1. says

    The military is not a democracy. It answers to the commander-in-chief, which Harry Truman (a former military man himself) understood. He issued Executive Order 9981 over the vociferous objections of military brass. Anyone who doesn’t think that Truman’s action disrupted “unit cohesion” for a time is delusional. Regardless, it was the right thing to do.

  2. Ben says

    I agree Hank: President Truman always thought of the country as a whole, putting the doing of what is right above politics and polls. Unlike Kennedy and his “situational ethics”, Truman had to step in to help those who would die for their country, but who were considered less than human by so many of their neighbors. To do anything less, or nothing at all, and he wouldn’t have been true to himself.

  3. Dawson says

    Based on stem cell research, a women right to choice, same sex marriage, oil accountability, immigration issue of non-whites (i.e.–Mexican border vs Canadian border, European immigration vs Asian or Middle East immigration), universal health care, ect. How is the South any different now?

  4. hamp says

    In WWII, soldiers of Japanese descent were also segregated from white soldiers as were those of American Indian descent. I don’t know if the segregated Latino soldiers as well but overall the military was segregated into racial units throughout.

  5. Dino says

    This article should be sent to the Comprehensive Review Working Group, the panel at the Pentagon who composed and put out that ridiculous survey.

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