News: Dan Savage, iPhone 4, Stephen Fry, Spain, Linda Lingle

Road Anita Bryant returns to the stage in Oklahoma.

RoadLegislation banning gay adoption introduced in Brazil.

Postcard_equality RoadSend Hawaii governor Linda Lingle a postcard (and Lambda Legal a donation).

RoadScientology puts hit out on Anderson Cooper.

RoadPaul Rudd rocks the Jesus look.

RoadBoo! Tom Colicchio will not ride on L.A. Pride Bear float.

RoadMaryland candidate Dana Beyer hopes to be the first transgendered American elected to statewide office: "By running for election to the state legislature, Beyer essentially outed herself to the 60,000 potential voters in the traditionally liberal district (where the race is generally decided during the Democratic primary). Her male-to-female transition had occurred only three years earlier, but she knew she had to tell her story in full."

RoadiPhone 4: silent recall?

RoadA first look at the new season of Project Runway.

RoadFinale of The Hills leaves viewers wondering, 'was it real?' Note: it wasn't.

Untitled-15RoadStephen Fry separates from partner of 14 years for younger actor: "According to pals, Fry has made no secret of the collapse of their romance and has, I gather, been spending a lot of time with aspiring young actor Steven Webb, 26, who appeared in Alan Bennett’s acclaimed play The History Boys at the National Theatre."

RoadSignorile: On false prophet and apologizer to gays, Andrew Marin.

RoadNYT on GMHC's new home: "In order to get that approval, the organization agreed to a number of restrictions, some of which have aroused the ire of AIDS activists, including Larry Kramer, a co-founder of Gay Men’s Health Crisis. In a series of e-mail messages and meetings, Mr. Kramer went so far as to call on Dr. Hill to resign for, in his view, putting the interests of the landlord ahead of those of the organization’s clients."

RoadJeremy Renner is in better shape than Channing Tatum.

RoadSPAIN: Man held in brutal murder of gay couple is freed after only four years in jail.

Savage RoadDan Savage launches iPhone app featuring archive of Savage Love questions and a way for you to ask them directly. (iTunes link)

RoadNow that the campaign is over, the "teacher" in Stand for Marriage's anti-gay Maine ad comes out of the closet, as a Concerned Woman for America.

RoadChrissie Hynde has a new band.

 road House where Marilyn died is for sale.

RoadCollege instructor charged with sex assault on student tells court he thought the student was awake when he performed the sex act on him: "Smith, 48, said he believed the student was consenting because he widened his legs and became aroused as the accused caressed his inner thigh."

RoadMeow Meow: The dangerous new plant food party drug.

RoadTed Haggard moves his new church to large venue after it outgrows the barn: "Attendance Sunday was about 245, a 44 percent increase since the first service. Congregants, some of whom came from Denver and Cañon City to attend, stood three deep at the barns’ entrance when space inside filled, several sources say.

Haggard said Monday he will being holding services at the Pikes Peak Center on July 25, in part because St. James has outgrown his barn, but also because the insurer that holds the policy on his home won’t cover the church’s meetings."


  1. Bill says

    Jacobo Piñero = Haterosexual Injustice
    Typical haterosexual verdict, totally relying on the sex fallback. The haterosexual killer said without any evidence the victims propositioned him and the haterosexual jurors believed it all because in their mind gay people plus sex always equals something bad.

  2. craig says

    Ted Haggard gets 245 people to attend his church and it’s national news?

    That’s not too different from what my little gay-friendly Episcopal church gets. And we’re 30% gay!

    245 people is not that much, Ted.

  3. says

    Andy, how did you resist pointing out that the professor and student were sharing a hotel room while on a MEAT SCIENCE field trip?

  4. RONTEX says

    Is the guy in the purple bathing suit, Renner’s boyfriend?

    My thoughts exactly, his face seems to be hidden in all the photos…hmmm.

  5. Mike says

    >>Is the guy in the purple bathing suit, Renner’s boyfriend?

    My thoughts exactly, his face seems to be hidden in all the photos…hmmm.>>

    He’s either Renner’s bf or Channing’s. Still not convinced that Jenna Dewan isn’t a beard.

  6. says

    I’m working on my PhD in Meat Science.

    But seriously, hello! you’re a teacher—You don’t touch students awake or asleep, consenting or not!

  7. John says

    Steven Webb’s TV credits date back to 1993. He’s hardly an “aspiring” actor. But of course, that’s just the Daily Fail implying that’s he’s a starfucker/casting couch whore on the make.

    Got to say, it bothers me that you’re directing traffic to that right wing rag’s website.

  8. Gabe RL says

    That teacher gives gay men a bad name. I know of too many guys who will say that they woke up to have some guy blowing them, or worse, and their too scared to do anything about it. One friend of mine had such an experience (he didn’t tell me about it; I figured it out and let him know that I knew) still makes a point of pretending to be friends with the guy who did it to him, because he’s scared of what people might say. Kudos to the student for going to the police.

    As for Stephen Fry, its nice to know that gay men are as disgusting as straight men!