1. Mike says

    Andy, I love your site, I honestly do, but I’ve never been to a site that is such a bitch to use and view. I use to think it was just my home computer, or my browser. But it doesn’t matter were I am…work, home, bf’s place…Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla…I’m always having to hit reload/refresh or close down and come back in. Nightmare. But I honestly do love your blog.

  2. TANK says

    “TAG, YOU’RE IT!”

    “All aboard the failboat!”

    Shamu is teaching failboat how it’s done.

    Ditto, mike! The site’s not well designed. But, it doesn’t really matter…you know those awful looking gaybars people go to? Crappy looking holes in the wall, but attract huge crowds? Same premise.

  3. unruly says

    @Mike, use adblock and noscript as firefox extensions. Once upon a time, towleroad didn’t need such extreme measures, but the sheer number of scripts (34!) that run on it now bog down most browsers (disable-able with noscript.) Adblock takes care of all the useless flash and popup/sound generating ads.

    I really wish I didn’t have to do it for this website and I’d like to allow it to generate ad revenue but this is the only site with anywhere near this many scripts (including gawker, curbed, aol, facebook, etc sites.)

  4. Tone says

    This is why we shouldn’t fuck up the water with oil and other pollutants. We’ve pissed off the aquatic locals and now nobody is safe what with the whales and giant squid and killer dolphins everywhere.

  5. maverick69 says

    Mike is right. Sometimes I just log off and won’t bother coming back for a number of days. This never use to happen before. Now it’s all the time.

  6. Nathan says

    I agree about this site, it’s become cluttered and laggy. Love this site, but some other sites are higher on my fave list due to ease of use.

  7. john says

    I hate whales, they do shit like this at innocent people and don’t apologize. plus they are bad at land-based activities. they suck and i hope the Japanese kill them all before anyone else has to suffer.

  8. Tone says

    Oh yes! Towleroad should be so much faster and easier BECAUSE WE PAY SO MUCH FOR IT!!!

    Christ people if this is all you have to be upset about think about Marine Cpl. Julio Vargas or Marine Cpl. Paul J. Miller. Both these men died in the service of their country last week. Now stop whining.

  9. scientitian says

    Tone: Towleroad should be faster and less buggy because it needs hits to rake in advertising dollars and stay operating. If the site is buggy or slow and people don’t check in as often, it doesn’t do Andy any good either.

  10. Charlie says

    @Tone..we can’t be upset that Towleroad has so many scripts and ads that the page load time is awful BECAUSE service men are dying? Jesus, you must be a real pleasure to know.

    By your logic, we have no right to get pissed about any annoyance because there’s a war and people are dying. Sorry, but you’re an idiot and one I am glad I don’t know.

    Andy…fix your dang site. Fire blogads and get a real ad server.

  11. Look me up says

    I rarely come to this site because it loads so slowly.

    You may have won awards in 2008 but your site is so cumbersome you won’t be winning any in 2010.

    I’ve commented about this several times and because it has not changed rarely come to this site – interesting that on one of the few occasions I am here the comments address the problematic functioning of this site. So it’s towlerloads problem – not mine –

    Dude hire someone to fix your site. In the end you will make more money

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