Belgrade Man Attacks German Tourists Because They Looked Gay

Kristijan Živanović, a Belgrademan, was arrested and has confessed after attacking two German tourists in a Serbian resort town, Blic reports:

Zivanovic "A man who attacked two German citizens with a knife and robbed them said he thought they were 'members of the gay population'.

Kristijan Živanović was arrested in his home in Belgrade and has confessed to the attack, Belgrade daily Blic writes.

However, Živanović told the police that although he took his victim's gold chains, cell phones and money, he attacked them irritated that they were 'hugging and kissing on the promenade'.

18-year-old Dominik Miller was seriously wounded, while his compatriot, who is a minor, was lightly injured in the early hours of Thursday on Belgrade's Ada Ciganlija river resort.

Miller's condition has in the meantime fully stabilized, and he is recovering, his doctors said."


  1. Lars says

    While the Serb people can be warm and wonderful, and some of the guys REALLY good-looking, Serbian culture is not gay-friendly. Asks any Serb with whom you may be acquainted, it’s a macho culture.
    I used to work with a Serbian guy (hunk) and he was totally cool with gay guys (and me) but when I asked him about gays in Serbia he remarked “we don’t have gays in Serbia, we kill them.”

  2. Roman Bolliger, Switzerland says

    This Serbian asshole is not even worth a fuck. Unfortunately Serbia is one of those Eastern European countries home of a lot of such uncivilised idiots thinking it is legitimate to beat up people, even simply for just the way they look. The huge majority of Serbian politicians, of course elected by a majority of people, and the Serbian Orthodox Church are responsible for the lack of future of this country stuck in a retrograde macho culture.

  3. Lexxvsl says

    Serbia, the last Nazi refuge. I don’t get how gays can choose that country for vacation. Ignorance comes with a price. Not that something like that couldn’t happen anywhere else, but I guess that the attacker will be seen with sympathy by the population.

  4. shannon says

    AGAIN…YOU ARE BEING FAG BASHED…AND ALL YOU GUYS CAN SAY IS THEY ARE “HOT”??? This is why you will be a perpetual victim! ALWAYS thinking with your crotch….you are the predator that straights say you are….SAD…

  5. EM says

    Erm Shannon, not one comment has said they think this man is hot and the comment above your’s is being sarcastic. Are you ill, child? Do you need a doctor? Gay men are the ‘predators straights say they are’? You get all that just from half a dozen comments saying they hate this attacker?

    You’re just weird girl, go away and take your huge chip back to iVilllage or rethug log cabin number six six six or wherever you sprung from.

  6. misha says

    as a Belgrad (we call it Beograd) native, I can see the two sides of the story… one, there is no excuse for a violent assault and two, tourists often mistake the fact that Serbs men kiss each other and hold hands in public – but this has nothing to do with PDA

    and for those of you who ravell in Serb-macho-bashing I give you one more: most of the lads I’ve been with, even after we did the deed, ask me if I’m gay and even my ex told me that when he came on to me the first time he expected me giving him a good smack in response (but then again, he’s US-American)

    maybe this is why there are no gays in Serbia (or Croatia) – or it seems like we ALL live up to our expected/projected stereotypes

    by the way: during the Gay Games in Cologne/Germany there have been serveral attacks on gay participants – so much to, what else would you expect in a country with a gay Foreign Secretary

  7. ratbastard says

    There are a lot of Russians, Ukranians, and other Eastern European immigrants where I live (Massachusetts) and they’re HYPER aggressive. They remind me of Israelis.

  8. TANK says

    “Cocksucking pussymouth on that dude, if you ask me.”

    ROTFLMAO! And yes, he does look like a muppet…one of those double take ugly guys.

    Eastern europeans and russians come in two varieties. The kind you can purchase, and the kind you can kill or make fear you through the threat of extreme, brutal violence. They only understand violence and money. The only response that this man should have received was a hammer to the skull.

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