1. NY John says

    Is nothing sacred?

    Couldn’t they make it “THE Y” and put “Young Men’s Christian Association” in small print underneath.

    Also, how will this change affect the Young Men’s Hebrew Association?

  2. Joe from Atlanta, GA says

    Diane Sawyer used a clip from this video on ABC World News Tonight and a very homoerotic picture of men in tight gym clothes from the founding years of the YMCA.

  3. Gus says

    This morning on Fox and Friends: “Is it is all a plot to remove Christianity from every aspect of our public lives?!!!!!!”

    Some wingnut will say it

  4. sparks says

    Anything that removes or reduces the prominence of “Christian” from an organization’s name has my support.

    World would’ve been a much better place without ANY organized religion.

  5. James says

    Being Christian and male are not politically correct in 2010. It’s a shame the organization feels the need to remove these two names. Especially when now more than ever we need organizations that focus on making men better men.

  6. Mike says

    Wrong James. We can see empirically that christianity’s ridiculous beliefs don’t make anyone a better person. In fact it poisons your mind.

  7. John S. Hall says

    “The charitable organization will still be known officially as the YMCA, however.”

    This was from an article in my local paper this morning.

  8. DR says

    Marketing-wise, it will be known as “The Y”, since that’s the way it’s been referred to for years.

    Each branch is still required to refer to itself as “The YMCA of Anywhere, USA” So the one I belong to will still refer to itself as “YMCA of Lancaster, City Branch”.

    Charity-wise, it will still be known as the “YMCA”.

  9. Jerry6 says

    As a young 18 year old Navy seaman fresh out of Boot Camp at “Great Lakes” in 1945, my first leave with a fellow seaman found us in Chicago at the YMCY (pronounced “Yimca”) Hotel for the weekend. My strict Catholic upbringing received its first real test that night, and I have never regretted the fact that I “Failed” that test. My heart will never forget the “Y” for setting me free.

  10. netxtown says

    Ahhhh! The short video of the VP!!

    It all started at my Navy A training in Memphis. I would crank up the stereo with SanFrancisco/Hollywood. Then after I made my way to my permanent duty station is was YMCA. And the last biggie ?? IN THE NAVY!! And with every single tune was scores of US Navy boys dancing their asses off.

    Play it again!!

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