Publicist Howard Bragman Developing ‘Coming Out’ Show

BragmanPublicist Howard Bragman, who many celebrities have hired to assist them in coming out of the closet, is developing a show with A&E based on just that premise, Nikke Finke reports:

"Casting is still in process. Bragman has been working with celebrities coming out of the closet for two decades and recently orchestrated exposure for Meredith Baxter and country singer Chely Wright. Bragman and Baxter were part of a 'Coming Out in Hollywood' panel at Outfest, the gay and lesbian film festival, this past weekend, and Bragman mentioned that if anyone knows a high-profile celebrity coming out of the closet he has a great TV opportunity."

Title of show? Coming Out.


  1. Alex M. says

    Is this the same Howard who makes money representing anti-gay scum like the owners of the San Diego Hyatt? If so, I hope his show is a total failure.

  2. Rick S. says

    Females announcing their lesbians. Yawn. I mean, most straight men expect all women to be bi-curious anyhow. What Bragman does won’t mean a thing until he surprises mainstream America with a the coming out of a popular, macho action-movie leading man. Who brings HIS leading man on the show to hold hands with.

  3. says

    It’s the 21st Century, and who needs this kind of exposure? Way back in 1977, I outed myself nationally, in an United Press International wire photo story… when I created the “ANITA BRYANT’S HUSBAND IS A HOMO SAPIEN!” T-shirt,at a time it was not yet fashionable to be openly gay, even in San Francisco! Now if they brought back The Dating Game, with a gay theme,That would be refreshing, as long as it’s withOUT Jerry Springer as the host!

  4. jomicur says

    Swell. Coming out–the pivotal moment in many gay people’s lives–is now nothing but fodder for tabloid TV. Who would support that kind of bottom-feeding crap?

  5. Tom says

    Yes, this is the same hired gun the San Diego Manchester Grand Hyatt uses to pretty-up its image before the LGBT community. Howard Bragman has no conscience. He’s an egotistical, arrogant, money-obsessed fool who has sold his soul to the devil. Howard Bragman thinks he’s so smart and slick. It’s all about money for this guy, all about money.

    This show should crash and burn.

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