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Video: Two-Time Divorcée Protects The Sanctity Of Marriage


After the jump, lame-duck Republican Gov. Linda Lingle's announcement vetoing Hawaii HB 444, in which she claims to be exercising her power because the issue should be decided upon by the voters of Hawaii. While she states her veto has nothing to do with her personal position against "same-gender marriage" (her term) or political considerations, she also takes the opportunity to slam the Democratic-led legislature for forcing her hand.

A farce.

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  1. "Freedom is not a GIFT from Heaven...one must fight for it every day"
    -Simon Wiesenthal
    Holocaust Museum Founder

    How sad in 2010 to see someone so blatently deny equality to those she represents and perhaps even closeted lesbian self. Beyond pathetic.

    Posted by: SFshawn | Jul 7, 2010 1:14:40 PM

  2. Hey Carlton--- while I appreciate your defense, I wonder where it is written that FAG is a derogatory form of expression? You seem to note this as though I should be ashamed to be called a FAG; I am a FAG, I am not ashamed of it, and I don't need to have people gloss it over with politically correct language--which generally only serves to make them feel better about themselves. So call me a FAG, and give this FAG equal rights and protections under the law (or start giving me a special deduction on my sales taxes, property taxes, income taxes, utility taxes, excise taxes.....)

    Posted by: John | Jul 7, 2010 1:24:39 PM

  3. John, you're an idiot and you proved his point. No one takes a chump seriously, especially a weak chump who describes himself as a deogatory term. and they won't take your rights seriously either. and as for having 51% of the public vote...it has not happened in a single state in the country yet, and it probably won't until slurs like fag and that's so gay are not commonly used. as long as they are, gays are just a walking punching bag for most and so is our rights. Great points Carlton!

    Posted by: J.C | Jul 7, 2010 6:40:02 PM

  4. @Carlton (and @observer if you're really a seperate person): you're so far off base that it's obvious you're trolling.

    It's all moot.

    People will continue to use the 'power words' like "N*****" and "F*****" until there is a nice short one/two syllable epithet that sums up: "stupid obese lice-ridden white closed-minded selfish ignorant sheep-minded conservative deadweight hypocritical incestual inbred Neanderthalic redneck"

    "white trash" is about as close as we can get and just doesn't have the same strength.

    Posted by: jexer | Jul 7, 2010 8:30:17 PM

  5. The governor made a good decision. Gays couples often want to adopt children, which is a terrible idea. Do they not know how incredibly painful it will be for their children to be raised by two parents of the same sex? How will a high school football player feel when he has two dads up in the stands cheering for him? Will he not know that this is abnormal? Of course he will know and it will be a great shame to him. Good governor and good decision.

    Posted by: Jason | Jul 7, 2010 11:01:40 PM

  6. I can only assume that "Jason" is trying to get a rise out of us. The facts of the matter are: 1) Lingle is a "down-low" lesbian who has vetoed HB444 in a feeble attempt to increase the opacity of her all-too-crystalline closet; 2) the Xtian extremists in Hawai`i are very powerful and will always be able to steam-roller the placid, flaccid liberal element who have become too accustomed to Democratic rule that now knuckles under to even the most transient of homophobic rallies; 3) the legislature has no intention of reltaliating by calling a special session to override this gross insult to us; 4) don't expect our elected "representatives" to rectify this outrageous injustice anytime soon. Whether or not Neil Abercombie is elected governor, nothing will change because the "lawmakers" who originally voted for HVB444 are now too intimidated by the Bible bigots.

    Laid-back, tolerant, welcoming Hawai`i has always been a myth. Most of the populace is Catholic or Mormon, or some other flavor of bigot. All of them despise gay people, and their attitude extends to the general populace. We will never see equality in any form as long as these religious homophobes command attention from our legislators. Real equality is decades away here in the "Aloha State." Don't expect anything positive for many, many years.

    Posted by: Paul in Honolulu | Jul 8, 2010 4:09:16 AM

  7. I am not trying to get a rise out of anyone. Gay marriage will lead to gay adoption, which is very bad for children. I guarantee you that teenagers are going to have all sorts of psychological and social problems when raised by two parents of the same sex. Think about it. A straight teenage boy is up to bat and his two dads are cheering for him in the stands. That is going to be a killer to this kid's psyche and it will do a lot of damage.

    Posted by: Jason | Jul 8, 2010 7:34:38 AM

  8. @JASON - Come on, Charlie Cooper, you still need evidence and witnesses. Can't just say it's so, but thanks for your "guarantee." We're not buying the hate you're selling.

    Posted by: Sean | Jul 8, 2010 10:51:56 AM

  9. I tried to watch all of this video snip, but I couldn't. That woman is a complete hypocrite and emblematic of the evil that "well-intentioned people" can cause. So, based on her "logic", why don't we just put EVERYTHING up for a vote.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Jul 8, 2010 2:18:24 PM

  10. I <3 Booka.

    Posted by: Rick | Jul 9, 2010 11:39:47 AM

  11. i love it when people say, "they have it from a reliable source that...". UNTIL there is proof from this reliable source, it is all just hearsay.

    i live in hawai'i. i am beyond pissed about this decision by our governor. whether or not she is gay, no one has stepped forward to prove one way or the other. and i, too, have heard, "my reliable sources say..." or "it's a known fact that..." well, where is the proof?

    my basic question to her (if i had the face to face opportunity) is: how can you let a majority decide a minority's basic civil rights by popular vote (as she is suggesting)? THAT is the reason why we elect people who will stand up for us. officials which we think will protect us.

    i, too, am tired of waiting. i understand that sometimes equality is slow to arrive, and that when it does, the bigots will be on the losing side of history. i just want it to happen within my lifetime.

    end of rant. :)

    Posted by: chuck | Jul 10, 2010 1:47:04 PM

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