Movies: Get Low, See “Angels”

Rehearsals are deep in progress for the New York revival of Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes. That looks like a rendering of the Angel herself (Weigert's role). People always forget that the play is very funny and the angel is as ridiculous as she is fierce. "I I I I I I I" . Both parts of the Pulitzer Prize winning epic, Millennium Approaches and Perestroika, will play in repertory. Tickets go on sale on August 3rd for a very limited run. One assumes Quinto's schedule has to free up when the cameras roll on that Star Trek sequel in January 2011.

I interviewed the actress Robin Bartlett (who plays Mother Pitt, Ethel Rosenberg and four other roles) during their first week of rehearsals. We talked a bit about her vivid movie cameos like the ones in Postcards From the Edge and Shutter Island  but we mostly discussed the play and how resonant and timeless it is despite its specificity in dealing with the AIDS crisis in 1985/1986 New York City. "We started off with a table read of both plays with Tony there. Spent two days just sort of bouncing things off of him and soaking whatever he had to tell us about both the play and the circumstances under which it was written," The actress says. "It's interesting because there are so many people under 30 in the play who were not — well they were alive but they weren't engaged at the time that the play was written — who were just really innocent of some of the horrors of it."


Among the younger actors, pictured from left to right are: Handsome rising stage star Bill Heck who'll play Joe Pitt, the closeted Mormon Republican; Zachary Quinto is Louis, Prior's guilt ridden Jewish ex-boyfriend; Billy Porter is Belize, the sharp tongued nurse to Roy Cohn and Prior's best friend; busy actress Zoe Kazan (yes, she's the granddaughter of Elia Kazan) will pop valium as Harper Pitt, Joe's abandoned wife; and Christian Borle, who is a familiar face in Broadway musicals, plays the central role of Prior, the dying "prophet" who sees the Angel but refuses her commands.

I'm guessing you've seen the terrific HBO film version. Give the DVD a spin again (it's still great), but see this thing on stage, as soon as you get the chance, wherever that may be. Even on tiny regional stages, it's epic.


  1. Thomasina says

    Robin Weigert is a great choice to play the Angel. Incidentally, she was in the movie also, in the much-smaller role of the Mormon mother.

  2. says


    so Weigert is playing her old role of the Mormon Mother (mannequin) and also all the roles Emma Thompson played in the film version (the stage actors having more doubling up than the film actors did)

  3. MikeInSanJose says

    Charlie St. Cloud: I’ve seen the trailers, and all they made me wanna do is stay away. Seems a movie for 12-year-old girls who will be crushed when Efron pulls a Ricky Martin in 15 years.

    Besides being effeminately pretty and (apparently) being a white ‘man'(?) who can dance, what does he bring to the party?

    Judging from what I see in the trailer, the ‘boy’ can’t act…

    Fine, sure, I would love to be 15 or 18 or whatever and have more money than I know what to do with. I’m neither that pretty nor that promiscuous. And all that fame and money didn’t do a great deal for Gary Coleman, Dan Plato, Corey Haim, the McKulkins or dozens of others.

    Oh yeah! I forgot, he knows how to skateboard (or so the magazines would have us believe). That makes up for everything…

    If Zac didn’t put out to get where he is, who did his father fuck?

  4. JQ says

    Please get rid of the popup “Click here to update your status on multiple social networks at once!” that appears with a bounce in the lower left corner of your page. It’s an unneeded annoyance, it makes the site look cheap, and it makes the site less-credible.

    Thank you

  5. Joehio says

    This has been a bad year in movies. Bringing up Inception and Toy Story 3 as possible award contenders just reinforces how very, very weak the comptetition is this year.

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