1. ravewulf says

    That was super brave of him. I mean, 3 weeks after figuring it out himself, 1 week after telling his mom, that’s unheard of! Big props to him!

    Hmm, I’m only a year and a half older than him, and he’s super cute :)

  2. TampaZeke says

    It’s great to see more and more artists coming out at the beginning of their careers instead of at the end or after they’re all washed up.

  3. sparks says

    Hopefully David Archuleta will be inspired by this.

    To be fair, Joe didn’t grow up in an anti-gay mormon environment, but then, David seems to be way more enlightened than most other people from religious backgrounds.

  4. Paul R says

    I’m glad for him and happy that he’s being honest with himself and the world, so I don’t mean to sound negative. But I always find it impossible to believe that someone only “discovers” they’re gay when they’re 19 (or 30, 40, or 50). Unless you’ve batted down your repression so deeply throughout puberty and beyond, it’s simply unimaginable to me. And in those cases religion is almost always to blame, followed by (or combined with) a hateful family and fair weather friends.

    But I always get shit from friends for insisting that people come out early (non-celebs, obviously), so I guess I’m just a demanding jerk. Again, kudos to him for coming out at an early stage in his career. I’m sure George Michael has been calling him nonstop with offers of more intimate “duets.”

  5. TANK says

    That’s refreshing honesty and integrity. Adam Lambert really did a lot for aspiring singers/performers. But I really hope he did it for himself and only himself, because you don’t owe it to the community to come out as a celebrity given the sacrifice you will have to make (a lot moreso in acting than music). Yeah, Rupert Everett’s said some nasty things and is bitter, but arguably his bitterness is justified by the fact that his career was negatively impacted by his coming out.

  6. Drew says

    “…but insisted the reason was he didn’t know himself until recently.” READ: “It seems to work ok for Adam Lambert, so why not me too?”

    @ Sparks: I’d bet my gayety that David Archuleta is straight. He’s just retarded-level shy, nothing more.

  7. nic says

    oh gawd, i knew he was gay from the get go. his beautiful face and voice and his demeanor. all sorts of good on you, boy. welcome to the warm and cleansing sunshine.

  8. Marc says

    I’m happy to read so many supportive comments. I think most of us can speak from experience in saying that the coming out process is probably one of the most confusing and complicated processes a person can go through. Maybe it’s not possible to “not know” truly, but considering it took me until I was nearly 22 to state what may have been obvious for years, I totally get the feeling of not saying it until you’re sure you’re ready. Congrats to him and kudos on doing it so early in his career. We need more of these.

  9. john says

    Geez George’s love child or what.That still shot certainly looks like what could have been.As for Mr Everett’s he’s had a pretty good career i would have thought.Another Country came out in 82/83 & he is still a sort after actor,so to say his coming out harmed his career is rather odd.

  10. Kyle says

    Joe is very Talented and of course way Cute !!
    Ironically he sang with a Gay Icon, George Michael and his audition song was “Dance with My Father” by Gay Icon, Luther Vandross.
    David Archuletta can”t come out as GAY even though he is,because he is a Mormon and his family and church would disown him so he must remain in the closet like some many Mormon missionaries do.

  11. Rovex says

    Great for him, although this ranks as ‘The sky is blue’ and ‘water is wet’ as shocking news of the day.

    As someone who knew they were gay at the age of 11 i dont get how it can be discovered suddenly in the late teens. Whos he been fapping over for the best part of the last decade? Discovering you are bi is one thing, but wholeheartedly gay? Seems odd. He is either extremely sexually repressed (never masturbated) or utterly deluded (jerking to gay porn doesnt make you gay).

  12. sparks says

    “I’d bet my gayety that David Archuleta is straight. He’s just retarded-level shy, nothing more.”

    @DREW: David Archuleta may come off as a bit shy, but really that’s just the “aw shucks” demeanor. He’s a sweet, humble guy. But shy? I’ve NEVER known another celebrity to stay directly in touch with fans and the public as David has with blogs, vlogs, on twitter, and public appearances. And lets not forget, he’s been performing since he was a kid. He seems very comfortable in the spotlight.

  13. Craigo says


    I guess you are right, Joe didn’t grow up in a Mormon environment – I don’t remember there ever being a Mormon presence in South Shields (Joe’s hometown – and also my own, hence the insider knowledge) BUT… I can assure you that South Shields is a town which isn’t exactly full of pro-gay support either. It’s a small seaside town with a small-town mentality.

    For me, I think the nicest angle of the whole Joe coming out thing is that there is a slim chance that it may encourage some more residents of the town to be a bit more accepting of us all.

  14. Fulton says

    “I wasn’t attracted to anyone anyway, male or female. It never really entered my head I was gay.”
    I felt the same exact way until I was twenty-two. There were some signs…I wrote my senior paper on Kinsey and it was pretty obvious to some of my observant friends…but I was so deep in the closet, I considered myself asexual.
    Then, I kissed a boy and the stubble changed everything.
    Self-awareness comes at its own time. Do not begrudge us who come out late. Celebrate that we do.

  15. Clint says

    When you grow up in a small town, sometimes Gay seems so Other that you just can’t assent to it, and it doesn’t even cross your mind that what you’re feeling towards some “best friends” is something in addition to friendly love. It usually takes something like this to remove you from your situation and give you other perspectives on homosexuality, along with a first and second time sexual experience, to really understand what’s going on. You may not realize why all those girl-dates weren’t disasters but weren’t fireworks either, or what all the big deal is about sex and romance, etc. But, sorry to be crude, you get that first dick in your mouth, and that man-touch on your starved body, and upon further introspection it begins to dawn upon you what’s going on, and that Gay doesn’t have to be Other, but is in fact You as well. Maybe you go through some stages of grief, but hopefully you make it through them all, and then begin to tell others.
    Many blessings to this super-cutie, I didn’t know I was gay until I was 19 either, and may his catch-up “slut phase” be fun and safe!

  16. Commenter says

    This is funny. I had never heard of the kid until seeing him mentioned here, and my first reaction was, “Looks like Donny Osmond.” Lo and behold, he’s a Mormon! What, do they all come out of the same injection molding factory that produces their temples?

  17. rascal says

    David Archuleta was by all accounts not a natural when it came to interviews and the press during his Idol days, and sometimes came off as slightly dim-witted. But that has changed rather drastically in the past two years.

    David is not, in fact, retarded-level anything. He is actually an incredibly bright guy who, at age 19, has already taken over much of the business management of his own career (he released his father from his management team about six months ago).

    As for his sexuality, well, it’s pure speculation at this point. He is deeply religious, and having an LDS upbringing is likely to create massive issues for anyone with anything other than the most heterosexual, marriage-minded orientation.

  18. FilmTurtle says

    I’m glad Joe came out now and is finding some peace, but I feel for him, too. He’s doing this in the full glare of the spotlight. I almost wish he would have given himself some time to settle with it privately before rushing to the press.

    As for Archuleta, I don’t follow his career. But during the whole “Idol” thing he just struck me as a typical showbiz kid, like a child beauty queen, groomed from birth to be in the spotlight. Sure he’s comfortable onstage, so was a young Michael Jackson. He knows how to deal with the press and he’s got his shtick down because he doesn’t do anything else that “normal” kids do. That’s his programming. I’m curious to see what happens after he ages out of the teen-idol phase.

  19. TampaZeke says


    Could NOT have said it better myself!

    Your explanation describes my coming out experience to a “T”.

    When you grow up in rural Mississippi, especially when I did, the ONLY representations of gay people you get all negative and very frightening. You realize that you are attracted to males but you don’t associate it with all of the horrific things that you were taught “gay” is.

  20. Dee Jay says

    I was also 19 before I realized I was gay. It would have been longer if my stepbrother and a friend hadn’t come out to me first. After that, it started me thinking who was I attracted to. But of course years later I can look back & see I was different my entire life. Kids today at least have more role models and exposure than I did waaaay back then.

  21. says

    I’m not a fan of X Factor, and the reason is that I haven’t forgiven the producers for effectively killing Pop Idol without exploring options of sustaining it beyond two seasons, while letting other Idol shows run rampant. That’s why I haven’t been a fan of the likes of Leona Lewis or Alexandra Burke. Nor will I likely be a fan of the American version due to air next year. Part of me feels bad for the original Pop Idol, Will Young, because to an extent, he made it possible for them and countless others to have their moments in the sun, but he doesn’t get any credit or respect.

    Off my soapbox now. Good for Joe McElderry.

  22. jackie says

    There goes your career in a trash can. Kids try to identify who they are when puberty starts. He is one confused kid, still. X-factor was a joke in his season, and there is not a high chance he will be a successful artist with the weak vocal. It will be interesting to see how much Simon Cowell spends money on him. Prob. not as much as Simon Fuller has wasted money on Lambert b/c Joe is not scandalous and just a kid. Lambert is a fame whore who is good at keeping his name in gossips.

  23. TinaDK says

    I think Joe is really brave coming out that early in his musiclife, and may I say, I’m sure David Archuleta is gay too, but he can’t get out of the closet, because of the mormonthing, what a shame :((((( Now I know a lot of American people will be mad at me, but I think David is amazing, I saw and meet him in Oxford last year :)))))) And Joe is amazing too, I will love to hear him live :))))) super coming out….

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