1. Nat says

    This is awesome!

    It seems that wherever Sun & Water meet (CA, FL) generates the better moods. It’s nuts how the entire eastern half of the US becomes DEEP red (except FL and maybe some other states)…

    The West… FTW!

  2. MichaelJ says

    From my own experiences in various parts of the US, it does seems to me that people in certain warm weather states like California and Florida do actually enjoy life more than most New Yorkers.
    However, I think the explanation of why California never appeared red and why NY never appeared green in the video is in part cultural. New Yorkers love to complain and probably use Twitter for that purpose, and the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” probably is adhered to less in NY than any other part of the country. In the West and South I’ve noticed a tendency not to acknowlege anything unpleasant (much to my annoyance as a native New Yorker). Californians, particular in the sunny south, seem to be hellbent on being cheerful and… well, sunny, and this probably is expressed in their tweets.

  3. Nicholas says

    Without categorizing or stereotyping, I would imagine those in the midwest (typically conservative or older generations/farming types) don’t often have the same technological expertise as those in newer generations and with liberal ideologies. That being said, I would imagine those who *are* tweeting are liberal minded or young conservatives (both demographics known for being pretty fervent about the environment, both political or environmental) who are pissed off for any number of reasons.

  4. Steve in DE says

    Delaware shows up so happy because we only discovered Twitter the day before yesterday, so we’re always tweeting about what a great thing Twitter is!

  5. GOD says

    California is not happier. If you shifted the West coast line to the left to account for the three hour difference (note both graphs are in EST) they would nearly overlap.

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