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Watch: Bill O'Reilly Slams Obama for Perpetuating DADT 'Nonsense'


On last night's Tonight Show, FOX News host Bill O'Reilly and Jay Leno discussed the Dan Choi discharge. O'Reilly attacked Obama for perpetuating the discrimination.

"President Obama has the power to stop this 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' business. Just sign an executive order. So I don't know why it's taking so long....It's not fair. We should stop this nonsense."

Of course Leno can't help but sneakily inject an anal sex gag into the exchange.


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  1. Has the world gone mad? Every time Bill mentions "the Gays" on his show, he can barely hide his he's suddenly an advocate? Please. Using this as an issue to slam the President for seeming "not progressive enough" when Republicans have done exactly nothing regarding the issue of DADT, except reinforce the need for the height of duplicity.

    Posted by: g_whiz | Jul 27, 2010 5:31:48 PM

  2. Billo is not a complete idiot- some of his ideas actually make sense.

    Posted by: jaragon | Jul 27, 2010 5:36:31 PM

  3. So HOW does someone like Obama avoid being an easy target for pigs like Bill: by STOPPING THE BULLSHIT.

    O'Reilly's evil motivation DOES not exonerate Obama!

    And will the willfully retarded or the Obama Cockroaches who keep saying he CAN'T stop discharges with the stroke of a pen stop drooling nonsense or simply LYING.

    He CAN override ANY law per ANOTHER LAW...10 USC 12305...that gives the President power to do just that to stop ANY discharge in the name of national security.

    So pull your heads out of the clouds....or Obama's ass....whichever the case may be.....and just stop it.

    Posted by: Michael @ | Jul 27, 2010 5:52:25 PM

  4. Michael. That's still only a temp fix...

    Posted by: jakeinlove | Jul 27, 2010 6:03:08 PM

  5. Personally I don't like the "executive order" approach to stopping DADT.

    Easy come, easy go. If ended with a stroke of a pen, the next president could just as easily re-instate DADT or worse just as easily.

    A glacial pace towards equal rights is disappointing... but still significantly better than what we had over the previous 8 years.

    Posted by: jexer | Jul 28, 2010 2:01:59 PM

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