1. Disgusted American says

    what a laughing stock AMERICA must be TO other Western Countries where Gays/Lesbians Serve Openly….what a Friggin-laughing stock. Even that they allow a Group like FRC to even have a Say is beyond the pale…and an affront to ALL service members.

  2. TANK says

    According to the findings of a poll that the national science foundation conducts every two years, only 45% of americans believe in evolution BECAUSE it conflicts with their “religious faith”…even in China, 69% of the population believes in biological evolution.

    Only 33% of americans believe in the big bang…

    Given that this guy works for an organization that is founded on the principles of christian theocracy and dominionism, how much would you bet that this guy believes in neither biological evolution nor the big bang? Beliefs that the absence of literally makes one scientifically illiterate…so, a physician who doesn’t believe in evolution (as is extremely likely the case) BECAUSE of his religious faith is likely to disbelieve anything that conflicts with his religious faith….like the fact that there is absolutely no “greater STI” risk in eliminating DADT.

  3. Shane says

    Many, like myself, believe that any organization with the word “Family” or “Values” or “Traditional” in their title should not be allowed to congregate; these are all words used to hide their homophobia, bigotry, and hate; we as a country would do well to squash the hatred that exists within our own society, as these groups harbor the same feelings towards freedom of expression as the Taliban in regards to homosexuals and similar issues.

  4. David in Houston says

    I think he misspoke. He meant to say, “…As a military physician, I’m guided by four things. Was guided by four things: The military oath and the military mission, my hope that our country will become a Christian theocracy, and my choice to be homophobic bigot.”

  5. nic says

    what a load of bull shit. FRC and their Labuttboy should be ashamed of themselves. frc has targeted holland, mi. with pamphlets fraught with disinformation. they are shameless liars. if those people really do believe in god, she will not look kindly on them at the reckoning.

    i sent an e-mail to perkins expressing as much.

  6. MT says

    Did anyone else see that PBS documentary Carrier? The one thing I was struck with was how for military people they truly are soldiers first and above all else when they are on active duty. This is reinforced by a strict code of conduct that is vigorously prosecuted by the military itself Keeping that in mind how is who you have sex with even an issue for the military. Clearly straight sexual relationships are frowned upon within the ranks – an even punished. The same rules will obviously be applied to gay people who I’m sure will be just as professional as the other men and women of the military. This whole thing is just a smokescreen to enable discrimination. The sad thing is the secondary victims are everyone in the military. Apparently none of them can be counted on to keep it in their pants and he whole moral and military code hangs on such a razor-thin edge that the smallest breathe of change will send it into full blown orgy mode.

  7. Josh says

    I am a current ACTIVE DUTY Army physician, and I specialize in Infectious Diseases, and this guy (of course he is RETIRED) is full of CRAP!

    Anyone with any sense can see the CURRENT policy increases the risk of spreading STDs–obviously if you can lose your job for being gay, you are less likely to get treated for an STD at a military clinic, and less likely to tell the public health nurse who you got it from so they can be treated as well. I see this in my practice every day, and it has been my major argument AGAINST the current DADT policy.

    So Dr LaButta: keep your bigoted and untrue opinions to yourself!

  8. SFshawn says

    It’s only a matter of time before we see the video of him obeying orders and being a good buttboy for the general. :)
    Just come out of the closet already and quit your self loathing and your ignorant denigration of your fellow brave closeted and openly gay soldiers. The Religious Wrong must be getting more afraid of us by the day if they are willing to stoop to these levels.
    Tragic actually.

  9. Josh says

    This guy has really got me angry. See my post above for my own background.

    I just checked Dr LaButta’s board certification, and he is a NEUROLOGIST. Dr LaButta, leave the discussion of infectious diseases, epidemiology, and public health to those of us who know what we are talking about, please!

  10. arch says

    As a european I have ot been aware of reports in the euro media about an epidemic of STDs in the armed forces of european NATO countries who allow openly gay service personel.

    Does Dr LaButte (honestly one could not make that name up if one tried…) think that US service personel have less discipline and self respect than their european allies ?

    Utter rubbish of course and reallt quite disrespectful of all those US service personel both gay and srainght to suggest that they will indulge in God knows what sexual practices once your army “goes gay” honestly what planet does this man live on …clealry not the same one as your NATO allies (or perhaps he thinks that the British soldiers out in Afganistan are having orgies all of the time?)


  11. says

    Don’t US troops serve with British troops, Canadians, Norwegian, etc……what horrible adverse consequences have flowed from association with such troops that might have “the gay” ?
    Come to think of it, don’t US troops already serve with silent gays ?
    Does saying you’re gay give you “the gay” ?

  12. Apostle Shada Mishe says


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