1. Terry says

    I got a kick of how David Pakman was laughing at “Porno Pete” several times during that interview. And to correct just one of the many lies, misconceptions, etc, from Petey…no, sex acts were NOT performed during the Chicago Pride Parade.

  2. says

    Hey this is David, the interviewer. Thanks a ton of posting this here, it brought a ton of traffic! Hope everyone will continue checking out our show this type of interview is a regular thing…

    David Pakman

  3. Joe Consumer says

    I am boycotting Target until they rectify this disturbing situation.

    I have boycotted Best Buy for years because of their culture of f*ck-the-customer sleaze (upselling, selling useless warranties, not responding to complaints, etc.). has tracked Best Buy’s sleaze pretty well.

  4. says

    when asked on the view about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, in typical narcissistic fashion, Obama had to make it all about him saying that he wouldn’t be inviting the hosts to the weddings of Sasha and Malia. I can only hope that there is a God who made one of those girls a lesbian so that one day Obama can know the pain of not being able to take your child’s wedding for granted, as he so glibly did. Maybe then his cowardly, bigoted heart will understand the pain that his lies and homophobia have caused countless thousands of us in our lifetime. For the sake of his children, if one of them does turn out to be gay, I hope that by the time they grow up someone who is a truly progressive president, who believes in equality for all, will have been elected.

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