1. Billy says

    Kris Allen is, genuinely, one of the sweetest celebrities there is. He defends Adam Lambert more than most commenters on this blog. He makes his fans a part of every one of his shows, talking to them and inviting them on stage. A few days ago, a ladybug landed on his mic stand and he picked it up and whispered and dedicated a show to it.

    Also, he fills out a tight pair of jeans better than anyone else. Just sayin’.

  2. chris says

    Kris is just adorable. I have had a mancrush on him since I first saw him on he is an Arkansas (conway!) boy – love that.

  3. justiceontherocks says

    What kind of question is “what male celebrity would you most like to be stranded on an island with”? People don’t have enough to do.

  4. New Jersey Girl says

    Hmm…I bet all those southern state dumb-fuck christians who slammed the phone banks to pick Kris over Adam, courtesy ATT, are swimming in their own vomit.

    Man crush??? Why that’s down right UNGAWDLY.

    Unless of course you have a vagina. Then it’s okay. Jesus told me so. Yes he did.

  5. says

    Well, I would be surprised if he had a GIRL crush on Jack, you know. A crush is a crush, period.

    It sounds a little bit like “no homo”, to remind us that he is a manly man in spite of havin kinda a crush on another man.

    (I know probably he didn’t intend it to sound like that, but man, it did)

    That said, he’s adorable.

  6. Trent says

    Kris actually mentioned having a crush on Adam Lambert last year during the Idol tour. He didn’t say Mancrush. He just said crush. It’s at the end of this TV Guide interview.

  7. says

    Add: I know I’m doubleposting, but I see the hole “mancrush” thing was said by the interviewer. So let’s just take my previous comment as a rant about how stupid is to say “man crush”. Or “man purse”. Or “man nail polish”. Or… well, you get the idea.

  8. JC says

    Why Nirgal? I mean I say I have “girl crushes” on women ALL THE TIME. I think it just means I appreciate their beauty and I think they rock, but I’m not sexually attracted to them as I do guys.

    In any case, Kris is just adorable, humble, and super talented. Perfect combination.

  9. LTP says

    Jake and Kris stranded on a desert island?!

    That’s one movie I would definitely pay good money to see!

  10. jaragon says

    Kris is adorable and who wouldn’t want to be stranded on a island with Jake G. (well as long as we don’t have to watch “Prince of Persia”…)

  11. Mike says

    Is he retarded?

    Posted by: Hollywood, CA | Jul 16, 2010 2:57:03 AM

    No. But you seem a few brain cells short.

  12. says

    Kris is the cutest and he looks hot in those tight jeans…he also has a nice a$$.

    Plus he is really cool.