1. Acronym Jim says

    Wow. I hope the designer was aiming for dystopian. The whole interior should have a strip wrapped around it that says “sanitized for your protection.”

  2. Jon B says

    This is actually the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s like The Matrix without the robots, but you can totally see how the robots would fit in here…

  3. john says

    i don’t think it’s cool to treat humans like we aren’t worth the square footage. stick us in boxes, compartmentalize our feelings and emotions, work work work, no time for play, must earn retirement money….this whole way of life is depressing.

  4. kyle says

    Actually, according to their website, it’s 4,900 yen a night, every night, year round. This is somewhat more expensive than regular “capsule” hotels (some of which are not nearly as nice and about $19.00 cheaper a night), but I’d definately give it shot if I could find out where the 55 locations are. Couldn’t find it on their website, in either language.

  5. otterpop says

    I’ve stayed in a few capsule hotels in Tokyo and they’re an overrated novelty. Basically, they exist as a sort of YMCA alternative to drunken Japanese businessmen who missed the last train home, and are essentially the equivalent to an oversized pet carrier. If you’re drunk and just want a bed for a night, then this will do — but the prices weren’t any cheaper than a standard hotel (*and the amenities are totally more expensive). As for the design – nothing really cutting edge about this – this is what standard capsule hotels look like.

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