Accused Vancouver Gay-Basher: ‘I Have Gay Friends And I’m Fine With Them As Long As They Don’t Hit On Me’

Earlier this week, Andy wrote about an attack on a gay man in Vancouver in which "'disturbing comments' were allegedly made about the victim's sexuality," making it yet another likely gay-bashing in Canada's hate crime capital. One of the two men arrested in the assault, Alex Tchernychev, has spoken to CKNW radio. Apparently, the 21-year-old is scared and doesn't want to go to jail.

He's also claiming gay panic. Natch.

CKNW reports:Vanc

"Tchernychev also says the attack is not as it seems,'I have gay friends and I'm fine with them as long as they don't hit on me. I like woman, you know?'"

"He claims he and his friend Aaron Hahn had got off a bus and were walking up the street shirtless at two forty in the morning when a man and his friends approached,'and they were hitting on us. So I said please stop doing that, I don't like that. So they started provoking it.'"

"He says one thing lead to another until he was scratched in the face,'this fight happened. He ended up on the ground and his friends jumped me on top.' He says any gay slurs he used happened after the fight."


  1. Rudiger says

    Is there any geographical pattern to these crimes? Northwest portion of North American continent? Or are they climate related? Lousy summers = hat crimes?

  2. steve says

    Wow – a whole new meaning to “no means no” eh? If I say not and you don’t stop, I have the right to bash your face in…..sounds like he needs a reality check.

  3. John says

    “Alex Tchernychev”

    “Aaron Hahn”

    Yup, these are good old East Indian names.

    (rolls eyes)

    Looks like another case of racists jumping to conclusions about a gay bashing before the police can complete their investigation. But then, what else is new. Anytime there’s homophobia afoot, it must be those blacks, Mexicans, and Asians. Because as we all know, no white person would ever harm a homosexual.

  4. SeriouslySick says

    Hint #1 that this will go nowhere, and nobody will learn anything:Russian Surname

    Bigoted, sure, but YOU spend the time and energy I have working amongst our Eastern Euro/Baltic/Russian communities and you’d be fed up too. Demonstrating anything productive and elevating to people from these cultures is a waste of time. They’ve had their Identities wiped clean then supplanted with the brainwashing fantasism of the world’s lousiest elites at least 6-7 times in the last hundred years, forget about the true scope of their history. Nope, wanna deal with a Russian, you gotta go animal on the fucker. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It’s all about sadistic intuition, passive aggression, bigotry, etc. What do you expect from a people who are the eternal hostage population to whatever strong-man approach comes down the pike? They love every failing minute of their “struggle” for “rights”, unfortunately. If you are going to do social work in these communities, quit now. Seriously, they can’t benefit, it’s just not in them.

  5. says

    Like I said before, there are “jerks” in all cultures.

    Maybe Canada needs to look at itself and what it is doing wrong. I’ve lived in San Fran and visited Toronto, and I clearly felt a weird unwelcomed vibe there. I also heard a ton of stories about how immigration was a mess (i.e. highly educated people immigrating, finding no jobs, resorting to driving cabs and odd work).

  6. jon92027 says

    just a thought when I read these stories, what would happen if everytime a man made an “unwanted advance” on a straight woman, she reacted with this type of violence? the ER’s would be overflowing….

  7. Matt26 says

    I don’t comment what happened, but it as a rule straight men who in one way accept gays usually say “as long as they don’t try hit on me”. Why? Do these guys really think gay men would pay any attention to them and hitting on them? Guys who say this often need to take a critical look to mirror and think are women and gays actually trying to hit on them?

  8. EoinM says

    Seriouslysick is right, the Russians in general are notorious homophobes and racists. Maybe it’s lack of sunlight, maybe its being pschologically beaten down for generations by the KGB, I don’t know but they pass that old world aggression on like no-one else. This guy’s saddo ‘he came onto me’ story reeks of wishy-washy bull. And why do straight homophobic men always assume gay men are going to select them to ‘come onto’. He’s also given a huge clue as to how he’d react if his fictional plethora of ‘gay friends’ came onto him. Gay friends my ass, the only gay friends he’s ever had have been on satellite TV piped in illegally from the Netherlands to the mother country. Horrible homophobic jock moron. Which in Canada will be a slap on the wrist and a peace man sign.

  9. EoinM says

    Should have read: “Horrible homophobic LYING jock moron. Hope he gets what’s coming to him. Which in Canada will be a slap on the wrist and a peace man sign, sadly.”


    Horrible homophobic jock moron. Which in Canada will be a slap on the wrist and a peace man sign.

  10. David in Houston says

    So a gay guy supposedly hits on a straight guy. The straight guy rejected him, and the normal response would be to scratch the straight guy in the face? What a load of crap. That would NEVER happen. Tchernychev is leaving out a lot of information (my guess is he called him a derogatory term); and his story about having gay friends is also bullshit. If you really did have gay friends, having one of them hit on you wouldn’t be a big deal (you would perceive it to be a joke). This guy is flat out lying.

  11. TANK says

    Guess you can get away with that because they’re white, huh seriouslysick? I don’t disagree, but you don’t here calls to give up on, say, somali communities, do you?

  12. TANK says


    Further, you wouldn’t have the balls to say that about anyone who wasn’t two shades whiter than eggshell….gah…social work people are predictably disappointing bots.

  13. Dave says

    Actually in my experience Vancouver’s summers are pretty glorious, as a rule. As close to a perfect summer climate as you can get, really (the rainy winters are another story).

    No, sadly I think the explanation for these crimes has more to do with the huge, unassimilated suburban immigrant populations coming into the city center to have fun, and being shocked by all the gayness and Canada’s openness toward gays. Canada is a country that prides itself on multiculturalism, and NOT forcing immigrants to assimilate/blend in. But they sometimes forget that the flip-side of this lovely policy is that a lot of immigrants bring their pathetic, backwards cultural attitudes toward minorities along with them. Oh, tge irony! Well, no one said multiculturalism was simple or easy I guess!

  14. says

    Can we stop with the russian bashing now?
    You guys should step back and take a look at yourselves.
    You are verbally bashing a minority (russian or east indian) while yourself being a oft-bashed minority (gay). It makes no sense.

  15. qjersey says

    Straight men are so sensitive. They freak out if a man hits on or looks at them, while they cat call, ogle and downright get up in the trunk of women they find attractive.

    I wish women would start bitch slapping men who hit on them. But in the meantime women can post the offenders pics on iHollaback!
    (The organizers of the site are open to people posting anti-gay harassment too!)

  16. nikko says

    Stupid straight men of all walks of life show their true wimpy colours by bashing gay men because they are insecure and threatened. What gay guy would punch a woman who made a pass at him? Ever hear of No thank you?

  17. J_van says

    Could the writer of these articles please stop referring to Vancouver as “Canada’s hate crime capital”? The only reason it was called that in the first place is because it’s the place where the most hate crimes are actually reported to the police. I live in this city and I have never felt unsafe on the streets here. Regardless of what time of the day or night. The gay people in Vancouver have the police force on our side and every report gets taken very seriously. They actually send plain clothes police officers into clubs and bars to make sure these crimes don’t take place. The two men who bashed the gay men on the night of the UFC event are already in custody and the police received an overwhelming amount of tips from the public when they made the crime public.
    These “hate crimes” also don’t just refer to gay hate crimes but all types of hate crimes. Please get your facts straight before you start spreading misleading information about a city that has only gone out of their way to make the streets safe for people of all walks of life. If the city you live in doesn’t get that many reports of hate crimes then maybe the people who live there know that it’s of no use reporting it to the police. Here at least we know the report won’t be moved to the bottom of the pile. It’s gets taken very seriously and acted upon swiftly. Vancouver is the best city in North America, thank you very much.

  18. SeriouslySick says

    Oh Tank, ever the unproductive contrarian, ready with the gun to shoot yourself in the foot.

    “Guess you can get away with that because they’re white, huh seriouslysick? I don’t disagree, but you don’t here calls to give up on, say, somali communities, do you?”

    Quite the contrary, I’ve worked with African Immigrants from various homophobic perspectives who want to assimilate. If I tell an African or Latino homophobe that I am gay, once they stop shaking and praying to jeebus, it is an easy in to demonstrate to them how they now live in a culture where capitol always wins, not people, or families, or children, capitol. It’s usually a simple step (I say usually, that’s because I’ve run across African pastoralists, er, polygamous men, who are in on the religion racket, and therefore criminals running cons, etc.) to then explain why their wives have such a huge advantage over them in the workplace etc. It’s the Americanized women in these communities who benefit in the short rum from aboandoning their familes best interests and exploit them instead. And yes, your conservative analysis that social workers are ineffective “bots” is correct on occasion, but doesn’t do anything to address the disempowerment of men as citizens in all walks of the social strata whether then are gay or straight. Have you ever bailed out a gay Nigerian from an angry mob situation with a job and newfound standing/authority in his community? I am guessing the answer is no. Especially if he already has 3 wives, 1 here, and two at home. You’re all talk, you windy lame. I want to hear your take from a “black” (American) aggrieved position ummm, never, K? Since you have nothing to add for us from any point moving forward. Part of the solution/problem, and all that.

    So where were you last? Oh yeah, making corny announcements about white racism in the gay community, now I remember.

  19. Rudiger says

    Is there no public education system or mass communication system in Canada? Can we excuse these lummoxes, because they purportedly may come from an non-assimilated, thickheaded, suburban Russian-surnamed minority? I say no. Come to Canada, follow Canadian law. Violence is unacceptable, period.

    If they want to throw up some ludicrous self-defense or “gay panic” defense, well I’m assuming Canada has presumption of innocence also. If and when they are convicted, I suggest the harshest penalty possible, but until then…

    And who’s responsible for the outrageous real estate prices in Vancouver?

  20. SeriouslySick says

    Tank = Towleroad’s favorite failure. Can’t even direct his comment to anyone, just the imaginary agreeable audience that lives in his trolling little head.

    Tank, you would fit in better at BlackPlanet proving how the Illuminati are controlling rappers to undermine the black community. Or maybe Salon, where you can troll as a conservative with lots of ad-hominems thrown in for effect. These are just suggestions.

    So, Tank, why don’t you explain what you mean? I mean can you? Outlook:poor.

  21. Amaezm says

    I’m not racist, I have black long as they clean up and cook chicken for me..

    -see what I did there..

    anyone with the I have friends a fucking racist/sexist/bigot . I don’t care who you are or what you do..if you bust that shit’re a bigot.

  22. SeriouslySick says

    @Amazem- I’m not an uptight internet scold, I’m just pretending I have nothing to contribute to any discussion here, and would rather dissuade you from any actual dialogue by doing so.

    See what I did there? Race monitors from all walks of life have a lot at stake when “policing” thoughts, especially when it comes to the actual experience of another. Whenever you bust that shit out, it’s a low life scam.

    Have fun with your apologetics, I’m still trying to figure out how to protect my family in a hostile community where I’ve been made a pariah by trying to mainstream violent minorities. The strategies for attempting a better life appear to really anger the scolds like you in these communities, you see, like churchy folk. (Especially when practiced by a scary white faggot like me), And “revolutionary” people, with their newest conspiracy theories. Any excuse to attack someone and steal their shit is of course the motive, but you know, the “dialogue” between factions is still respected, fuck if I can tell you why.

    Thanks for the “critique” tho, and good luck with the ethnic studies racket, or whatever bullshit you’re into these days. Funny how your analysis of events will ALWAYS emerge as a confoundingly hetero-normative discourse, with of course, heroic “family folks” of the less educated variety justifying their hatred for LGBT’s using a very modern churchy logic. That’s some ancient identity running through brown folks histories right there. Yep, white people buy that “authentic” carny act every time, huh? Don’t despair, you’ve silenced yourself and everyone like you these last few months, since we “white nazi queens” are so bigoted, you’ve chosen to defend the biggest charlatans this country has ever seen. Kudos to you! And BTW, you’re welcome for the identity we forged with our blood sweat and tears for you to share. Again, if you care to contribute…shit, ANYTHING, be my guest.

  23. CK says

    My family is from Ukraine…when these homophobic hate crimes happen in Canada it IS vital to draw attention and focus to the national origin of the basher because there IS a correlation there. Canada as for its grassroots is a very, very, very gay friendly country…Canada is also a country full of immigration and that sometimes is not always a recipe for great things as far as gays. I know I see it. Immigrants coming to Canada have absolutely no desire to acculturate as to what Canadian culture and norms are. This is not the case with all people, but most immigrants, bring with them their own sense of culture and often it’s the bigoted, highly religious, backward part. Trust me, there’s people in my own family who are this.
    What Canada should do indeed is say yes you come here, but accept the way of life here which IS open minded and if you don’t like, you should stay in your country because Canada is about love and acceptance. Period. This issue needs to have dialogue and not be scared by PC police.

  24. Riley Jackson says

    Maybe if Canada actually promoted assimilating for those who wish to move to Canada it would remedy people moving here and demanding we change for them. There’s something to be said for having a theme and identity to your country people know of and accept upon entering it as opposed to saying “anything goes, just come on in!”
    With that comes, well….anything, good, bad and homophobic.

  25. SeriouslySick says

    Tank: the internet panic defense, take your meds? You sound like a women in distress, I bet my masculinity and competitive drive threatens you, eh? We’re gonna have to get a mod to write me up, lol. You have zero moving forward, which is typical for you. Carry on, mrs. thing.

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