Internal Fliers Mock Gay, Deaf People at D.C. Detective Unit


District police are investigating fliers distributed within the D.C. Police Department's Major Crash Investigation Unit which mock gays and deaf people, the Washington Examiner reports:

"The fliers show a photo of two male employees throwing up gang signs under the title "Celebrating D.C.'s First Deaf Mute Gay Marriage." The flier goes on to describe how the newlyweds will engage in "naked sweaty man love." … On Friday, detectives showed up to their desks at the major crash unit and were greeted by the black-and-white fliers.
A law enforcement source familiar with the incident said the photo was taken by an officer on the force using a cell phone. It's unclear how the photo ended up being used in the leaflet."

According to the Examiner, this is the second time the fliers have been secretly distributed in the unit's offices.


  1. RJ says

    Seems the queen in the photo has the basic gesture down. Someone want to check her closet for the sequinned muu-muu?

  2. Charlie says

    I think DC has a sizable deaf gay community (but I have no statistics on the matter). Gallaudete University is kind of a magnet for deaf people who are more likely to settle in the area.

    There are several liaison units in the MPD that are trained to deal with different niche populations including GLBT, deaf and hispanic populations. There may be more.

  3. Rob says

    It’s always so gratifying to know that those who swear “to serve and to protect” the rest of us have our best interests at heart.

    I realize policing is an extremely tough profession which exposes officers to the worst side of humanity. However, to demonize or to make fun of entire segments of the population the police are sworn to protect demeans their incredible service and, I suspect, does little to improve officers’ mental health. A little response, please, just like you expect from DC residents and visitors.

  4. David B. 2 says

    no cameras — why would there be? to help plaintiffs in brutality cases? Not likely!