Glee’s Kurt Hummel to Date Star Quarterback


Jane Lynch basically confirmed that, as suspected, Chord Overstreet has been cast as Kurt Hummel's boyfriend on Glee.

Marc Malkin reports:

"They've cast him already," Jane Lynch told us last night at the Audi and Chopard Emmy party when we asked about Kurt's much-anticpiated love interest. "He becomes the new star quarterback and he's going to be Kurt's boyfriend."

While Lynch said she couldn't remember the name of the actor who is playing Kurt's beau, she described the lucky guy as "a good looking kid."

"He's tall, boyish with straight blonde hair and big fat, pouty lips," she said.


  1. Rob says

    I’m just hoping Chord’s character will be willing to stand up to the rest of the football team and whomever. Maybe it’ll take Kurt to teach him how even?

  2. me says

    is chord gay in real life as chris is? that would be great if this is an opportunity to cast the few out actors.

  3. Billy says

    Considering he’s a football player and the writers write the show like a 12-year old in 1986 would, I’m guessing he’ll be closeted. But it might be interesting if he stayed that way. I don’t need to see another heavy-handed coming out story.

  4. jack says

    guy, do a little research, eh? chord overstreet is one of several children of country music singer and writer paul overstreet. if he is gay, he certainly is not out at this time.

    as i understand the scuttlebutt for the character, he is supposed to be comfortably out to start with, defying convention, but that remains to be seen.

  5. sparks says

    Chord has the face of an angel.

    Maybe having a boyfriend will allow Kurt’s character to be a little less snippy.

  6. SONNIE says

    @ ME I love this site, I am gay, but why do you hope that actor is gay in “real-life”? So the commenting, piss elegant, judgmental BITCHES on this site can disect him and tear him apart? Even if he is gay, he is in for it on this site. If he supports us, he will still find severe critics here. Not with me though.

  7. me says

    @sonnie, because it’s been well-documented that gay (out) actors have a hard time getting roles. and because the millions of closeted tweens out there might not realize that gay people can be football players, etc. if the actor is straight in real life it will be a confirmation of the thought that gay = chris colfer, insted of gay = diversity just like any other group.

  8. Ugh says

    Annoying, simply because its pandering is so obvious. “And now the out girly gay character is dating the CAPTAIN OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM!!! Because of course, wasn’t that your DREAM FANTASTY when YOU were the girly gay guy in high school?”

    Um, no. And it wasn’t for a lot of guys I know. And as MarkInDC said, it would never fucking happen. Annoying. Ugh.

    Glee was never a good show, but at least it used to be enjoyable. You know, back when they would actually pay to license some decent music and it wasn’t so obsessed with being Ryan Murphy’s gay wet dream and worshipping all of his idols with tribute shows. The finale was mostly satisfying but most of the episodes leading up to Regionals were a chore. It has another season at most before the gays (and surely, Lea Michele) abandon it.

  9. SONNIE says

    @ ME, Well said, I see your point. Unlike the average JOE BLOW who can’t distinguish between reality and ficticious characters, actors should know that, because you play a gay character, does not need to scare the hell out of you. I am an actor, so I know this. Theatre, not Hollywierd. I could play a football player, or a whatever. (Don’t want to step on any toes.) Oh well, i’m done with this.

  10. Philip Wester says

    Ryan has already revealed that Sam is going to be openly gay. They’ll be the new power couple of WMHS and prom kings and kings.

  11. JAMES in Toronto says

    Oh, PLEASE YES! Let it be so! I was hoping for him to be the casting.

    My secret crush in highschool was a member of the wrestling team, who looked somewhat like Hugh Jackman, and at whom I could barely manage to stutter intelligibly.

    Now they have my full attention.

  12. bobbyjoe says

    “Yeah. Cuz that would happen.”

    Right, because “Glee” and pretty much every other musical ever made are all about the hardcore realism.

  13. RDUB says

    Whatever. I hooked up with the captain of the football team. Were we out then, no. Was it effing hot, yes. These hook-ups are happening all around the country, let’s see how it plays out in Hollywood…

  14. JAMES in Toronto says

    @RDUB: “let’s see how it plays out in Hollywood…”

    Maybe for once a “happy” gay love story? There’s not a lot of ’em out there.

  15. SKOC211 says

    I loved loved loved Glee during the first part of last season. The second half just wasn’t the same, it was all gimmicks and pandering to the audience. The strongest points of the show have always been when it tried to be at least somewhat realistic – mostly with Kurt’s character. But near the end of the season it just started to feel way to Lifetime movie of the week.

    As a somewhat closeted Kurt-like character in high school I would have loved to have hooked-up with the hot quarterback, but it would never have happened in the small town America that I was from. Actually the only thing that really bothers me about the show is how the kids are instantly and flawlessly able to perform all their routines. I was in show choir all throughout high school and we were state champions and we worked our fucking asses off. I know, I know it’s a tv show and musical tv show, no less, but it feels all too American Idol snap of the fingers with no hard work.

  16. ProfessorVP says

    Question: Doesn’t the straight audience hope the actor playing the straight role is straight in real life? Or just ASSUME the actor is straight in real life? And that doesn’t make the person in the audience a jealous bitch indulging in wishful thinking?

  17. Drew says

    Pass. I abandoned Glee midway through the first half of the season because I can’t stand the camp over the top qualities of all the characters of the show (and the writing felt kinda lazy). I really do hope this character isn’t a rehash of a coming out story (though I get the idea that audiences should see several versions). Couldn’t they come up with something more original though than the Quarterback of the football team?

    I honestly am much more interested in Artie and Tina, underdeveloped talents on the show.

  18. Ian says

    YAWN, this story is already being done, and almost finished up, with Riley & Zane on Degrassi. So not only are GLEE’s characters as flat as cardboard, now the writers are stealing from Degrassi. GLEE just sucks & the people who watch it prefer to be brain dead while in front of the tube, as the stereotypical characterizations on that show require no discernable thought whatsoever.

  19. rjp3 says

    I can see the appeal of this show to children and teens straight and gay.

    But to adults – this is just silly pandering stuff.

    Jane Lynch aside – this show and it’s adult fans turn my stomach.

  20. Ryan says

    Well, I googled him briefly, and… of course… my more shallow side veered off toward the images. Very cute, but more to the point, half his pictures included a guitar. That’s always a good sign… at least he’s probably legit when it comes to the music.

    Most of the actors and actresses on Glee are great singers… but not all of them are… and the actor who plays “Finn” pretty much hurts my ears. It’s so sad that he’s so terrible at singing… because I do otherwise like him a lot. So… *please*… more good singers on the show… less Finn songs.

  21. GregV says

    A high school football player in a romance with a guy can be played in a lot of different ways. This story looks nothing like Degrassi to me; Zane and Kurt are in no way analagous. My guy was the high school football player, too, and we’re nothing like either of those stories.
    Glee may be the most original thing on TV in a decade. It’s witty and has put the spotlight on some amazing talents. jane lynch is hilarious, and I’ve fallen in love with Kristen Chenoweth. This storyline is the kind of visibility that gay kids 20 years ago could only dream of seeing played out on TV.
    I guess when anyone/anything gains a certain level of popularity, some will always want to hate it.

  22. MimiBla says

    I sould stop reading comments cause god, you’ll never be contented with anything, will ya? So much bitchiness.

  23. Nick says

    I don’t know…I kind of have to agree with MarkDC and UGH. Glee is such a fun show, but it often makes me uncomfortable (and not just with regard to the gay characters). It’s not that I’m squeamish or conservative or what have you; I just think some of the plot lines are just not very well thought out, and yes, having Kurt wind up with the gorgeous football player is just another instance of what appears to be juvenile wish fulfillment on Ryan Murphy’s part.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for Kurt experiencing some romance. But why does he have to wind up with the “regular guy” (code for hypermasculine, gorgeous hunk right out of a high school gay boy’s wet dream), as Murphy called him at one point? Why can’t Kurt fall for a fellow sissy, or a charming hipster geek like Artie, or a guy who actually is a “regular guy” (awkward, unpopular, trying to find himself as much as the rest of us were) instead of a golden god?

    Lastly, I really, really hope this doesn’t turn into one of those sacred same-sex relationships (think Collins and Angel in RENT) where everyone else goes through the realistic heartbreak and reveals all their warts as they experience different relationships, and the two boys are oh so forever in love all the time, for eternity.

    It was hard for me at times, but I was happy to be gay and out in high school despite the hellish aspects. I’m still waiting for queer teen characters who reflect THAT experience and seem like real people, and not the same old A and B caricatures they so often get cast as (even if I do love 80% of Kurt’s outfits).

  24. RDUB says

    @Nick. No disrespect to your experience, but I feel like the akward, outsider, lonely, even “tragic” gay guy is ALWAYS done. In fact, those characters were all I ever got as a teen in the late-nineties. All I wanted to see on tv and in movies was a gay dude without all of that angst about himself all of the time…more like me.

    @ James in Toronto. I concur. 😉

  25. says

    Cool. Kudos to Glee!

    Onward to full civil and marriage equality rights in 21st century America, and abroad.

    Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace,
    Washington, CT, USA