1. JoeyB says

    I must be in a great mood today – because “i would poop my pants” guy totally cracked me up for about 2 minutes. nice work. those sharks are SCARY.

  2. says

    Awesome footage. Yes, Great Whites are large and powerful apex predators, but they are also beautiful and endangered animals that are worthy of our respect, awe and protection more than our fear. Only 70-80 people are killed annually by sharks worldwide- tens of thousands of sharks, on the other hand, are killed worldwide by people.Great Whites and their kin have a lot more to fear from us than we do of them, in the long run.

  3. jamal49 says

    @CAMMIE NOVARA Please go fuck yourself.

    As for the surfer, I think he is incredibly lucky that either one of the sharks didn’t decide to take a chunk out of him. I do admire his courage to go back out there the day after his first sightings. This video made my heart race just a little bit. Nerve-racking!

  4. mnrocko says

    @ Chris….men esp. str8 men always think things are bigger then they are!! ie; massive!!

    However…I would not be anywhere close to those suckers!!

  5. Mark says

    I’ve seen enough shark shows to know that surfers on boards have the outline that is similar to seals to stupid sharks. These sharks were just smarter once they got a good look. It’s also why one is more likely to be attacked either at dawn or dusk when the visibility is less, not in the middle of the day.

  6. Philippe Landman says

    More people in the world are bitten by New Yorkers every year than sharks. 81% of victims attacked by sharks suffered only minor injuries. However, 120 millions sharks are killed every year for shark’s fin soup, which is a tasteless thing (chicken stock needs to be added to it) and only the fin is used. The rest is thrown away.

    Courtesy of Stephen Fry’s QI

  7. AJ says

    I would have been terrified, but this just proves they aren’t the vicious wanton bloodthirsty killers we usually think they are. Not even a nibble of the surfer. TWICE

  8. wilburinla says

    Nothing focuses your attention like a great white. This I know from experience. A buddy and I were scuba diving off the coast of Monterey, California a few years ago and we ran into a great white who swam around us for a few minutes and then disappeared. Needless to say we worked our way back to shore and decided to call it a day. I respect their place in nature as an apex predator and they are beautiful to watch, but as I am prone to say when I dive off the California coast, “it only takes one great white to ruin a perfectly good day.”

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  10. TheNiebur says

    lmao @ Crispy!

    (What’s up with these trolls postings links for shit no one cares about? And it’s actually doing the opposite of what they want; It makes us NOT wanting to go there! Morons…)

    Oh well, have a great day all. No, most 😉

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