Today Tweets GLAAD: “We Are Listening”

Around 2,500 people e-mailed Today about its exclusion of same-sex couples in its "Modern Day Wedding Contest" and GLAAD is again reaching out to see if the show can be persuaded to change its rules.

Meanwhile, @todayshow Tweeted @glaad "We are listening. A complicated issue." Along with this, the show sent a link to a Mediaite article to offer "some perspective." The article argues that Today would allow same-sex couples to enter if New York State allowed them to wed. Doesn't address the idea of allowing a couple to win and have their actual wedding celebration in New York while getting the license elsewhere.


  1. Steve says

    I find the word “perspective” in that tweet to be condescending and it smacks of CYA.

    The only perspective on equal rights is to let everyone have them. Corporations can lead the way in GLBT equality – they don’t need state laws to support them.

  2. John says

    I agree with the comment that the issue is not at all complicated. As to the license issue, a marriage ceremony has to be performed in the state that issues the license.

  3. Rikard says

    they come to you from NYC. no marrige equality in that state. fix the state law and you can bet they will throw some homos into the mix. imagine the publicity, fundi haters vs sanctimonious homos… today LOVES drama. Lauer sends Tom Cruise a x-mas card every year to thank him for loosing his cool on air and calling him glib.

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