FRC: Military at Greater Risk of HIV, STDs if Gays Serve Openly


The Family Research Council, in addition to putting out fraudulent pamphlets in Holland, Michigan, is ramping up its attacks on gays in the military in advance of the Senate debate on the Defense bill. Last week they put out a podcast with an all-star cast of right-wing nutjobs and dangerous crackpots to try and give credence to their distorted statements about gay people.

On Tuesday, they released a clip of that podcast featuring the American Family Association's Dr. Robert LaButta, a retired U.S. Army Col., who suggested that allowing gays to serve openly would somehow put the military at greater risk of HIV, STDs, and psychological disorders.

Says LaButta:

I think as I look at the health implications, I look at the medical risk. So I look at the medical risk for the military and that’s – that was my job as a military medical officer, was to look at the medical risk. And when there’s an individual who’s a practicing homosexual, there’s no question that they are at a significant medical risk. They have an increased risk of HIV, they have an increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases and they have an increased risk of psychological disorders. Between 1993 and now, actually, there’s well over a decade more of information to actually highlight those risks, to define them. They’re still there...

...As a military physician, I’m guided by two things. Was guided by two things: The military oath and the military mission. Most of the times, the military mission and the medical oath coincide with each other almost perfectly. Very rare circumstances, say, in combat triage where they don’t. But mostly, they go hand in hand. I think that the military that – the health of the services, the health of the forces would be decremented. I also think the care of the person, if we said that people could come into the military and openly practice a homosexual behavior, we’re not caring for that person. So for both of my – the oath that I took, it actually violates both of them.

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The entire podcast. with transcript, is here.

(via LGBT POV)