1. Greg says

    I am unable to view the excerpt, but the quote from Pitt strikes me as foolish, and I’m disappointed in him. This disaster arose from a complicated situation with more than one firm implicated by its negligence and greed. Executing a BP exec, however clay-footed their handling of the aftermath was, wouldn’t redress a single problem. If BP is to be punished, then being forbidden to trade in the US would be a more effective and pertinent method. BP is a huge company and any of its executives can be replaced without the company feeling agony, but cut off a huge part of its trade and you get its attention.

  2. Tone says

    Honey you’re no Sean Penn. Now could you come over here for a bit and butch it up for the cameras? It will only take a minute and then you can get back to your mirror.

  3. Bo says

    David Ehrensten, sounds like you’re easily duped by publicist-manipulated media gestures designed to increase one’s box office draw to add more money to one’s bank account. Real humanitarians do their work off camera and without calling attention to themselves. Narcissists who like to pass themselves off as humanitarians always wait until there’s a camera on hand to make sure we see all their “good works.”

    So who’s the moron?

  4. says

    Brad Pitt has done a lot for the city of New Orleans, and actually, the media doesn’t pay that much attention to it – the media doesn’t pay much attention to the problems of New Orleans AT ALL – so I’m not sure what some of you people are talking about.

    Would you be happier if actors who were famous just did coke all day in the privacy of their own homes, rather than give their time and money to worthy causes? Why shouldn’t Mr. Pitt talk about New Orleans, mugging for the camera, when very few others are? I’m sure the families who are living in the homes he built don’t mind.

  5. Guill66 says

    @ Tony – you must have not read the ‘AMERICAN’ part in the sentence you quote. Bhopal was not an American tragedy, and had little effect on the environment compared to the spill. Now if we were talking about the cost of human lives from a single tragedy, Bhopal would then win hands down.

  6. Reality Bites says

    The criminal acts against humanity of BP go much farther back than this. Read “All the Shahs Men” >also to condemn pitt for pimping for the camera to get info out is absurd

    1- he and angelina openly admit they know why the cameras follow them = they r pretty , and they will force them to report on issues they dont normally report on

    2- BP is hiring american actors and taking out commercials and newspaper ads portraying said actors as if they were BP execs. Burly all american mixed race (generic)actors dressed in jeans…. going on about how BP cares when in fact BP is a bunch of effete elite britt accented business suit wearing execs who dont give 2 cents about the issue except how it affects their bottom line

  7. EM says

    Reality Bites, the USA politicos have been hiring ACTORS for years to dupe courts. Actors were hired to say babies had been murdered and gassed in Kuwait by the Iraqis which NEVER happened.

    And don’t you start all this ‘British Petroleum’ nonsense. BP is Beyond Petroleum and it is Anglo-American, every bit as American as British and is now more multinational than one identity.

    The criminal acts of the US goverments go back to the dawn of time as well, Bhopal and the shooting down of the jet in which over 300 died. Oh and not to mention 9/11. Anyone that think a dishevelled badly-trained bunch of randoms got hold of some planes and just flew them into buildings needs their head read.

    The BP oil spill was an accident, and one nobody could have been proud or happy about. No ones a winner here.

  8. Kim says

    The Jolie Pitt Foundation donated 5 million to Make It Right.According to my cousin BP has been down there about 15 times meeting with the people in the 9th ward in the last 3 years. For most of those visits there was no media around. This excerpt is from the Spike Lee doc so Spike thrives on controversy and being provocative. I will wait for the entire 4 min interview and not a soundbite

  9. Damien says

    It’s justified that Brad Pitt and the rest of us are extremely upset over the spill. But I think it’s time the discussion moves past how pissed off we are and move on to how do we (eventually) become less dependent on oil so it doesn’t happen again.

    Because unless we do something about our oil addiction, sadly it probably will happen again. It’ s just a matter of time.

  10. Joe says

    @Damien, exactly. The oil spill was a big problem, but I don’t think enough people have connected our dependence on oil to this spill and have only used BP as a scapegoat.

    I think environmentalist and thinkers should have been screaming everywhere why we need to move away from an oil based economy after the BP spill rather than demonizing BP. Hating BP only makes us look past the real issue and lets the other oil companies win.

  11. John says

    Brad Pitt is a well-meaning man who has contributed a great deal to a great many less fortunate than he, but his comment about considering the death penalty for BP executives is as stupid as his and Angelina’s statement that they would get married when “everyone is able to get married.” They did not, however, decide to stop eating until everyone else in the world has something to eat.

  12. Randy Taylor says

    Tony: Bhopal’s not in America. It was a catastrophe and it was Union Carbide’s fault, but I don’t get your point.

    BTW, those Union Carbide cases are just now going to trial.

  13. ratbastard says

    I repeatedly see people (especially British) bring up Bhopal; why? Do they think most Americans think Union Carbine are swell guys? And why do many Brits think being angry with BP is anti-British and a direct insult to British people? I don’t get it, I thought only Americans were super sensitive and nationalistic? As an American, I was and am disgusted with AIG (AMERICAN International Group) and their bailout and behavior before and since the bailout. I would not be personally insulted by non-Americans referring to AIG as American International Group or pointing out when appropriate that they’re an American based multinational. As for Bhopal, that was for the Indians to decide. I certainly would not have been insulted as an American if the Indians crucified Union Carbine…they deserved it, along with of course Indian government officials and regulations. Ditto BP and American government officials, agencies, and lax regulations.

    Pitt is an ass. I think corporate executives have gotten and do get away with murder (sometimes literally) but his comment is still goofy.

  14. Cory says

    Damien, THANK YOU. I was getting so upset over some of the uninformed comments about BP and Brad Pitt, there’s a lot people do not know. I volunteered with my friend Mitch (a film maker/documentary film maker with National Geographic) to help clean up some of the beaches. The gov’t wouldn’t let him or any of the media see anything up close (and not because it was dangerous).

    What we did see that the media is not covering, brought all of us to tears, including a $200+ lbs “jock”. It’s awful.

    Also, the government has 60% of their oil contracted through BP, no surprise there, and with all the emails that came from BP exec’s about “not worrying’ and “just get the oil out fast.” Not to mention that fact that HALIBURTON, of all companies, one of BP’s subcontractors warned them to use more “mud” in the pipes to slow down the oil flow or else this might happen. Well, BP specifically stated NO as they wanted it out faster, and bam, there you have it.

    This was NOT a fluke, BP knew very well what they were doing, and they DO NOT CARE. They could have plugged it up for good but truly delayed as they did not want to let go of the oil, even with all the money they have and are losing, the oil they could have gotten from that well would have made up for it.

    They killed thousands of animals, destroyed the marshes in New Orleans that house thousands of species of flora and animals, and the marshes keep erosion at bay. The damage will be felt for decades, maybe longer.

    WE NEED TO GET AWAY FROM OIL. Say to to plastic, use cloth bags for shopping, buy glass and aluminum and recycle, drive less, and INSIST THAT OUR GOV’T HELP TOYOTA, HONDA and GM produce more hydrogen fueled cars. They have them in California and thanks to then Sen Clinton GM is producing hydrogen fueled vehicles for the Army, while RIT has been given multi-milltion dollar grants to research mass production of hydrogen vehicles. With only water vapor and clean water as a by product, it’s the ONLY way to go.

    Volunteer, write your local and federal assembly men, ACT.

  15. Tony Konrath says


    The company was an Indian branch of an American company. Just because it didn’t happen here doesn’t make it none of out business.

    Have you considered the effect on wildlife, plants etc?

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