won’t be in their back pocket, Vanderpool’s telling us that whoever he does take a donation from – he IS in their back pocket.

  15. Rick S. says

    Matthew Vanderpool is running in Kentucky, not West Hollywood, so I can forgive his realpolitick in these matters. As it is, his extreme (by congressional standards) youth, and his skimpy resume will probably do him in anyhow. He seems like a sincere and well-intentioned fellow, but I don’t think this is his moment.

  16. says

    Thank you Matt Vanderpool, for your courage not to take donations from the Gay Victory Fund. I like your style… to be honest, and that is the first ingredient needed for any politician… gay or straight, Democrat or Republican, or Independent to be a successful public servant. I have been involved in the gay rights movement for over 35 years… and always believed that my support and vote is based on qualifications… and not religion or sexual orientation. I see a great future for you, and Kentucky NOW, and for the future.

  17. ChristopherM says

    The Victory Fund money was never offered to him in the first place. This is just a publicity stunt from his nimrod of a campaign manager. Sorry Matthew, but trying to appeal to bigots isn’t going to get you anywhere. Whether you’re a boy in a dress or a Banana Republican, you’re still nothing but a cocksucker to them.

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