News: Arizona, Hollister, Constance, Vermont, Lourdes, Pope

Road Phoenix-based gay business group urges national LGBT groups to drop Arizona boycott.

Brady RoadTom Brady looking dreamy at son's christening.

RoadWho knew Jon Secada was a Chippendale's dancer?

RoadPortland police to re-open investigation into massage therapist's allegations that Al Gore groped her: "Consistent with our policy regarding open investigations, the Police Bureau will not be commenting on any additional specifics regarding this case at this time."

RoadKris Allen is "upset" that people saw him shirtless.

RoadFirst iPhone 4 class action suit filed against Apple and AT&T.

RoadFoursquare privacy hole leaks more than a million check-ins.

RoadVermont looks back at civil unions, 10 years later: "When Lois Farnham and Holly Puterbaugh were joined in civil union 10 years ago Thursday, some of their friends didn't come for fear they'd lose their jobs, and the church asked that plainclothes police officers attend the ceremony in case there was trouble.

A decade later, Vermont and four other states – Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Iowa, as well as the District of Columbia – have instituted full marriage for same-sex couples, and the Burlington couple say many people view their relationship as 'ho-hum.'"

RoadChace Crawford appears in court for pot arrest.

ConstanceRoadConstance McMillen to keep making life better for others: "I know I will continue to be an activist because through all of this, I have met a lot of people. I have heard a lot of horror stories so it's really made me realize how important it is to be an activist. Because, you hear some of these stories and you are like, 'how can you not be an activist?' You know, because some of them are really heartbreaking."

RoadFight Back NY wants to know who you want "sent packin'" from the legislature.

RoadUganda's "kill the gays" bill still pending.

RoadFirst look photos: Cher and Christina Aguilera in Burlesque.

HollisterRoadBedbug infestation shuts down Hollister store in Soho.


RoadPope protesters to march in London Pride this weekend.

RoadAmerican Lung Association: gays smoke more. "The study indicates the LGBT population smokes at a higher rate than the general public. Data show that gay, bisexual and transgender men are up to 2.5 times more likely to smoke than heterosexual men. Lesbian, bisexual and transgender women are up to twice as likely to smoke as straight women."

RoadTwilight: The 8-bit videogame.

RoadBritish soap Hollyoaks to feature teen trans man.

RoadDid Chris Brown use eyedrops to create the tears he shed at Michael Jackson tribute?

Lola RoadLourdes welcomes you to her blog: "Helluuur thurrrr, I’m Lola and this is my first blog entry so it’s kind of like ummmm…."

RoadChinese gay man sues Beijing Red Cross over ban on blood donation: "The man, an editor identified by his pen name Wang Zizheng, said he was gay in a health questionnaire filled out when he went to donate blood in early June, and was then told he could not be a donor, the China Daily said."

RoadThe Good Man Projects goes man-to-man with James Franco.

RoadTennessee court sides with lesbian mother: "Tennessee's Court of Appeals has struck down a judge's ruling in a child custody agreement that prevents a woman who now lives in Black Mountain from having her female partner spend the night while her children are in the home. The restriction was not requested by the ex-husband and came despite an evaluation finding no harm to the children."


  1. says

    Ok, the Chris Brown thing is weird. I asked somebody who worked on it if it was real or him feeling sorry for himself and he told me about the eyedrops. I just sort of let it pass like, whatever. Loser!

    On the AZ boycott: Boycotts are meant to make the business class go to the political class and say, “we’re hurting and you’re the cause of it, now stop!” Sorry, that’s how it works. Can you say Birmingham?

  2. Rovex says

    The Apple lawsuit is dumb. Cant they just return the damn thing? Do they feel entitled somehow? Yeah its junk, buy something better instead.
    Leave the suing to Apples competitors, after all Apple are bound to have stolen some IP from someone, thats what they do!

  3. sparks says

    Neat “man-to-man” interview with James Franco. The questions were mostly interesting and well, he’s always fun to watch. I was a little distracted by those cute curls poking out from under his hat, though. ;x

  4. crispy says

    Derek, the ironic thing about the AZ boycott (and I’m not saying I’m against it, I just really appreciate irony) is that the Latino groups and Latino supporters who are boycotting the state are impacting Arizona’s travel and convention industry, which primarily employs, guess who, Latinos.

  5. MIke says

    The whole Apple lawsuit is silly mostly because the consumer hasn’t exercised their right to return the product for a refund. They went straight to the lawsuit which will either be settled (netting lawyers money and the plaintiffs nothing) or thrown out.

    Apple should be sued in a class action suit for their deceptive, irresponsible, and potentially criminal iTunes store service. There are increasing reports of people’s accounts being hacked and then being hit for hundreds or thousands of dollars in predominately Chinese app purchases.

    Apple refuses to refund or investigate the purchases citing some legislation that they aren’t responsible for the sale and purchase and the consumer must dispute the charges with their bank or credit company.

    No mention of why or how the account was hacked and certainly no improvements in their one-click purchasing functionality to protect the consumer. They will gladly take that 70% of each app sale without question and make you spend weeks fighting with them and your bank to resolve the problem.

  6. Rodney W. says

    This bedbug thing is turning into a pandemic. We have them everywhere here in Ohio too … is the EPA, OSHA, or the DHHS doing anything to address this problem?

  7. NotKen says


    I and perhaps some others would appreciate it if you would not link to stories on the blog, Kennethinthe212. Kenneth Walsh has several times written posts that in my opinion reflect that he has a problem with/prejudice against people with disabilities. What’s worse, he doesn’t seem to get it, or care, and he has only begrudgingly a few times made changes the offensive or slur was inexcusable.

    Recently, on a June 22, 2010 post, when writing about Ramin Setoodeh’s new job at Newsweek, Kenneth M. Walsh wrote:

    “Using this logic, shouldn’t I be editor in chief of The New Yorker by now? I’ve only made fun of retards a couple times …”

    For people who have family or friends that have cognitive impairments this sort of thing is highly offensive.

    And Kenneth Walsh seems uninterested in appreciating how hurtful it is.

    Thanks for taking this into consideration, and I hope not to see links to his site as in this news compilation in the future.

  8. buster says

    Tom looks cute. Well, he always looks cute at a minimum. But really, didn’t his Mom ever tell him that, no matter who you are, how cute you are or how much money you make, there are some things (like religious ceremonies) for which you should shave and straighten your tie?

  9. alicia l says

    who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He- is a black man, lol. We met online at an interracial dating site_________ **** B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d (C o m) ***** ______—a nice and free place for singles- black & white, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends. 😉 😉

  10. Phillip says

    Derek, while I 99% of the time love the comments you make on this site, this one kinda bites. Tons of GLBT business owners, Latino business owners, etc…are hurting because of this boycott. There are better ways to get the message across that this immigration law is not the answer. SO please rethink your stance on standing behind the boycott..I know you don’t see it because you don’t live here but just know that there are a lot of people hurting…more then just financially because of the boycott. Arizona is an awesome state..I just moved here and love it. Now we just gotta change the majority’s views on a lot of things. And I say this to you because I know there are a lot of guys out there that listen (or in my case read) what you say.

  11. TANK says

    A boycott is supposed to harm businesses that somehow contribute to policies or institutions that those who boycott disagree with…so if you have a problem with the arizona boycott, I don’t see why you wouldn’t have a problem with the very notion of boycotts or financial protest altogether…

  12. TANK says

    Further, a lot of gay folk in arizona are pretty republican friendly people (as the party is currently constituted)…not the kind I’d care hang around.

  13. stranded says

    I live in Phoenix, and I know that it’s a real struggle for gay and gay-friendly business owners here. I’ve lived here for ten years and there’s never been the kind of unified voice to the gay community that I’ve seen in some other cities, even smaller ones. That makes it even tougher for the dedicated business owners who are trying to reach our people. So I really feel for these business owners.

    But I also support the boycott, along with every other possible measure, because unfortunately I see that as the only thing that has proven to work against what is happening in this state. It’s not just the border issue, our lawmakers are now going after the fourteenth amendment. Their agenda is clear, and it won’t stop there. This is a purely racist movement, meant to cleanse our culture and our society of brown people. Whatever their excuses (illegal immigration IS a serious problem), it’s a smoke screen for ethnic cleansing. I have no options but to stay in this state, but I urge others to boycott it until this ruling is overturned.

  14. Ron says

    I wish the smoking news was a surprise, but it’s not. And it’s depressing to consider how much money from the LGBT community is going to big tobacco–not usually our biggest supporters! One more reason I won’t date smokers–an extra layer of self-destruction.

  15. Rodney W. says

    @Ron & Bill … you guys are right, smoking sucks and working out is the much better alternative. However, one symptom of being a smoker, not disclosed, is clinical depression. Which, if I were to guess, has a higher rate among us gay folks than the general population. Makes getting out and getting started on a healthy regime that much tougher.

  16. Tony says

    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. If you can accept legislation designed to target an unpopular Latino minority, then you should be just as satisfied with accepting legislation designed to attack the gay community.

    LGBT people are doing ourselves no favors by appearing indifferent to the scapegoating of, and discriminatory legislation against, ethnic minority groups.

  17. Jeff Dunivant says

    Stranded, I too live in Arizona for 18 years and I support the boycott and I will not stop fighting until SB-1070 is defeated. I went to the Fox News website and the vitriol is abhorrent, that is the reason I stopped watching Fox; News that is. Those people have nothing good to say about the LGBT community; let them stew in their righteous anger. They want us to disappear, but we’re not going to shut up no matter what they or say!

  18. yaaah69 says

    Arizona is an homophobic state , they give us nothing.And they would take away all mour rights if they could , so boycott , I am actually leaving this burg.

  19. jerry says

    what ? Tom Brady can’t even shave and button his shirt for his son’s christening ?
    and those guys at the Hollister Store, have they ever had a slice of pizza ?

  20. Phillip says

    Yaaah69…so what you are saying is that when people disagree with what you believe in, you just run away? Ok…so I have only lived here in AZ for just over a year– I believe that there is hope for this state. Change takes some time to happen. Sometimes, people have thick skulls and it takes awhile for this change to take place..but if everyone just turns their back and runs away, nothing will ever progress. Now unless you hate the state because you cant stand the hot summers, then I understand. But if someone runs away because the current politics SUCK, then I don’t have any respect for that person.

  21. Phillip says

    oh…and another thing…as for the boycotting of AZ, I STILL believe that those that are FOR boycotting AZ are not actually thinking of all the people that are against 1070 that are being hurt by the boycott. I admit that I am not the most politically-minded person but I DO care about people and I hate seeing what this boycott is doing to many. Surely there is another way to voice opinions?? OR if you think boycotting is the answer, someone needs to set up some fund to assist those who are against the bill and who are financially hurt!

  22. John says

    The point of a boycott is to hurt businesses so that the people affected might then try to change the law. It makes no sense for affected people to ask that there be no boycott.

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