1. CD in DC says

    still not over Robbie promising to show it all at Elton’s 60 in 07 then skipping it for rehab and now married to a woman? Tease us all you want but you’re not one of us or are you? I can’t keep up, pick a side, Rob.

  2. says

    Although Gary Barlow is a good songwriter and (supposedly) Britain’s best songwriter, he remains a conservative and continues to promote the conservative party in Britain. He is married and has three children for those with a curiosity into his background. He’s not a dumb man and teaming up with Williams for a “Brokeback” themed song smacks of pandering to the gay community. The guy doesn’t support gay anything.

  3. BreckRoy says

    “Pick a side?” Haha, maybe he just did. Not sure if Rob was fully bi or just really, really curious, but I’m happy he’s exorcised his demons and found true love. It’s hard enough to find and whether it’s with a woman or man, I’m happy for him. And yeah, getting help for his addiction over showing his junk…well, I’m sad, but not too sad ;-). Good for him in all cases. I’m glad he got his sh*t together. And I’m grateful for all the support he’s shown the gay community while he was doing so (including funding a suicide hotline for gay teens).

  4. BreckRoy says

    And though I hope this was clear, I’ve been flamed on here enough to point out, I clearly mean his alcoholism, drug abuse, and self-destructive patterns (everything from eating to sex) when I say “exorcised his demons.” I do not, of course, mean his (presumed) bisexuality, regardless of where it fell on the Kinsey scale.

  5. Tone says

    It’s really good to see Robbie Williams getting *any* press on a ostensibly “American” board. He’s such a huge talent and such a star in the rest of the world. It is also good to see he and Gary have buried the hatchet and the bitterness left over from TT days.

    I saw Robbie perform over ten years ago at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. The moment he stepped out on stage to the strains of “Let Me Entertain You” I was sure he’d become huge here. Alas that didn’t happen. Fortunately the rest of the world adores his music and keeps his fans on this side of the pond supplied with his brand of magic.

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